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  1. To my knowledge until this moment of posting there isn't any. DDG (DuckDuckGo) is for privacy, it does censor information, perhaps not in the same wat as Google does but it censors information. I was hoping to see alternative tech companies (Parler came to mind, although I am not affiliated to them, just remembered their struggle against the Big Tech) doing something about this. Why do we need to visit each and every different alternative website/video platform to search what is happening? Why can't we have a search engine free from the grip of the Big Tech? Any thoughts?
  2. 97% Owned (97 percent Owned) A very important documentary explaining the monetary system and how money are been printed out of thin air in order to bribe, supporting that Mafia model called "politicians" and oil the machine of deception. What shocked me the most was that... we don't keep the wheel of the economy spinning with our works. The biggest scam of all ages is the Fiat monetary system. Must watch (had to watch 2 times and I will watch it again, since I am not into this). I didn't know how to embed the video, I searched the forum but I didn't find any info on this.
  3. The weather here in the Netherlands is cold since the past month (it usually gets warmer by mid-April). And I was thinking about it, that it might have been manipulated by the HAARP technology, in order to perpetuate that gloomy feeling and possibly to prepare us for something even worse (a global collapse of the economy). What do you guys think?
  4. Thanks @metak88! It makes sense to not include those keywords in the title. I have downloaded the subs as .srt
  5. @metak88oh, I always do that with YT videos but I didn't search there (I don't search for videos that I believe these big fat tech giants will censor). Is it there to be found? I couldn't find it using these terms: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nhs+whistleblower+gareth+icke
  6. Hello, Gareth (or anyone else) do you have the transcript from the video so it can be translated in other languages as well and spread the message? Thanks in advance. Cabal is falling guys. Believe it!
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