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  1. Seriously? I literally just went to the bother of recreating my account to quote someone else talking about her and talk about my experience?
  2. 2 other things regarding Anna on IG. She recently posted an interview of herself going against everything she believes in, it didn’t make sense and when questioned by her followers it was deleted. Also, she posted about a teacher (head teacher?) making a stand against the jab for kids. I commented and encouraged her to look up a headteacher in the US doing the same thing, basically banning the vaccinated from her school until the facts are known and that comment was deleted. Something just doesn’t sit right with me about her.
  3. Just wanted to say I’m not new here, joined up about 10yrs ago under the same name but haven’t signed in for ages and can’t remember my password but read regular. Anyway...! I was following this Anna on IG and commented, thanking her for speaking out but got challenged by someone quoting the guardian. After I finished laughing, I asked if the guardian would be running a story about the number of adverse reactions and deaths quoted on the government website and the whole post was deleted?
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