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  1. The "honeytrap" 'trap' for personal details did cross my mind as did a number of other concerns. I'm cynical as in if they haven't harvested all of our data by now then they're not very good at collection strategies at all, and in any event what can you do - I know I've been labelled for years (1992) and don't really give a monkey's what they've got, what they think, etc!
  2. I feel for the youth of today and of the future. What with all the "woke" bollocks going on, the have you/haven't you been vaccinated, etc,. How, in and amongst all of this f'ing madness are you supposed to fall in love? At least this app gives people (of all ages) a little hope, a sense that they can be together with a loved one somewhere in time...I really hope this takes off, the fact that it made the front-page on RT is something to say the least...
  3. There's even more hope for all of us to connect and spread the truth! Link from RT: https://www.rt.com/usa/525044-tinder-for-antivaxers-unjected/
  4. Hello Lori, I live in NYC too. Did you manage to connect with anyone/groups in our area? There has to be some collective of like-minded people in the NY/NYC region - quite bonkers if there isn't! Anyway, I see that you posed this a while ago, but still, I hope this message finds you well and hopefully you might have some updates, etc. Hope to hear from you. Cheers, Paul
  5. You must be referring to the Cranfield Aerodrome - right? It's also where Glenn Miller took off from on his ill-fated final flight across the English Channel - allegedly!
  6. Hi Finally. I've been a reader since The Robot's Rebellion. Lucky, as everything I read then and have read since is a testament to the integrity and hard work of David Icke. I'm originally from Beford, England but have been living in New York City since 2000. If there are any like minded people in the NYC area please give me a holler so I can join 'something' and make a stand against all this f'ing lunacy! Cheers, Paul
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