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  1. Andrew Kaufman might be the only legitimate source of information on this topic, period, which is scary because if he becomes compromised, then there will basically be nothing but fake news.


    Literally every last so-called naturopath is pushing the shedding disinfo, especially goobers like TenPenny and Jeff Rense, among many others. It's basically all so-called "alt" sites which are really just as fake as mainstream news. Even David Icke like I said is promoting the fake shedding narrative, so there's no trusting his info either.



  2. On 5/19/2021 at 9:35 AM, elongated1 said:


    We don't really know what's in the vials because label is blank. lol







    Stop trying to change the topic to feed your own and others' paranoia.


    The topic is whether "spike protein shedding" causes illness in others. The answer is absolutely not.

    There's so much toxic shite everywhere in the food and water supply and even in clothing that it's ridiculous to even try to pin this on m-rna.


    How the f-ck is mrna supposedly "transmitted?" Does it crawl out of a jabbed person's blood supply swimming it's way out of their veins and arteries, punching through arterial walls, through muscle fibers and then sprouting up out of their skin, then traversing the same journey back into another person and THEN somehow rewriting the SECOND person's dna and THEN somehow magically getting them sick?


    This theory is beyond dumb. Alex Jones might fall for it. Oh wait, David Icke already did! LMAO!

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  3. On 5/16/2021 at 3:55 AM, Jikwan said:

    Have they even isolated this protein put it on a petri dish and see the devastation?

    Have they made autopsy of an "infected" non vacced body and found it riddled with the nasty and very unique protein?

    Have they drawn blood of a live unvacced person finding the lrotein is wreaking havoc?

    If not its still a hoax



    There has  never been a plague on this planet

    Cannot trust history books

    One person cannot infect another its an impossibility

    As I pointed out above, there is no evidence of any kind of either spike protein shedding or of any coronavirus.


    There is more evidence for the tooth fairy and santa claus than there is for spike protein shedding and/or coronavirus.


    Alternative research is almost completely 100% compromised now. Almost all of it is fear porn to support sales of grossly overpriced vitamins and supplements.

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  4. On 4/28/2021 at 7:31 AM, Tom Pescatore said:

    Here is what just a small portion of this Pfizer document is saying: THE VAXX IS SHEDDING!



    You have got it 100%, completely wrong. The document is not making any such claims as bolded. It only lists the methodology for recording any such instances in case they occur, and there is no evidence that they have.


    Also, the dodgy video someone linked to (I link again below) is 100% TOTAL CONJECTURE BASED UPON NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. 


    The speaker (whoever the f he is) states: "it is my supposition (100% guesswork) which is very tentative, very nebulous, very wobbly that we can throw away at any time is that MAYBE the mrna triggers an auto immune response," he then shrugs.


    His conclusion? "I just don't know."


    In other words, this is completely unfounded conjecture.


    Basically a wild, paranoid unfounded fantasy, and he openly admits as much.


    Then he somehow links all of this to the Chinese Communist Party as the ones to blame on a completely random tangent.


    Bitchute guy is a clown and an idiot.



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