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    US Attack on Multistory Housing by the NWO. I want to bring to everyone's attA Chinese EMP attack on the power grid and takeover invasion is also foreshadowed with them being destroyed likely by prions in the water supply from covid corpses due to alkaline hydrolysis cremation on the farm crops.


    Correction-the Chinese will likely be destroyed by mass immunization with prions. I am guestimating based on HR replacement orders that this will occur within three years.  So we have a EMP then full takeover within 2 years and death of the Chinese in 3 years.

  2. I'm trying to decide whether or not China is likely to do an EMP strike on the USA which is what Mike Adams aka Health Ranger (Infowars, Natural Health News) believes. Here are the signs in favor of it:

    1. America has intentionally ignored hardening its transformers against electrical attacks (solar flares, EMP strike) while the NWO have build extensive underground bunkers filled with supplies.
    2. The Colorado Masons commissioned artist Leo Tanega to do a mural called "Children of the World Dream of Peace" which depicts a Chinese solder invading the USA amidst housing destroyed by underground vibrations from federal and private facilities.  This takeover is short-lived in the mural and the Chinese have been extensively vaccinated with the likely covid prion death shots and the solder is depicted as being destroyed in the final panel.
    3. President Biden is forcing all US military personnel to be vaccinated which potentially could kill them within 6 months if the MRNA amounts are set at the maximum level (3 years estimated of lower from HR replacement orders).
    4. Chinese stealth helicopter drones have been spotted surveying key energy infrastructure points which would allow them to target the EMPs.


    If EMPs took down the US power grid it is estimated that 90% of the US population would die as the country would have to live without electricity.  This would greatly weaken any American resistance to a Chinese takeover followed by a NWO takeover.  Also, an EMP attack would destroy the entire electrical grid for 2 years and require extensive replacements which would be difficult for China.


    However there are a lot of signs against it:

    1. Why are billionaires and Chinese buying up farmland if a takeover is imminent?  They would lose property rights to the Chinese after a takeover.  It would seem to be unnecessary.  Could this be to set up staging areas that would have hardened electric power so their troops would have rest areas?
    2. Why are NWO affiliated local governments doing large HUD RAD building projects that favor working poor over fixed income tenants? It would seem to be unnecessary since most of these people would die in the EMP strike chaos and the wiring would be useless after an EMP strike.
    3. Why is the NWO working so hard to kill off the poor by using ground vibrations and other attacks if an EMP strike is eminent? It seems unnecessary.
    4. Why is China posturing to only be aggressive with regards to Japan? They would need to have some sort of justification from President Biden to justify an EMP strike.
    5. Why are US CEOs putting in replacement orders for oil workers to replace people within three years if a Chinese EMP strike is imminent?
    6. Why is the NWO continuing to care about controlling local elections? It would seem unnecessary.


    So it looks like they are going to do it within three years as a last resort, if necessary to break down the red state/area resistance if their other tactics fail as a type of nuclear option. The main thing will be how fast the US military is weakened by the fake covid vaccines and whether Biden take a hardline approach to China to effect their takeover.  Likely the NWO will continue to weaken the country for another three years to make money over the carnage.  Then they provoke a Chinese attack and blame China, then the Chinese die from the prion disease in the vaccines and the UN comes in to save everyone in exchange for accepting one world government and giving up all weapons and accepting centralized rule.  The few remaining people will jump at the offer.  Mission accomplished.


    So basically unless we disable these NWO people very quickly we will have no choice but to allow them to take over.  However if we allow them to take over they will likely keep killing a lot of people and restricting our freedoms to reduce the world population.


    Additionally, if the Chinese EMP attack happens the USA mainland will be totally dead without power.  No internet, no appliances, no air conditioning.  Nothing.  The entire country would be in chaos and 90% of the people would die.  This includes preppers who don't have EMP hardened solar power generators.  The best way to protect against this would be to get off the USA mainland grid by setting up in a territory or foreign country.



  3. Here in Durham, NC we are seeing the electric company overvoltaging the power lines to create very strong electric fields around power lines (160-210 V/m). These fields set up very strong magnetic fields around appliances, the bigger the appliance the stronger the field. Personally I experience the fields as a fullness progressing to irritation and tapping of the tympanic membrane.  It is very stressful.  This appears to be for depopulation since the graphene found in the covid fake vaccines is highly electrically conductive and it sets up magnetic fields around the nanobots in the body.  The nanobots are not limited to the vaccines but chemtrail spraying has resulted in huge numbers of nanobots inside people regardless of the vaccination. The nanobots can and are being used to create devices inside people's bodies such as a "mind control device" which influences emotions and allows the NWO to influence individuals.  The high magnetic fields are being used to trigger seizures and nerve injury/paralysis which may result in death.  In the case of the housing attack this is being done to trap individuals in the apartments so they can not respond such as by escaping collapsing buildings or putting out fires.

  4. US Attack on Multistory Housing by the NWO. I want to bring to everyone's attention an ongoing campaign by the New World Order to destroy housing for low income people in the USA as part of the Great Reset depopulation. Thousands of Federal and private facilities have been installed with underground vibration machines that fire beams at multistory housing to shake them apart with 0.8hz acceleration frequencies and attack residents with neurologically damaging and immobilizing frequencies (98hz). Here in Durham we are seeing these machines set up all over lower income housing in the area and typically fire up later in the evening after 6pm and shake buildings until about 5am. Complaints were sent to the Durham County Engineering Department, City of Building Building inspectors and low income complex owners which are being completely ignored by the democrat governments. You can see one of the facilities in the complaint link here.  This is likely happening all over NWO controlled areas.  The FBI/NSA/CIA is using Strategic Defense Initiative satellites and direct phone hacking to monitor and tune the beams for maximum effect. The result is to shake the buildings to collapse and trap the residents inside. We are also seeing large propane tanks set up at one complex which appears to be rigged to a remote trigger to blow up weakened buildings. Typically the structures are located in unmarked sites which have a large cleared field next to several multistory housing structures. The sites have very high security and unmarked-even being deleted from Google Maps. News agencies avoid covering these stories by blacklisting them. Utility companies such as Duke Energy/Progress have rigged smart meters to emit very high EMF fields (160-210 V/m) in the power lines which create magnetic fields in attached appliances and nearby metal objects (ie. kitchen sinks) to further stress and weaken the residents with the idea of trapping in the collapsing housing to kill them. You can see the attack telegraphed in the masonic mural "Children of the World Dream of Peace" by Leo Tanega at the Denver International Airport with scores of single black women holding dead babies next to destroyed housing. A Chinese EMP attack on the power grid and takeover invasion is also foreshadowed with them being destroyed likely by prions in the water supply from covid corpses due to alkaline hydrolysis cremation on the farm crops. Doctors are totally unaware of the attacks and gaslight patients into thinking they are suffering from psychiatric illness with no investigation. Here is the official complaint that was filed and ignored.

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  5. The covid vaccines do not contain metal but that they allegedly contain nanobots and hydrogel that uses a person's own body as the source (metal ions) and it collects around the injection site to form a 5g antenna that allows DARPA to track your movements as a form of mass surveillance. If this is true then after being vaccinated you will never have any privacy again unless you actively block the transmission.  This is illegal.  The injection is intramuscular so it will damage your muscle to remove it and there is no way to disable it currently.  For them to do this suggests that things are progressing very fast. Watch here: OPERATION WARP SPEED EXPOSED. A MUST SEE INTERVIEW ON SGT REPORT WITH FTWPROJECT

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