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  1. 2 minutes ago, Basket Case said:






    ... and no. 


    Try winding someone else up, you're boring me. 


    More name calling and no explanations. So demonstrate how m-rna can be trasmitted from one person to the next jumping out of a person's bloodstream to poison another? How does mrna survive the journey when it is destroyed instantaneously at room temperature.


    O that's right, "shit happens!" in "dna altered vicinity"! LMAO!

  2. btw, how was she able to function on a day to day basis when she was "bleeding heavily" for at least a full month total on these two separate occasions?


    Did she stay at home 24/7 or did she just walk around covered in blood?


    Why didn't she see a doctor for at least a checkup after a day or two? Why did she allow herself to bleed profusely for many weeks?


    Was she changing out tampons every minute or so?


    It all sounds like so much bullshit, either on her part or yours, or both.

  3. But yeah, nothing more than hearsay exactly as I suspected. I didn't want to accuse you of that straightaway, it's best if you confirm it yourself, which you just did.


    Think about how many "vaxxed" people she comes into contact with, she should be bleeding 24/7, which clearly isn't happening.


    The possible causes of rashes is endless.


    Again, the main question is: how does mrna jump out of a "vaxxed" persona's bloodstream and magically enter the body of another person and poison them?

    O yeah, "dna altered vicinity!" LMAO!!!

  4. 2 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Transmission is not the same as shedding.

    Infecting is not the same as causing those around the vaxxed to become unwell and show signs of a physical reaction.


    As far as I am concerned, from my own experiences, nobody is infecting me with anything, at least not the same thing that they have been injected with. My body is simply reacting to being in their DNA-altered vicinity and showing a reaction through skin rashes and other ailments which change/fluctuate all the time.


    There are probably multiple conversations/theories going on here in the one thread.

    reacting to their dna altered vicinity lol

  5. 37 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    l'm ducking nothing.
    l told you what l've experienced and agreed that l have no proof or explanation.


    You refused to answer a few simple questions which would disprove your fears unequivocally. You are ducking for sure.


    You wish to hang on to your fears even though they imprison you.


    No one else is answering any questions either meaning they prefer delusion over truth.



  6. None of your are thinking through the implications of all of your speculative (and likely false) claims:


    1. if your suspicions are TRUE, the only logical conclusion is to become a shut-in. At least half of the population in industrialized countries have been "vaxxed" and likely far higher in large metro areas: this means you are facing the prospect of constant illness if you dare ever leave your home.


    1a. even if you don't leave your home, all of your packages have been handled likely by several "vaxxed" people en route to your home. You still are not safe in your own home!


    2. if your suspicions are FALSE, now you have wasted your time putting all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, ignoring the true causes of all of these illnesses you are observing, meaning you are prone to get sick again without understanding why.


    Regardless, you all have had your fun trolling and trying to scare people and have moved on to other trollish pursuits. None of you actually care about the truth or at least some of you would have at least attempted to answer some of the very basic questions I asked. Carry on.

  7. Again, you are still ducking my questions:


    -what was the nature and duration of the "contact" between the woman who had problems and the "vaccinated" person?


    -you say you were twice an eyewitness: are you saying the woman had two separate contacts or just one which had effects for at least one month?


    -what other behaviors or contacts with foods, chemicals or drugs are known to have the type of effect you "witnessed?"


    Instead of trying to prop up and promote a false bogeyman, how about actually examining the evidence as objectively as possible?



  8. 25 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    l don't watch infowars nor kaufman.
    l'm explaining what l saw and heard right in front of me - twice.



    Correct. l have no idea. 



    l'm explaining what l saw and heard right in front of me - twice. 


    Correlation is not causation. Therefore it is not evidence.


    For example, a person wakes up at sunrise. However, a person waking up does not cause the sun to rise. This is correlation, not causation.


    Again your anecdotal claims are irrelevant unless you can demonstrate CAUSATION not just correlation. Unless you can explain AND demonstrate the mechanism of transmission, it's all pointless. You are not "explaining" anything: you are merely speculating.


    At this point, you are trying with little success to pass off conjecture as scientific fact. That's been the MO of everyone in this thread so far: speculate endlessly and try to pass it off as fact and hope no one inspects your arguments too closely.


    Sounds exactly like what the satanic world order is trying to accomplish: keep shoving narratives down the throats of the unsuspecting or weak willed without evidence and hope no one inspects their arguments too closely.


    Obviously, if they did, they'd discover the claims are absolute shite. Which is why the satanic world order is forced to ridicule and/or ban the truth tellers.

    Let's see what happens on the DI forum. :-)


  9. 9 hours ago, Basket Case said:


    I think that something is being transmitted but only by close bodily contact.. 

    And the Jabbed are only 'dangerous' for a short time immediately after the jab. 

    I have witnessed a woman's monthly cycle go completely haywire after contact with freshly jabbed - twice. 



    Yeah that was the party line about "aids" and "hiv" which at least some of us later discovered was yet another hoax from tony fauci. See a pattern here?


    (Let's not connect any dots here, that would help us figure things out and live life without fear and who wants to do that?!?)


    AIDS/HIV were supposedly "real" but only transmissible through "close bodily contact."


    Oddly you are saying exactly what andy kaufman is saying AFTER he secured a gig as a host on infowars. Rather suspicious, eh? Especially since he WAS saying spike protein transmission is either impossible or of such negligible importance considering all of the other nano particles we come into contact with as to be a non-factor.



    Ultimately, the problem remains: you have no EXPLANATION for how transmission is supposedly taking place. How are mrna passing from the bloodstream of one person to the next without exchange of bodily fluids?


    I've asked this question many times and no one can explain how this is supposedly happening yet you all still insist it does.

  10. I asked a question which no one has even attempted to answer: how does messenger rna skip from one person to the next?


    You all are claiming just being in the same room as someone who has been vaccinated can "infect" an unvaccinated person.


    So, how does the messenger rna get transmitted from one person to the next in the same room?


    How does messenger rna, which is extremely fragile, somehow become a super duper impervious form of mrna which can penetrate through


    1. multiple, and increasingly thick dermal layers

    2. dig through many layers of fat

    3. navigate into and through muscle tissue

    4. penetrate veins and arteries and then work it's way into the other person's bloodstream?


    The only plausible and logical answer is that it can't.


    Notice that no one making such a claim can offer an even remotely valid explanation of how such "transmission" is possible with even a modicum of detail.


    Post as many photos as you please: you can never EXPLAIN how transmission is possible in an even remotely plausible manner.

  11. Andy previously proved spike protein shedding is biologically impossible:





    But after being hired by jewish supremacist zionist alex jones, he has now turned an abrupt 180 and claims the exact opposite, now claiming spike protein shedding is a "real" danger:




    As critical as I've been of david, he just might be the last of the mohicans, the last of the truly independent researchers.


    I don't even trust david--I only trust the facts and it seems like he's the last of the lot in trying to pursue truth rather than the biggest or steadiest paycheck.

  12. 12 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    If I were Kaufman, I would say getting the information out to the widest audience possible is the priority. If Jones offers that platform, why not take the opportunity.


    Another key distinction is that David Icke is not a direct employee of Alex, whereas Andy is.


    If Andy doesn't tow the infowars party line ("chicomms control the media not jews," "hitler is the ultimate evil" yada yada yada) he's out of a job.


    Jones has a large platform for a reason: it's because he is compromised and is positioned to divert you from the truth when push comes to shove (jews, satanism, off worlders). He's clearly in the fake nationalist camp, a la trump.


    Again, I hope I'm wrong and that Andy continues to hammer the message that viruses don't exist and that germ theory is a hoax. Time will tell, but so far, he's been focusing on other weird topics far afield from his own areas of (relative) expertise-discussing NLP and media manipulation instead of the germ theory hoax.


    I see no reason to trust Andy if Andy doesn't trust his own intuition and is now accepting alex's sheckels in defiance of his own intuition.

  13. 7 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    Your argument doesn't hold up. You claim Kaufman has sold out because he's on InfoWars, yet David Icke also hosts a channel there: https://www.banned.video/channel/david-icke


    I think we've got bigger problems now that this type of petty shit.


    Andy Kaufman stated explicitly that he didn't like Alex's "energy" and therefore refused to accept an interview with Jones the basis of a strongly felt intuition. Not to mention, Andy has reversed his own previously held position that spike protein shedding has no basis in scientific evidence.


    Andy Kaufman has sold out, plain and simple.


    I hope I'm wrong. No one gets it right, 100% of the time.

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  14. Our former ally, Andrew Kaufman MD has now sold out to the dark side and has accepted a hosting gig on the ridiculously paranoid and laughable sitcom otherwise known as Infowars.


    Yeah, the same shitshow site promoting face masks is supposedly feeding you the exclusive truth about the covid hoax.


    At least David stopped shilling the spike protein shedding propaganda months ago, sad to see Andy is pushing this fake news.


    The last pillar standing I hate to say, is David. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe Mercola?


    Guys, we're in a lot of trouble. We're very close to arriving at a point of 100% fake news.

  15. The white nationalist scene is very, very, very strange. First, it's obviously heavily infiltrated by feds. Their penchant for glorifying "armed resistance" makes them easy to manipulate, as they are prone to making public statements and even publicizing semi-concrete plans for para-military action.


    Second, their fixation with jews is certainly understandable to a large degree, but they've developed an unhealthy obsession with this group at the same time which apparently prevents them from asking one very simple question: who controls the jews?


    I also agree with ted broer that institutionalized christianity is almost completely compromised and actually an enemy of not only christians but of humanity itself at this point.


    I don't think there's any point like I said in looking for 'gurus' at this point. Just a tiny bit of research reveals all you need to know: germ theory is completely false and therefore masks and "vaccines" are completely unnecessary so just carry on as best as you can.


    As far as strategizing, you've got two choices: stand your ground now where you are, or flee and stand your ground later on. I don't see the point of kicking the can down the road when you can take care of business right now where you are.

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