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  1. Sorry for delayed response, but I was hospitalized on September 30th and nearly lost my leg and my life. Give me a bit more time and I'll get back with you and your questions.
  2. No comment to the proofs, but if anyone is truly being gangstalked by the shadow government, the last thing you want to do is prove it. If you're not unveiled, hide beneath the guise of plain sight. Once attention is grabbed, it's too late and do what you can to look out for yourself at that point. <--- my advise to all who know they are being gangstalked/surveilled
  3. Most UFO sightings are shadow government-affiliated tech
  4. I think you've vastly misconstrued what I said. Much love!
  5. Normalizing the sexual view of children is far deeper than obvious movies depicting such things. What you should note about human nature is that what effects a human's sexual interest, is directly linked to what they're exposed to as a child leading up to puberty. Sexual interests develop and it's all dependent on exposure, and TV and especially cartoons play an important role here, in influencing humans to be drawn to such things. This is a phenomena which has been well established, represented very clearly by the statistics of those who are criminally convicted of sexual acts towards children, and the connection to their own personal past history with being abused as a child themselves, or having witnessed such acts at a young age. What you're left with now is grown men and even women, who have Naturally developed their sexual interests towards the young and underdeveloped, as well as victims of child abuse, giving into the temptations woven into the fabric of their being via exposure. Plain and simple, this is a species that lacks control of themselves and has no ability or common sense of what influences their own children in all forms of divine focus.
  6. IMO, the key to free energy and anti gravity, or electrical/magnetic gravity resistance, has entirely to do with tapping into the Sun, by means of tapping into the planet and it's connection to it. The means by which to do so can vary. That's all I'll say, [hugz]
  7. I agree with you on that one, but if you're going to a medic, they wont test you for such things unless THEY suspect you of having radiation poisoning. Tell them you fell onto some toxic waste on Zug Island (lol), or perhaps give a good story which would make a medic believe that you should be tested as a percaution. [shrugs]... something the could suggest to them that you had some sort of exposure.
  8. I suspected I was being irradiated myself when I'd reach higher states one way or another, due to drone, UAV and helicopter responses to these events. (Refer to thread in UFO forum section). I take min-tran myself, as the iodine in it is supposedly good for radiation poisoning. I agreed to an abduction myself, but turned out to be either something else entirely, or that they were interrupted by nuclear security in this area. Spent 3 days trying to help them do so. They also claimed to be "humans from elsewhere," and were using a ship that was a perfect triangle, looking from below, with a blue aura around it. What happens when they turned on this supposed "abduction" device, was that I would hear a loud buzzing sound followed by my vision turning dark and my peripheral vision squeezing in from the sides, then it would expand and squeeze in again. This would happen for less than a minute then it stopped suddenly, and if I were to describe how it felt, I would say it felt like I was in a microwave lol. I went outside to see what happened and where the UFO and drones went, and everything was gone. I made contact with it again from a distance and 2 red-lighted, very large UFO's were scoping out the area. I was communicating with the ship, and they claimed they were interrupted and that those ships were high level nuclear airspace security. I was instructed to go on the roof and made multiple attempts for 3 nights straight to get their instructions right, but it always failed. More details are in a thread I'll be posting soon.
  9. Well, this one had all it's guns on the front, upper and lower sides and a long rail gun-looking thing on the bottom pointed at us as it did it's circle around us. I still don't know if my run-ins with shadow government aircraft has a direct correlation with nuclear security. Honestly it's something I want to test, so I may just go out in the middle of nowhere one day in West Michigan or something, and either meditate or have a psilocybin experience there, just to see if I get an aerial response in any form. I think it would be good information to confirm whether or not this has to do my location during my achieving higher states... in other words, whether or not this has to do with security for the nuclear plant, or whether this has to do with some other instillation or covert activity In proximity to both the area I like to have these experiences in(10 miles north of the power plant) and my home(literally right next door to the nuclear plant). Keep in mind also, that this experience I describe in this original post, isn't just a plane or drone carrying a camera to check out what's going on in the area... this was a full on military response. The kind of influence I had on reality that day was so incredible, that they, without hesitation, sent that war machine to me. That should leave everyone reading this, just as it does myself, to ask the question: "Why are they THAT threatened and concerned about the state of consciousness a person was in?" unless there is something potentially destructive about the state they are in. If this is about the nuclear plant, then they are responding because the state I was in threatens the plant in some way... ask yourself, "How is that even possible, especially in this body, as a mere human?" What I can say is that the most effective influence I have on my external reality in these states, is how my energy effects other humans. I understand very much that someone with malicious intent in a state such as this, is very much capable of manipulating other humans to a high degree, or even totally, temporarily mind control a human or human(s). You can also extract information or memories from others, hear and feel what people are experiencing(thoughts and feelings) and utilize the information practically or combined with other techniques of spiritual manipulation... and whatever my higher self was going to do with that helicopter was something HUGE. I wish I knew what I was doing and was about to do to it, because I truly have no clue what I could have done. I've only witnessed stories within OBEs about certain advanced Reptilian beings being able to directly manipulate physical reality with their abilities, and I would never have thought that a human would ever be capable of doing something of such a high caliber, despite my soul being of Reptilian origin. Also consider that the shadow government DOES NOT want actual ET beings to just be walking the surface among humans, and interacting with them. There is a chance that it is because of this reason, that I get the kind of response I get from the shadow government during these states. It might have nothing to do with the nuclear plant, and everything to do with their intentions to keep humans away from ET's. My higher state of being during psilocybin experiences could very understandably, become confused and interpreted by a technology or another psychic being as a non-human presence of some kind. This here may be the sole reason for their dark, threatening and death-carrying response in this experience here. They may have already scanned or abducted me and confirmed that I'm physically human by now and chose at that point to send only UAV's and drones to check on me when reaching these states, instead of sending that war machine again and again. They did send a white helicopter last month but it was way up in the sky and far away with no visible guns... this seemed more like what you described regarding the chopper with the antennas, as if it's an aircraft with specialize scanners (and perhaps targeting devices as mentioned before). I'm certain that if they sent that thing every time I reached a state like that, it would happen far too often and would would most certainly alarm the local residents and have them asking questions and voicing concerns about it in a public manner... and anyone who's familiar with shadow government's intentions with any of their practices and activities, should know that they want NO kind of PR, good or bad. I'm surprised nobody in the neighborhood rose these concerns with just this one experience described in this thread. As I said, it rocked the entire neighborhood and they didn't care at the time, because to them, what was going on was THAT serious. Anyway, my point being is that they wish to be a hidden and unknown force among humans entirely, so the less attention they attract the better, however I suppose at the time of this experience, it was too concerning to them to care about how the surface humans would react to this thing. To conclude, I have a clear understanding of what knowledge is certain regarding all of my aerial encounters with them(among others), and what is uncertain. I know what I know, and I know what I don't know. I'm directly affiliated with a coalition of beings that are interpreted as an enemy by the ones who control Earth and humanity at this moment, and I feel the "coincidental" location of my home(being by the plant) and the way things worked out as a form of getting their attention hardcore, makes me tend to interpret all of this as deliberate by my higher self and affiliates on a "divine order of events" scale. On some level, I feel higher self and my affiliates wanted to get their attention in a way that was extreme and impossible for them to ignore, and this accomplished a couple of things. I wont speak much of this, but the main thing this did was trigger a psychological response by the ones who make the higher decisions within the shadow government around here, and I guarantee this event was referred to higher ups and perhaps(or even likely), even one of the non-human beings that have major authority and are in direct lineage with the ones who control humanity and Earth at the current moment. This is also speculation, but put yourself in their shoes here, and especially mine: I have had many experiences with Reptilian entities since I was child, I eventually discover my lineage with them later in life, then openly speak about my affiliation and soul-lineage with a Reptilian collective of which I know very little about(for good reason) for years, I eventually grow to reach states which causes them to respond with ultimate force at first followed by lighter aerial responses in following instances throughout the last 3 years, and I just so happen to live next to a nuclear power plant(which may or may not be relevant). Those that don't already know, nuclear facilities are known to commonly be UFO hotspots, and I can say from experience that FERMI 2 isn't excluded in regards to this. All these things added up combined with the fact that I intentionally attracted their attention many more times other than just this single instance talked about in my post(though admittedly, this was one of my first obvious and undeniable encounter with them). At one point, I was(and still do lol) intentionally go out on the back dirt roads behind my house which have houses there, but is a road that is physically closer and has a clear and open view of the power plant and the airspace over the lake, and I would engage in meditations there just to screw with them and attract their drones UAVs. I continued reaching higher states, having psilocybin experiences in my spot 10 miles north of here 3-4 times a year, and relentlessly and without fear, continued to attract their physical air vehicles to my location with these decisions knowing that they would do so, and that it was causing them concern and even costing them resources to send those vehicles to me. I was at one point laughing at them each time they sent their UAV's over and over during one of these back-road meditations, because I was making them waste fuel and time just to see nothing new or different from what they already knew and witnessed from me... however as mentioned a few times before, I was concerned and eventually theorized about them perhaps using a technology of any form which is meant to suppress my psychic potential each time they did these drive-by's. These intentional actions of mine is why, eventually, I was approached, confronted by and directly interacted/communicated with those who were operating a shadow government affiliated UFO in early August 2019 in the middle of the night(the triangle shaped UFO with the blue aura around it that I briefly mentioned previously). My previous actions was my way of trying to get them to the table and to essentially strong-arm them into starting a dialogue with me(although I would never have guessed this UFO encounter to be their form of doing so), instead of surveiling and targeting me and my family from the shadows all the f***ing time, and eventually going as far as targeting my one and only friend in this life who doesn't even live in Michigan. I was done with that... I knew they did their covert investigations of me and probably abducted me without my knowledge in the past just to confirm things about my physicality to make sure I wasn't an actual ET, probably looked into my genetic structure for abnormalities and perhaps even implanted something in me such as tracking or psychic suppression technology, I was completely aware of them having spied on my day to day activities since this heli experience in late Fall 2017... and I was, and still am, just tired of it. It's cowardly and pathetic and I know they can't stand me making posts like this or talking objectively about their response to something like abnormal psychic potential being emitted from a human on the surface, or any of their activities for that matter, and they especially don't like that I mention the location of which this is all occurring. My posts and open mouth here is done for the same reasons I just mentioned... poking the metaphorical bear. I'm going to go into a metaphorical and a slight hypothetical deep end with this response for a moment. Keep in mind that I was warned about these guys when I was a child, but I didn't understand at that age nor did I take it seriously enough as I grew older. The warning literally was, that if I was ever found out, that they would capture, torture, and in all likelyhood, kill me, specifically to acquire and force out information from me, due to me being a part of an external force who's interest is against their will and intentions on this planet. I was also told that I will only ever know what I'm allowed to know at specific times, and therefor even in the event of my discovery and capture, there is no chance for me to compromise my affiliates nor details or reasoning regarding of what, and where I come from. An example of this is my recent experience showing me a bit about Earth's ancient history... about the fact that this planet was originally inhabited by an intelligent Native Reptilian race who was invaded and attacked by certain monsters... I mean "beings" before, or around the same time that humans were seeded here. I was only given brief visions and details, but this alone was enough to cause a lot of inner pain for me. I seen beams of light or energy coming down from the sky, essentially disintegrating my people, their settlements and creations... I watched as a surviving Reptilian child from Earth trudged through the ashes and debris of what was once her people's homes, crawling over the dead bodies of her kind, giving cries of agony as she, unaware and distraught, searched for her mother who lay dead beneath the rubble. This type of thing is on the level of occurrences that I have an incredibly difficult time handling without my emotions getting the best of me, and thus is the main reason behind me only being exposed to a small portion of Earth's dark history... in consideration of my suffering as a result. It was time, though, for me to become aware of the pain endured by the species who belong here, and was originally here... the ones' who rightfully get to call Earth their home. I'm absent of details like whether or not the beings that committed this war crime along with their decision to seed humanity, are the ones that still remain in power, I'm absent of knowing where the survivors are except that their existence is preserved elsewhere by the Reptilian Alliance, I know nothing about why these beings invaded our territory and attacked a species to conquer their planet(though I have strong feelings that these are beings who are remnants of recent galactic wars, and that their disposition towards reptilians is very negative and malicious). There are many other details left out of my experience, and although I wish to know every detail, I'm certainly not sure how or if I could handle the truth if I was shown all significant details of the Earth's past leading to the present moment... and I'm also understanding of why I know very little and have limited contact with family(entities from my origin collective). I'm left to speculate far too much on the things I don't know, and in all honesty, it drives me nuts because I feel I have a duty to know the truth regardless if I can do anything about it in this life. In any case, this warning given to me as a child that I spoke of was completely irrelevant to me at the time and as I grew, because I had no intentions of opening my mouth about my experiences or knowledge of Reptilian beings ever, nor did I intend on ever revealing my former destructive and hate-fueled intentions that I harbored throughout most of my young to early adult life. Throughout this part of my life, I felt that I would be no different than any other human in the eyes of any external observer. I couldn't have predicted that my venture of spiritual growth and self discoveries would have lead me to become noticed by the shadow government, but what's done is done and cannot be reversed. My hatred subsided and my goals changed in my early adult life, and as a result, so did my mission here and thus I strongly feel that this series of events leading to my encounters with the shadow government, to be no accident or coincidence. Being unseen and operating covertly was no longer necessary at a certain point in my life, so I was able to discover my lineage with Reptilian beings and venture further into myself. At this point, I'm essentially a microphone used to communicate certain messages to them and as per the resulting attention gathered from this experience, or my self discovery experience in 2014, and then on. Making them aware of my presence has long been accomplished. Being revealed in this way blatantly shows them our capability to obtain a human body legitimately at birth, and that they have no way to discern between our affiliates and a common surface human, for the only difference between each is a factor that can't be measured nor predicted by any being or technology(the soul inhabiting the body). Though I may have repeated myself a few times here, it's important to emphasize these points of knowledge and speculation regarding my position.
  10. The heart of the problem is that the systems and government that are put into play serve to disconnect humanity, and that humanity has went along with the systems put into place for them for a long time. Changing things now, at a surface human level, is impossible. Connection is the true lost art within this species and is the sole foundation of humans being powerless in any major situation. As far as the Cabal goes, of which I simply refer to as shadow government, subverting them is indeed impossible. You could create action and do things that they don't want, but in the end you're just a mere thorn in their side of which would take little effort them to pull out. I wish I knew more about what is truly at the helm of this planet and humanity, but I don't. All I can do is speculate with what information I have, which is a lot more than most people can say for themselves. I speak of information based on experience, not read about or told of. To answer the question quickly, no, there is no way to live without the shadow government having control over our lives. THE ONLY hope humans have is interference from external forces, and what I mean here can be an extreme variety of actions that would secure Earth and establish true justice. First off, humans don't actually belong here, but it's not humanity's fault regarding this. They were seeded here and throughout recent times, have been absent of knowledge regarding ET affairs and Earth's ancient history. The ones' who originally seeded humanity are likely, also to be the one's who invaded Earth in the past and victimized the Native Reptilian species that resided here. That being said, I don't know, but hope to find out, whether their power was subverted in the past and whether or not a different species claimed that influence and remained to be the one's who control Earth and humanity to this day. In my eyes, this current planetary issue is a direct result of Earth's tragic past and what was originally done to the Natives of Earth. The beings that have enough power to do something about this, is the coalition of species that have long overseen an extremely large area within this sector. Earth lays within their territory and I can tell you, they are not happy with Earth's past and how things turned out. I fully expect them to make a move on Earth right around the time the shadow government makes their move in the near future, in which the shadow government wishes to inspire change in their own way, through mass social manipulation through things such as playing out false scenes to inspire a reaction from the masses to then offer a solution, as to have the ability to control the flow of that change (instead of waiting for things to collapse on their own and having issues doing so). This coalition of species I speak of are a great force that can actually accomplish securing Earth, because it consists of an extreme number of allied species, many of which are Reptilian in Nature. The issue lays with how this is done. War seems inevitable in my eyes, but I truly truly do not want war to ensue here as it can spark a new series of drama and conflict in areas and planets that have nothing to do with Earth directly(galactic politics), and this is not counting the fact that a war between these two forces could compromise the planet surface, making the effort in vein. I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that this issue can be resolved in a diplomatic way that results in no sort of battlefield scenario... though I have extreme doubts. To close this long winded speech, the only thing humans can hope for is that this coalition, the Reptilian Alliance, arrive and are successful at securing Earth without compromising the planet surface, re-establishing the native Reptilian species that truly belong here and, helping them to feel safe and secure to walk the planet surface without fear of anything trying to harm them for doing so. There also needs to be aid in assisting the great pain that exists within them as a result of past tragedies as well as the position they are forced in to this day. Also, to reform what remains of humans afterwards(population wise) into not only a way of life that fosters their genetics instead of suppressing them, but to allow them to coexist with, and being exposed to the presence of beings of a much more advanced Nature than themselves(genetically, spiritually/psychically and intellectually speaking). Ancient history needs to be corrected and justice will occur, and my brothers and sisters will walk the surface freely again. Much love!
  11. ahh, haha, it did seem that way, but no worries... I did not take what you said personally regardless of the misinterpretation. Nonetheless, what I said still very much applies.
  12. I can only speak in regards to Reptilian beings here, but with most species, they are very psychic beings. They are genetically more complex than humans, older than humans and have a far greater amount of energy flowing through them. In the presence of a human, the human would most certainly and undeniably have intense feelings coursing through them, just from being within close proximity to them. I feel that things like this are important for a race that desperately needs guidance, and with humanity in particular, humans are already genetically equipped(though inert at the moment) to hone their psychic potential and engage in active telepathy with one another, among many other potentials. The fastest way for humans as a whole to grow at this point, IMO, is to increase this aspect of them by mass so as to re-connect humans(in other words to rekindle the lost flame/art of connection to a clearly disconnected species) in a very direct and foundational way, and if coexisting along ET's inspires this automatically, I'm all for it. I may be biased, but I truly feel Reptilian presence among humans would produce these benefits on a mass scale over time, and beyond that, would produce an active connection between humans themselves and the interacting Reptilian species. However, with all the negative talk about Reptilian beings, a physical encounter of a human with a Reptilian being is likely to produce a state of intense fear within the human, even if this being had no malicious intent once so ever. Someone like myself might still feel the same intense energy from them as any other human would, but my positive disposition regarding them would allow me to experience them in a positive way. I personally feel that the widespread negative talk about reptilians is a serious a disinfo agenda, which was combined with general instillation of fear regarding all ET beings(represented in movies portraying invasions, and ET's with malicious intent the majority of the time). This was intentionally wrought to humans in the form of internet content, mostly. I'm not saying that individual Reptilians can't have malicious intent, just that it certainly isn't a foundational fact in regards to them and makes it to where their presence and interactions with humans on a good-willed and mass basis could be subverted by the instillation of fear prior to their open interactions with them. There are countless Reptilian species out there on many many different planets, each with their own distinct genetic and cultural aspects, so it is absurd to say that they are all evil beings out the eat your children. If we were talking about a single species here, it would still be a bad thing to paint them with a broad brush, just not as ridiculous because at least we're talking about a single species, and not an entire class of beings.
  13. Floyd protests are just a small piece of hay in the entire spool of it. Humans themselves are actually more guilty of the crime of allowing themselves to be influenced so easily, and this goes for everything since the beginning of their creation. They've allowed the ones in control of this planet to have the power that they have by subjecting themselves so readily and willingly to their influence. What's happened now is a problem that is not so easily addressed or fixed, and the one's in control are about to face the one's who actually control this territory. To respond to this thread though, If this crop circle is real(I personally have my doubts on this one) and is intended to show humanity a message, I would say it is to prepare for an unstoppable fleet approaching Earth from the many species congregating within the Reptilian Alliance, bringing along the certainty of finally bringing peace back to this planet as it's current controllers are confronted. Perhaps the small object is Earth and the spots upon it represent nodal points or pyramids [shrugs]. It could also be virus like he says, but is attached to Earth to represent humanity upon Earth as a virus. Another prospect could be a simple representation of a morphing or change to the planet's current condition in general in the near future... or maybe representing the shadow government's influence and resulting chaos ensuing upon the planet due to their influence, along with humanity's guilt and continuance of allowing themselves to be dismantled and separated by them. Perhaps it represents a chaotic blockage from within the planet. Hahaha, I can go on all day.
  14. Given that I wasn't the only witness to this and the entire neighborhood saw it, including my cousin and friend who lived in the area, let alone my brother who was sitting right beside me, I couldn't in any way, claim to anyone that there is any possibility of this having not happened in the way that I described. On top of which, since this event in October of 2017, my life has not been the same... has been flipped upside down to put it mildly. I've had aerial encounters involving the shadow government and higher states that I've reached with and without the use of psychedelics, that range in the numbers that I would estimate to be in the high 20's or low 30's. However, out of all of these encounters, I've only had one more instance involving a black, unmarked ATTACK helicopter, and another involving a white unmarked non-attack helicopter last month in which also involved the use of psilocybin by my friend and the use of LSD on my part, and this time I was indeed alongside this friend visiting from Alabama which of course took witness to it. In this instance, the chopper came from the south at first, stopped completely and scoped us out, and returned 2 other times within a 20-30 minutes period. He also obtained a fair warning about this potentially happening during our experience, and he is intimately aware of the many varieties of experiences I've had throughout my life, and of course recently. Every other aerial encounter, (not including the triangle/pyramid-shaped UFO I encountered and interacted with in early August 2019 in which I actively agreed to an abduction, the this recent white-helicopter encounter), all the other aerial encounters regarding the shadow government involved UAV planes or drones which swept the area I was in as side-by-side packs or 3 or more, which would make multiple close-to-the-ground drive by's within very short intervals of time. Me and my entire family took witness to 3 separate UFO sightings on nights when I had reached higher states of a similar Nature/potential. When I had these many UAV encounters at this field, every time I left the field where I was meditating or having a psilocybin experience at and returned home (where I live next door to the nuclear power plant FERMI 2), these UAV sweeps would indeed follow me to my home and continue, and my parents among others who where at my home during these instances, would indeed take witness to these sweeps as well as drones or UFO sightings at night, and were certainly phased and amazed by this many times over. It happened so many times that my dad(at this point but not initially) is very convinced of the relationship between my achieved higher states or psilocybin experiences, and these strange and conspicuous aerial encounters. Once again, it's far too difficult to not make the connection between these events and my physical location during every one of my aerial encounters with them since 2017, (being right next to (my house) or 10 miles north of the FERMI 2 nuclear power plant(which is in that field where many of these encounters occurred, including the one mentioned in this post)). Maybe instead there are black-book projects in the area which these states of psychic potential somehow interfere with, or maybe the location has nothing to do with it at all and I may have similar, if not the exact same kind of encounters in a different or more remote location that is not near any sort of nuclear facility, power plant of any kind or known government/military institution. At this time however, I have a strong inclination to believe that my location near FERMI 2 is very relevant to the kind of responses I get to reaching these states. The Nature of my reporting these experiences is VERY VERY important information regarding higher states and psychic potential, and the shadow government's awareness and response to this type of thing. Though some of my conclusions regarding this is indeed speculative, there is no doubt that significantly increased states of awareness/energy/psychic potential, and shadow government awareness and response involving this is ABSOLUTELY not speculative. This has happened too many times with with far too much consistency. This is very legitimate information which should catch the eye of anyone interested in shadow government affairs and non-physical potential. This should also catch the eye of those who feel connected to anything non-human in any way, and whether or not they could potentially reach an altered/higher state of consciousness, which could be confused/interpreted as being affiliated with a non-human presence by other beings or by technology meant to detect such things. Out of all of this, what I know for a certainty is that the shadow government CAN and DOES have a technological way to be alerted to abnormal altered/aware states and that they respond to it in a very serious manner... they're not playing games here and when approached in this manner, there is no effort by them to hide what they are doing. They certainly have the ability to pick up on this, track and know the exact location of which it is occurring. I couldn't possibly label what happened, and has been happening since this encounter, combined with my particular experience history since I was a child, nor my involvement with Reptilian beings on a spiritual/soul level, as any sort of coincidence. I also had a run in with one of their agents face-to-face for the same reasons mentioned in this thread, at the Plum Market located in Ann Arbor Michigan in November of 2014. This was ironically the day after I discovered through an experience, that my soul origins lay with a particular Reptilian collective. Once again, as the one who has experienced this in-person encounter among many other experiences, labeling it a coincidence is impossible and would amount to me being in denial. This face-to-face encounter with one of their agents was my first run-in with them in any way(that I'm aware of at this time), however I knew nothing about the shadow government at the time and did not conclude this man being affiliated with such things until all of this started occurring in my life, which allowed me to recall this event and obtain a new conclusion/understanding of why that man showed up and did what he did. This is an experienced to be described and told another time though, and I wont speak of it here. At the time however, without telling of what this experience exactly was, I thought I had just made contact with an active telepath, or one who was able to pick up on the high-energy state I was in. To add some more speculative talk to all of this, my aerial encounters in particular has me theorizing that maybe this isn't just about them simply checking out the the area or myself in response to states I can reach, but that perhaps they are using radiation devices, or some other form of technological targeting device in order to create a suppression or inversion of these higher, or more aware states... as in, perhaps it's a way to push down/suppress those who manage to reach such incredible high energy states/states of awareness/altered states, which are accompanied with great increases in psychic potential or direct non-physical influences to reality. What I do know is that they seem to react to these events as if it were a very concerning, physical threat to them or their interests... enough to respond in such an intimidating way like what was mentioned in this post. Anyone here reading this that would have taken witness to this, would have the same opinion... it's as if they feel a bomb is going to go off and that they show up with this incredible, threatening and dark presence to address this kind of threat. Trust me, you don't see attack choppers like this ever, unless you are in a war zone in the middle-east or somewhere similar. Online research had me find that a picture of an attack chopper that looked anywhere near what approached us that day doesn't exist online. The closest thing I could find to what this chopper looked like are the Apache helicopters, but still do not accurately describe the helicopter I encountered on the day mentioned in the original post on this thread.
  15. If I had these kinds of experiences in areas other than this or my home, I could make more determinations... but I have a strong inclination to believe it has something to do with being close to a nuclear power plant. Not sure what device or radar they have that detects these higher states, but when this happens they obviously consider it a threat on a heavy magnitude. I'm not sure if they are concerned with ET presence on the surface, or the sheer ability one has while in a state similar to this. I can only hope that their abilities to detect such things are limited to common military, DHS, Airforce ect. detection technology, and not on the level of being able to detect psychic influence or abilities directly... but I feel this is wishful thinking. I have no doubts that the shadow government understands at least the basics of psychic ability, I simply don't know how far their understanding of such things reaches.
  16. (re-post from before recent forum reformation) --- You know how every now and again, you hear about these things... Black, unmarked helicopters, and it's supposed relationship with ET's. You ever have those moments when watching videos and reading articles, that you've said to yourself "I'll believe that when I see it?" Well, it wasn't quite about the helicopters itself that I had a hard time believing, but my connection to ETs, and the possibility that I would ever get to see one of my own... and whenever I read about the shadow government or of black helicopters, I didn’t pay much attention or otherwise blew them off. Well, lucky me, I didn't just get to see one, it was dispatched strictly because of a state of being I was in, meaning through a higher state of awareness, my influence of being was being detected. I'm sure you're laughing and muttering the question, "hahaha, why you? YOU?! That couldn't possibly be true!" ... but it is, it happened, and without question it was there for this reason, with my own blood brother as my witness. --- Lets begin. I always have valued psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms) for it's psychic potential and prominent experiences which have helped my spirituality so much throughout the years. Usually, around once or twice a year, I'll take a significant dose of mushrooms outside in a field across from my old house in the morning and have my experience with my brother until sun down. We're surrounded in plants and birds and sunshine and it's always a miraculous experience, and me and my brother always have telepathic experiences these days with them. It's great! Before I begin about what happened, let me start first by saying I've had experiences since I was a young child, I've always felt connected to ET's, specifically reptilian consciousness. I grew up loving these beings, and eventually discovered almost 6 years ago, that I have soul lineage with these beings, though knew of, and experienced them(non-physically) since I was a child, and again, loved them with everything in me since the beginning. If you'd to like read more, refer to the link below for a more detailed version of how things came about in my life regarding my early and ongoing experiences, and my spiritual growth. --- Here's what happened! --- So, me and my brother get our dad to drive us out to the field we normally have our mushroom experiences in. We picked our spot, and we laid our blankets out, put the cooler in place, and commenced to eating the goods! Normally and eighth would do it for us, and is usually both enough and not too much... but this particular strain was more potent, and an eighth was far too much. We didn't have a bad experience, but we couldn't stay in our bodies. We kept leaving our bodies and coming back over and over, and this lasted a while. Eventually, maybe and hour or two or even longer had passed since we started feeling the effects(about 40 mins is what it took to start feeling the major effects), and finally we were able to stay in our bodies. My brother was particularly effected by the experience, and wasn't even able to speak... however, me... I'm able to handle extreme experiences with a lot more stability, I'm still able to speak and make rational thoughts and despite this level of self control, I still have very intense and positive learning experiences. With our ability to now be in our bodies, I suggested to my brother that he move from the spot he was in (because he was there since he started feeling them and I thought he should move around), and I also suggested he lay on his back and that I would do the same, so that we can look at the sky and the clouds and see what we can see. At this particular point I was feeling so in-tune with everything around me, I could see and feel physical things that were located far far away from me. I could feel the plants through the air, the trees rustling through the wind and every leaf upon it. I was able able at one point, to close my eyes and reach out to the edge of my energy field (as I'm able to do in my meditations), and it was so expanded, it was extending passed the nearby road and also way up above me! We lay on our backs and try to make fun with the clouds, and I see a chem trail among all the beauty, and it made me cringe a bit. In my past experiences, I remember these god-like beings manipulating particles with themselves... was able to separate and combine compounds and elements, and I was thinking how neat it would be to do such a thing... to be able to make an otherwise polluted area not polluted. I used my open hand to extend my focus waaaaay up into the sky and I could feel the particles. I tried to manipulate them but for the most part I could feel I was quite unsuccessful, and I laughed a bit. Around 10-15 minutes or so later we hear this chopping sound coming north of us. We thought it was maybe an ATV or a dirtbike at first, because in this wooded patch of land, which is about a 10acre by 10acre field located in a local suburban neighborhood, there is also dirt trails that were occasionally used in this area when we were young for this type of thing. As I lay on my back, the noise gets louder, making it clear it wasn't what we thought it was, and I suddenly get this feeling like something very threatening is coming. Where our spot was, there is a ditch north of us close by that had tall grass blocking our view. At this point the noise made it obvious it was a helicpopter of some kind, but as it approached I could feel it penetrate my expanded energetic field I was speaking of earlier. The best way to describe it is if you had felt an ant crawling on your hand or arm... it was as if the entire area was my body, and the chopper coming towards me felt as if it was a mere ant crawling upon a limb. I'm overcome with something I can only speak to as being my higher self... I hopped up from laying on my back to being on my feet like something out of a martial arts movie, and before the chopper was even in the line of sight, I had my right hand, palm facing upward, pointing in the direction of this fast-approaching vehicle. It was a fully decked-out ATTACK helicpoter, all black, no markings, with a very thick hull and guns on the side, and it was flying very VERY low to the ground. Unmarked meaning, no "Army" no "Airforce" no "Navy" words on it, and no country affiliated color scheme to it's appearance. It was sort of older looking, and I could smell death on this aerial war machine, as if it was used to kill people in the past already. Once the thing was in sight it slowed it's fast approach to crawl... it was flying so low, I could feel the wind from the propellers, the chopping noise was so loud it was hitting my chest with intensity. I felt like a warrior, standing there with my hand out with no fear or worry. Somehow someway and for an unknown reason, I focused on the area beneath the helicopter, it felt as if my vision somehow pierced the area beneath it, and I was able to reach extensions of energy through it, up and around the helicopter. It felt as if the heli was in my hand. After it halted, it began a very slow oval-circle around us, clearly checking us out... us... two people in the middle of a field with nothing but themselves 2 blankets and a cooler. It felt so threatening, it felt as if they had guns or a death device aimed upon us, I felt it. Feet planted, as it made it's way around us, my hand followed, again, palm facing upward. I don't really know what I was doing at the time, I felt very different, but with this going on, it felt as if I could do something and I was choosing whether to do it or not (whatever I was going to do I don't know, but realistically I couldn't do anything to a heli in the air above me with just myself... right?). For some reason, it was halfway through it's oval around us, and I felt an inclination of "diplomacy," (best word for it) from an external source recommending this path, and so I chose to put my hand down as some kind of gesture of non-hostility, and afterwards, I vigilantly watched as this thing completed the other half of the oval-shaped path around us, then it inclined significantly in altitude, and very fast mind you, started heading south... I watched it until it was completely out of sight. Afterwards I had dropped the warrior-like disposition and couldn't shake the feeling of being "found out" or "unveiled." I toiled about it and theorized why they would send that thing to me, and could only make connections between my particular state and expanded energy field. You see, the kind of aura I had around me was the equivalent to that of a creature much physically larger than myself... referring to the kind of awareness and influence I had. That is quite literally the only explanation. Soon after we called our ride and I simply watched the back window to see if anyone's following us home, which is only about 10 minutes south of where we were at. --- The End --- To those who will rationalize this in other ways, I will help subside some questions that come to mind. First, if it was a training Op, no way they'd use a helicopter like THAT, and definitely wouldn't fly so low to the ground like that, to the point to where it rattled the entire middle-class neighborhood in the middle of the day with school going in. My cousin lives north of where we were at and heard the chopper that day, and said that from inside the house, it sounded like bombs going off, and he and his wife and 4 kids went into their backyard and saw it. A chopper like that is only dispatched for very good reasons, and whoever has the authority to ride a chopper around like that with no military affiliations marked on it, must have a lot of influence in the US government. Second, there is no doubt, it took it's time out to observe us very carefully with a large destructive presence to boot. Assuming my previous point is true, if it was dispatched for another reason, it would never take the time out to slow down after approaching fast from the north, and go around us slowly and then leave with increased altitude and speed. It was flying so low to the ground, that if it was just a little bit to the left or right of it's flight path south, it would have missed us entirely because of the surrounding trees. If it was being transported it would have been flown way higher than that too, as to not disturb an entire neighborhood with that kind of war machine. There is no other explanation, it was there because of the state I was in, the only questions are why and how were they able to know that there is an abnormal energy flow coming from someone that is so concerning to them, that they felt it necessary to send the most intimidating attack helicopter in existence to our specific spot in this field,... and to add to that, coincidentally while I'm having a massive experience and being in a state that would most definitely show to have extreme psychic potential. Sure, it was just conducting a training Op. right? hahah! Sorry bud, not with what happened, what I felt nor with my particular history, could I possibly rationalize this in a normal way. (2020 edit: By now, I've had enough aerial run-ins with them for the same reason, that this foundation has become undeniable.) This all happened in September 2017 on the hottest day before winter started here in Michigan, and I don't deny, the following couple weeks I was expecting my door to be kicked in at my house and be taken by government or something, though it never happened. I assume since then I've obtained some military profile on their end and I'm sure I'm being tapped even at this very moment, because no way they are to approach us and leave saying "naww it was a false alarm" and leave it at that. What really concerns me is that this shadow government is so privy to energetic things enough to detect a higher state using a technology and sending an aircraft to a specific location for that reason... I can only think they have some sort of technology that allows them to monitor the energy flow of the humans on the surface(influence capability via non-physical means/psychic potential/states). If anyone else has any theories I'm willing to hear it.
  17. Earth is a Reptilian planet, at it's core, and any other species other than the Native Reptilians of Earth are foreigners, plain and simple. Await a future which corrects the current situation and shows a surface that actually reflects this.
  18. What can we do about it? Not sure. Parasites [coughs]... I mean humans, are a child species. What do you know about children? They are easily influenced by their surroundings and take on traits of what they have been exposed to. What can be done about it, is that humans need to be drastically reduced in numbers on this planet, the Reptilian Alliance needs to step in and re-establish the presence of the Native Reptilians of Earth on the surface of the planet, and also protect them from those outside of Earth who would try to change that. With these beings being able to walk the surface again, in full form, they would be able to raise humanity in a much better way. Just their presence is enough to teach the remaining humans so so much. Their genetics would be properly honed, the genetic traits of humanity which have been suppressed for so long would be able to find it's way to expression... this means, the lost art of connection would be resurrected, psychic awareness/ability would begin to make a comeback, which would mean telepathy, uses of altered states and energetic awareness/ability would arise, and a new system of living would correlate with these changes. Along with the guidance of Reptilian beings, humans would no longer be the parasites that they are now, and they could truly evolve. That's just a summary of what could/should/will be done. Reptilians in full form should exist freely on the surface once again and coexist with humans, even though humans are the invaders of Earth, it could be turned into something truly beautiful under these circumstances.
  19. This website isn't the only one that's being targeted. The COVID-19 agenda had a particular plan that involved the censorship of the internet. They were moving slowly and everything was going according to their plan at first, but people speaking out like doctors and civilians, made them implement the recent YouTube and Facebook takedowns much more quickly than originally planned. The Plandemic documentary was definitely a major part of their scare, because even without people using YouTube and mainstream SNS's, the movie's website and 25minutes sneak-peak skit was being spread like wildfire and spun the heads of many surface humans. Their website was being hacked and attacked as well, and many MANY other websites such as this are being attacked. Trust me this isn't the end, it will keep happening and if this forum wants to continue, they need a VERY expensive and professional means to make this website 100% takedown proof. However, eventually, the shadow government will use their already-existing control of the internet as a whole, to takedown websites like this, which would be inescapable. People like me who have been heavily watched by the shadow government for a really long time, are being watched when accessing and participating on websites like this. That means that through me and through people who are in the same position as me, can't help but compromise useful sources and information on the internet simply because of our activity on such sites being noticed and watched by the shadow government. Bull crap like this will continue to happen everywhere and this is 100% about the COVID agenda, plain and simple. With the US's re-opening, and changes across the globe, there is a strong investment on their end to suppress this stuff as much as they can as fast as they can, because the next steps world-wide will be the most crucial and time-sensitive portion of their plan, and they don't want significant information interference by anyone, like what was seen in the past month from countless websites, sources and even single individuals. I hope very much that this forum is re-established and protected HEAVILY afterwards. That evil bastard Fauci needs to be personally ousted publicly, as his downfall will absolutely inspire a serious chain of downfall events in the US, and a complete lack of trust towards their government regarding all things COVID. This is something that couldn't possibly be shrugged off and taken care of by just firing him and replacing him. The humans here will be turned completely around if this is exposed, remember that. On another subject, hope that the many different Reptilian beings that oversee this sector, and their allied non-reptilian species, will be making their move on Earth soon, as they are Earth's and humanity's only hope. Get ready for a planetary war in the near future, and hope they are successful at preserving Earth amidst this conflict.
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