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  1. @karmaxxxx hi, Jacques Attali did not publish this extract in his book, it is a Fake, I fact checked for you.
  2. I can't agree with you, I have already 3 members of my own familly vaccinated and I don't accept the simple idea as them being tagged as cattle in any sort. You are free to speculate, if at any moment, macro-robots will be inserted into vaccine it will be detectable with microscopes. Since there is nothing to see yet as proof it is a lot of speculation of an alternative reality. And what the point of having 7 billions people zombified or daily tracked without telling them ? Making Slaves or under control ? But Money make someone powerful enough to live is short life as a prince on this realm already ! A lot of people are greedy enough to accept that. Plus, I think we all linked and if you impact at some massive level this world, what you do to the others will be what will happen to yourself and your familly very quickly aswell. No one could take that risk without absolute necessities because he would lose his own life in the process nor would destroy mankind. I think that vaccines selling are money related and that is.
  3. [Quote]Who I would have to question your intentions on this forum? The good news for you is, you’re not on your own it seems.[/quote] Because the headline of your post started with a lie I need to be sent by someone to tell it to you..okay..bye
  4. @oz93666 100billions humans died before us, 3000 years from now life expectancy was 10 years. I don't feel I have to comply for a virus that have killed 15-20% of the very oldest people that was infected. I think its not that bad to quit around 80ish at the end we all go. Sun gonna still shine and people live and die from whatever.
  5. One can try a magnet on a full vial of vaccine to see what happens
  6. It's shaped as a kid drawing of the sun, perfect for a bright morning breakfast. (I also see a tiny heart at top left) what does-it evoke for you ?
  7. Hello, as you mentioned a leak of a vaccine tracker database from a russian hacker. Evidences show that it is a joke. He connect to his own computer not internet, and the processor description is a big square wide of 3,7/3,7cm. There is no database Link of a translated russian website : https://oyyhypzqad5xqzlm5jbbzyelmm-ac5fdsxevxq4s5y-voxukraine-org.translate.goog/fejk-u-vaktsyni-sputnik-v-ye-chyp-dlya-kontrolyu-tse-pidtverdzhuye-baza-vaktsynovanyh/ I don't know why you guys spreading falses news easy to check with very very very little investigation, you so lazy. Have a nice day
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