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  1. The supposed total of vaxxxed in the UK is obviously way overestimated - obviously a bogus plan by those hotshots a SAGE. I expect they hoped that the fake UK numbers would start a herd mentality effect prompting others, both in the UK and internationally, to take it. That obviously has failed. You cannot restrict the unvaccinated from society, if the unvaccinated are the majority.
  2. I hear the new upgrade (NPC ver 3.07654) is quite good. My neighbours have quieted down remarkably since their 'update' was installed
  3. Messing with your body by literally injecting a concoction, the full ingredients of which are hidden, cannot be a good idea regarding your physical body, OR your spiritual body If you have no awareness of your 'spiritual eye', you may be an NPC, in which case the vaccine might actually be an upgrade
  4. Currently on the DI headlines page (I know a lot of people just come here for the mega-thread): Must-watch and please share: The late and very great Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa talking to David Icke in the late 1990s about the agenda to vaccinate Africans and ‘close their spiritual eyes’ – that’s exactly what they are doing as the Cult turns its fake ‘Covid vaccine’ sights on Africa and the developing world after already ‘closing the spiritual eyes’ of so many in the West. The full six-hours can be seen at Ickonic.com
  5. It's always been the case of really fit people suffering from vaccines, not just this new covid-farce vaccine but other vaccines too. I remember reading an article years ago, when I was researching a vaccine so as to persuade a family member not to take it, it was the vaccine that they give to girls in high school, I can't remember what it was for. The article was a Doctor warning about it's negative effects, one of the things that leaped out of the article was when he said that it was strange, but almost all of the casualties from the vaccine were the 'bright ones' the girls that stood out as being the ones with exceptional grades, the athletes, the 'team captain' type girls I think was one of the phrases he used. Thankfully I managed to persuade my family members to give that vaccine a miss.
  6. Herec is a quick guide on how to archive a page https://help.archive.org/hc/en-us/articles/360001513491-Save-Pages-in-the-Wayback-Machine here is the form, just drop the address of the page you want to archive in the box to the bottom right were it says "save page now", it takes a few seconds, then it gives you an archive.org link to your now archived page https://archive.org/web/
  7. In case your wondering what this is about just have a look at the lack of social distancing at the G7 summit, articles are dissapearing as soon as they are going up https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9681417/World-leaders-accused-double-standards-ignoring-social-distancing-G7-summit.html archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20210613144832/https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9681417/World-leaders-accused-double-standards-ignoring-social-distancing-G7-summit.html I'm getting a lot of 404's on the links I had saved, there was a quote this morning from Raab that was something like "It's different because this is world leaders discussing important business on the beach" I can no longer find that quote from a search engine, if anyone has it please drop it here
  8. (I just put this in a thread on the forum, but it's worth dropping here as well as this thread in particular gets so much traffic) This is so symbolic of their desired end game; the 'Hunger Games Society' that David Icke warns us about. This is what they want, this is really were all this is going if they get their way - One set of rules for them, and another for everyone else
  9. This is so symbolic of their desired end game; the 'Hunger Games Society' that David Icke warns us about. This is what they want, this is really were all this is going if they get their way - One set of rules for them, and another for everyone else
  10. Not an expert on Black music, but I think they have a fair amount of pyramids and all seeing eyes as part of their fashion. Combined with the 'bling' aspect they all look like poor kids envying the rich, they do not see the 'elites' as something that needs to be changed to bring about a fairer world, they see the 'elites' as something they want to join. That is the general picture but there are a few that seem to be redpilled, KRS1 and so on, but they are by far in the minority. I'm sure someone could do a graph of how the BBC and all the UK versions of Yahoonews and so on had UKBLM in the news every day following George Floyd's death, then she/UKBLM tweeted that they 'Stand with Palestine' and coverage stopped, exactly like they been 'cancelled'. A graph showing the news coverage and the Palestine tweets would show a direct correspondance.
  11. It was coined by the CIA apparently to ridicule JFK researchers etc,. I think it's only it recent years that the normans have totally bought into the term, the BBC hass terrorised them to such an extent that they are terrified of being labelled along with 'all those nutters' that question the official 911 story. I kinda remember though that conspiracy used to almost have an edgy cool vibe to it, what with the X Files and all that.
  12. It's very notable that last summer she and UKBLM started tweeting about Palestine, and practically overnight they were pretty much dropped by the BBC etc. I wonder if her ridiculously named new party, the taking the initiative party - was her own 'initiative'? This is important because as you all know BLM is a cabal project - and the cabal does not like competition.
  13. They keep mentioning fungus in the scare stories about india, everyday its a new covid related fungus disease, black fungus, white fungus, todays headline was a terrible new variant yellow fungus. They're making it up as they go along
  14. Your right, I could be getting the taste/smell mixed up as both products were the same colour, the paste definately had a sharp taste to it though, its wasn't/isn't a well known brand and not all chemists stocked it. Btw, there is a common weed thats is great for helping to heal wounds, and it's very easily recognisable - as when you crush it it in your hand it smells very strongly of germnoline!
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