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  1. Thanks guys for replying. I am glad I am part of this forum. You guys give me hope.
  2. What actually is the solution? It seems there is no end. The cabal is already winning with their depopulation agenda through vaccinations. Each day is like a mind war for us who know about it. How much can we hold more? I mean at some point they will make vaccinations mandatory. Are we done? Is this where our fate lies?
  3. One of the world's greatest mystery is the origin of humans. From thousands of years we have been lead to believe by religion and cultures that God created heaven and Adam and Eve resided there. And Satan deceived them to eat the forbidden fruit and thus they were banned from heaven and resided in Earth. That's the mainstream story. But archaeological evidences suggest otherwise. Like in Iraq , archaeologists found some ancient monuments called the " Sumerian Tablets". From the translations we can see that there was a race called the Anunnaki. What are your thoughts on that?
  4. So can we make these devices to make free energy for everyone on the planet?
  5. Why would anyone want to decrease the white population? I mean why particularly "white" not black or the asian people?
  6. huge information here..... https://www.flemingmethod.com/documentation?fbclid=IwAR0pBxFLtyx1zokIVaMqH6AjiYwJ-jTG8b-g_vfYwhaaJQPlkFjHGmCwHaE
  7. Can someone provide me the resources to study about stargates?
  8. What if there is a connection of Pyramids with stargates?
  9. How are u sure Mahdi will come? How are u even sure Islam or any other religion is not made by those who control us?
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