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  1. Mm not sure your response means you believe me, the reality is that I'm dreading my kid agreeing without my consent to be jabbed by the school, probably is futile signing the thing though.
  2. Hi I'm the OP who put it on here, I only put it here as I have been reading the work of this group HART – Health Advisory & Recovery Team (hartgroup.org) they are a group of retired UK doctors who are completely opposed to the governments actions on vaccinations. The doctor that started the petition called Dr Ros Jones is a retired UK paediatrician.
  3. Do not vaccinate children against COVID-19 until Phase 3 trials are complete - Petitions (parliament.uk) Only 42000 signatures on this so far, if anyone is interested in signing.
  4. Gutted the UK have approved the jab for children, these retired doctors completely disagree. EPISODE 5: CHILD VACCINATION - YouTube
  5. This is that Dr Steve Baker, Idaho Chiropractor Ran Facebook Ads Falsely Claiming Silver Prevented The Coronavirus (buzzfeednews.com) He has got a degree in Exercise science, then was a personal trainer and is now a Chiropractor Dr. Baker – Prehabing
  6. I am not sure about this guy, after I watched this video the next video was him saying that he wouldn't see patients anymore that have been jabbed, this made me think that he isn't a real doctor. I cant find any information on his medical qualifications.
  7. I have been learning about this all evening thanks to links from this forum, they have been using 2020 news articles like this one https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/1941816/an-old-man-in-a-chair-pulling-rabbits-from-his-bag-of-truths as sources to change all the information on Dr Coleman's wiki.
  8. I honestly didn't know anything about wiki, I tend to use it when I watch old films to read about actors. Thought it was based on proper sources. I am sad that they have done this to Dr Coleman.
  9. Thanks, I have seen a few of his videos, but this is the first time I have checked his wiki page, I will look for that video. Cant believe (well can now) how they can get away with discrediting him so much.
  10. I've just checked out Dr Coleman's wiki page and am shocked by the description of him, has this been altered since the pandemic started? I have known him as a medical journalist since the 1980s and love his Mrs Caldicott film.
  11. It was really poorly made, why the relevance of the fact Andrew Wakefield is dating Elle Macpherson.
  12. Got really distracted by Matthew Wright's paedo ponytail trying to watch this.
  13. Recent comment in Daily Mail, the one from somme1916.
  14. Thanks, your explanation makes sense, I was surprised myself at the ages.
  15. I am still in the camp of believing that there was a bad Covid virus going around early 2020 and I always base this on the fact so many working doctors were dying, Remembering the UK doctors who have died of covid-19 | The BMJ. Just wondering if those of you more certain that it's fake could explain those deaths?
  16. I agree, they are meh to watch, the only interesting thing seems a few of the placards. Maybe they are helpful mentally for those people attending them.
  17. Louis (@CovidBlindWife) / Twitter 34 year old woman, 100% blind in one and and now nearly blind in the other eye after vaccination. Her husband tweets regularly, she is seeing no improvement after medical treatment. I am finding that the medics don't seem to have a clue how to treat these vaccine reactions, extremely worrying.
  18. www.hartgroup.org, group of doctors and scientists opposed to government actions. They have signed an open letter against children being vaccinated. Apologies, I am not very high tech, but would like to show attachment of their letter.
  19. Hello I recently joined because of the information on this site about the Covid 19 vaccine, up until January I was completely convinced by the government narrative about having the vaccination to get us out of this pandemic. Then when the first reports came out about people dying after vaccination, particularly the healthy Miami doctor and the mainstream press really playing it down, I got really spooked. Then I started looking here..
  20. https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1138/rr-6 Covid-19 vaccination hesitancy rapid response dated 24th May 2021 Nick Flatt Retired Consultant Anaesthetist in BMJ.
  21. Just read a comment in the Daily Mail about BBC DJ Lisa Shaw who has died aged 44, the comments have been moderated, says that she died from complications after having a blood clot two weeks after having the Covid vaccine, RIP.
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