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  1. Just to point out - I know you already get this but just for lurkers or whoever. We're just shooting the bull here, and there's no need for any of us here to be heroes, it's obvious that places like telegram and all the other anonymous discussion places are choc full of people discussing these things. I think it's ok for us to acknowledge that, maybe it's even important to discuss that it's obviously going on elsewhere so we don't feel so helpless. But to be honest since we're not the types here who would personally engage in that kind of thing ourselves we have no need of discussing actual methods or tactics, it will only encourage shill 77th or whoever on to join up and try to start trouble among us.
  2. Absolutely. The predictions of 'The great awakening' have been going on for ages, all centred around this time. The masses are so asleep that a gentle awakening was never on the cards. We shouldn't be in a hurry to encourage a complete collapse of the old normal though I don't think. Like it or not, we do need structure and order in our communities. I think that the trick is to make sure that whoever is in charge has the same goals as the populace. That reminds me of something I read on the chans about Xi actually, of how the Chinese completely btfo the jews by pretending they were happy to become the wageslaves of the west, forever poor and in debt, forever making cheap goods for the jew middleman to resell to west. I'll jot down what I remember from it here as it might interest some, I have reason to believe that some of it at least is accurate, and have personally first hand witnessed a taoist martial arts practitioner completely defy physics, which I might recount here if I get drunk enough It started with Mao, who took the aristocratic Chinese Taoist clans by surprise. The cultural revolution saw those clans having to retreat into the mountains and there they basically licked their wounds and regrouped, I'm talking thousands of clans, each numbering hundreds of people. Xi's clan being one of them. Slowly but surely they retook China, they became 'businessmen' and they retook it without anyone fucking noticing! I mean, can anyone here pinpoint when China changed from being the whipping boy slave of the jewy west, to being what it is now? Who could have predicted that the Chinese would have enough rich middle class to internally power their their own economy? Anyway, what I'm coming too is a bit esoteric, the Chinese ruling classes are not communist, they are Neo-Taoist, which includes many aspects of Confucian thought. and the thing I heard about Xi was him quoting a Confucian passage about how the real rulers of a country were anonymous. A small group of mabye 100 individuals, probably just ordinary people, and that these people were 'the king-makers' and that the best thing a ruler can do is just do his best to be in sync with these people and their wishes. The other thing that is said about these Taoists is that there are genuine martial arts 'magicians' among them, that western 'magic', which is basically hebrew magic, is 'ying' (feminine, lower dantan, sex, lust, fear, control etc) and that the magic of the Taoists is 'yang' (masculine, upper dantan), and that the world was changing polarity to yang (male), and that this ties in with the mayan predictions and so on I know for a fact that the jewish elites hate Xi and China, and that David Icke is way off when he's thinking that China is still controlled by the jews and that they are part of the same push for the same new world order. I know that this post might inspire a posting of a liveleak style video of how awful Chinese people are, but hey, do you not realise that Chinese forums are full of liveleak videos of how awful the westerners are? tl;dr: (Don't fret about it, I'm just a drunk guy recounting a 4chan thread I thought was cool) We just might be moving from a a world system controlled and dominated by a jewish illuminati who despise non-jews, to a world justly governed by Taoist immortals. Does that sound so bad? Anyone else got a better solution?
  3. To be honest with you I've never even considered home made weapons, and I hope and pray we can find a peaceful way out of this mess. Hopefully we can have a peaceful navigation into an actual 'new normal' that is driven by the 99% and makes all our lives better off. But, if this drags on, it would be fair to say that there are people out there who have long been preparing for this, and do have knowledge of home made weapons and are prepared to use them. Cornered, even the most peaceful man or woman knows how to make a Molly. A brick to break a window, a molly through that broken window and some little authoritarian prick of an MP's house goes up. It's not rocket science and that is what terrifies them.
  4. There are plenty guns in the UK, and if it kicks off theres gonna be people firing supersoakers filled with drain cleaner. I don't advocate that at all, it's just obvious that a desperate population will arm itself with whatever is available. If you push people to the edge the first thing that will happen will be very public suicides, self - immolations etc, as already happening in Australia / New Zealand, the next thing that will happen will be murder suicides, and thats what the MPs and people in postions of power are afraid of. Again, I think it's terrible that we even have to consider this, and I do not advocate it, it's just obvious that places like Britain and the USA will not go down without a fight
  5. Absolutley. If we had an uprising that led to chaos, then you can be sure that there are evil entities ready to fill that power vaccum (See Bolsheviks) And this is the thing. Whatever happens now, the 'old normal' is long gone. So we're kinda looking for some unexpected miracle here I think. Benevolent aliens, if you're reading this, it's time!! (inb4 project bluebean!)
  6. Gallows humour is actually a great way to give the normie a nudge into realising what a mug he's been
  7. It doesn't take a lot though - One of the biggest flaws in you guys thinking is that you all think that practically the entire aristocracy and every freemason is in on it. I can assure you that is far far from the truth. For all I know Every jew might be in on it, I don't have any info on that, but they are a tiny percent of the populations, and I highly doubt they're all in the know either tbh Consider how things stop after just one single pushback - After the football casuals started defending muh statues then statues stopped getting toppled. After Kyle Rittenhouse took out 3 antifa then it suddenly doesn't seem so appealing for methhead lefties to go out burning things. It never takes a lot simply because they are relying on useful idiots to do the heavy lifting I refer you again to the memoirs of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, if Russia had a bunch of football hooligans, or people like Ritttenhouse then maybe the Bolsheviks would have been stopped in their tracks
  8. Not an advocate of violence, but I am sensing the mood of the normies changing, and if the gov comes down hard, I don't think they will be of a mind to vote, or march or protest. I don't advocate this, just calling it
  9. The stick has already been applied, we had two years of it. Too many people have held the line for them to go heavy now, Austria has practically the most obedient population on Earth, and the current Authoritarian shit they are being handed is their reward for that. It's a twofold system, the carrot and stick must be applied at the same time. Plus, countries like the UK admittedly do have a lot of Donkeys, but we have some Lions too
  10. A funny thing about their goal of 'total information' on the public. The info they are now getting from Alexa and Smart phones terrifies them. They don't just want to control people, they want to control how people think - and they have no real control over that at all. They have realised that Idiots got double jabbed because they wanted to go on holiday and whatever, and now these idiots are aware that it's a sham. In a system of carrot and stick, you don't get the carrot, ever, and once the donkey realises this they stop chasing the carrot = Game over
  11. We're not gonna be able to vote ourselves out of this, representative democracy is bogus, it has to be direct democracy, The UK parties are a farce, even when the anti-lockdown tory backbenchers put pressure on the government, the 'opposition party' labour is there to pick up the slack and make sure any authoritarian bills go through. So what else can we do? I think that some kind of 'people's veto' should be standard in democracy, especially in times like now, where the opposition party is even further from the people's opinions than the government itself.
  12. Like others here have been saying, calm down dude. It's Christmas and the evil bastards are just ramping up the fear Consider this, the numbers of 'unvaccinated' are far, far higher than they let on, somewhere between 15 to 25 million I heard. And now on top of this we have the double jabbed, who have now technically joined the ranks of the unvaccinated, and a huge percentage of these double jabbed are saying no more. So, we are now in a situation were the numbers of unvaccinated could technically be something like 50 million or more. Forget the numbers you here on TV, and don't let their threatening rhetoric get to you. There are people out there making lists of those that participated in this, and there will be people going from door to door alright - to drag these bastards to Nuremberg 2.0
  13. This is quite important I think. Having to label yourself as Unvaccinated is as stupid as having to label yourself untattooed, or unpierced
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