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  1. Sorry for delayed response, but I was hospitalized on September 30th and nearly lost my leg and my life. Give me a bit more time and I'll get back with you and your questions.
  2. No comment to the proofs, but if anyone is truly being gangstalked by the shadow government, the last thing you want to do is prove it. If you're not unveiled, hide beneath the guise of plain sight. Once attention is grabbed, it's too late and do what you can to look out for yourself at that point. <--- my advise to all who know they are being gangstalked/surveilled
  3. Most UFO sightings are shadow government-affiliated tech
  4. I think you've vastly misconstrued what I said. Much love!
  5. Normalizing the sexual view of children is far deeper than obvious movies depicting such things. What you should note about human nature is that what effects a human's sexual interest, is directly linked to what they're exposed to as a child leading up to puberty. Sexual interests develop and it's all dependent on exposure, and TV and especially cartoons play an important role here, in influencing humans to be drawn to such things. This is a phenomena which has been well established, represented very clearly by the statistics of those who are criminally convicted of sexual acts towards childr
  6. IMO, the key to free energy and anti gravity, or electrical/magnetic gravity resistance, has entirely to do with tapping into the Sun, by means of tapping into the planet and it's connection to it. The means by which to do so can vary. That's all I'll say, [hugz]
  7. I agree with you on that one, but if you're going to a medic, they wont test you for such things unless THEY suspect you of having radiation poisoning. Tell them you fell onto some toxic waste on Zug Island (lol), or perhaps give a good story which would make a medic believe that you should be tested as a percaution. [shrugs]... something the could suggest to them that you had some sort of exposure.
  8. I suspected I was being irradiated myself when I'd reach higher states one way or another, due to drone, UAV and helicopter responses to these events. (Refer to thread in UFO forum section). I take min-tran myself, as the iodine in it is supposedly good for radiation poisoning. I agreed to an abduction myself, but turned out to be either something else entirely, or that they were interrupted by nuclear security in this area. Spent 3 days trying to help them do so. They also claimed to be "humans from elsewhere," and were using a ship that was a perfect triangle, looking from below, wit
  9. Well, this one had all it's guns on the front, upper and lower sides and a long rail gun-looking thing on the bottom pointed at us as it did it's circle around us. I still don't know if my run-ins with shadow government aircraft has a direct correlation with nuclear security. Honestly it's something I want to test, so I may just go out in the middle of nowhere one day in West Michigan or something, and either meditate or have a psilocybin experience there, just to see if I get an aerial response in any form. I think it would be good information to confirm whether or not this
  10. The heart of the problem is that the systems and government that are put into play serve to disconnect humanity, and that humanity has went along with the systems put into place for them for a long time. Changing things now, at a surface human level, is impossible. Connection is the true lost art within this species and is the sole foundation of humans being powerless in any major situation. As far as the Cabal goes, of which I simply refer to as shadow government, subverting them is indeed impossible. You could create action and do things that they don't want, but in the end you're ju
  11. ahh, haha, it did seem that way, but no worries... I did not take what you said personally regardless of the misinterpretation. Nonetheless, what I said still very much applies.
  12. I can only speak in regards to Reptilian beings here, but with most species, they are very psychic beings. They are genetically more complex than humans, older than humans and have a far greater amount of energy flowing through them. In the presence of a human, the human would most certainly and undeniably have intense feelings coursing through them, just from being within close proximity to them. I feel that things like this are important for a race that desperately needs guidance, and with humanity in particular, humans are already genetically equipped(though inert at the moment) to hone the
  13. Floyd protests are just a small piece of hay in the entire spool of it. Humans themselves are actually more guilty of the crime of allowing themselves to be influenced so easily, and this goes for everything since the beginning of their creation. They've allowed the ones in control of this planet to have the power that they have by subjecting themselves so readily and willingly to their influence. What's happened now is a problem that is not so easily addressed or fixed, and the one's in control are about to face the one's who actually control this territory. To respond to this
  14. Given that I wasn't the only witness to this and the entire neighborhood saw it, including my cousin and friend who lived in the area, let alone my brother who was sitting right beside me, I couldn't in any way, claim to anyone that there is any possibility of this having not happened in the way that I described. On top of which, since this event in October of 2017, my life has not been the same... has been flipped upside down to put it mildly. I've had aerial encounters involving the shadow government and higher states that I've reached with and without the use of psychedelics
  15. If I had these kinds of experiences in areas other than this or my home, I could make more determinations... but I have a strong inclination to believe it has something to do with being close to a nuclear power plant. Not sure what device or radar they have that detects these higher states, but when this happens they obviously consider it a threat on a heavy magnitude. I'm not sure if they are concerned with ET presence on the surface, or the sheer ability one has while in a state similar to this. I can only hope that their abilities to detect such things are limited to common military, DHS, A
  16. (re-post from before recent forum reformation) --- You know how every now and again, you hear about these things... Black, unmarked helicopters, and it's supposed relationship with ET's. You ever have those moments when watching videos and reading articles, that you've said to yourself "I'll believe that when I see it?" Well, it wasn't quite about the helicopters itself that I had a hard time believing, but my connection to ETs, and the possibility that I would ever get to see one of my own... and whenever I read about the shadow government or of black helicop
  17. Earth is a Reptilian planet, at it's core, and any other species other than the Native Reptilians of Earth are foreigners, plain and simple. Await a future which corrects the current situation and shows a surface that actually reflects this.
  18. What can we do about it? Not sure. Parasites [coughs]... I mean humans, are a child species. What do you know about children? They are easily influenced by their surroundings and take on traits of what they have been exposed to. What can be done about it, is that humans need to be drastically reduced in numbers on this planet, the Reptilian Alliance needs to step in and re-establish the presence of the Native Reptilians of Earth on the surface of the planet, and also protect them from those outside of Earth who would try to change that. With these beings being able to walk the surface again, i
  19. This website isn't the only one that's being targeted. The COVID-19 agenda had a particular plan that involved the censorship of the internet. They were moving slowly and everything was going according to their plan at first, but people speaking out like doctors and civilians, made them implement the recent YouTube and Facebook takedowns much more quickly than originally planned. The Plandemic documentary was definitely a major part of their scare, because even without people using YouTube and mainstream SNS's, the movie's website and 25minutes sneak-peak skit was being spread like wildfire an
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