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  1. This dude wrote a play and is trying to use this as evidence. That's where the forum is at lol. No wonder so much of alternative "research" is a laughingstock.
  2. There is no SCIENTIFIC evidence. It's all 100% CONJECTURE. Learn the difference.
  3. Here is your evidence to date: 1. "something is going on." 2. pfizer "confirmed" a "possibiilty" 3. your mRNA source confirms the exact opposite of what you're saying, which is that it is basically impossible for spike proteins to cause illness in others. 4. a handful of photos on the previous page does not qualify as "countless." Actually, 8 individuals with rashes on past 2 pages. That's still not "countless." You are guilty of gross exaggeration at best, out and out fabrication at worst.
  4. Links? I actually listened to Jones occasionally around that time and don't recall him mentioning pandemics, certainly not as a major narrative. He's been talking about fema camps forever though, guns, prepping and so on. The point is, he shills the fake virus agenda so he's got it wrong either way. I watched the shorter david icke clip where he talks vaccinations, but doesn't talk about it being a basis of lockdowns, quarantines, censorship etc. It's more an aspect of population reduction which has been widely discussed for a long time.
  5. You've got it backwards. There needs to be proof of vaccine shedding, not proof that it doesn't happen.
  6. In the past year, I've never seen another adult shopping without a mask.
  7. I've tried on a couple of masks inside the house out of curiosity but decided I would never wear one. Actually, I did wear a balaclava once when dropping off food during the first couple of months of the fake crisis. Not that I was ashamed to be donating food, nor was i scared of any virus. I just used it because I had received several for free years before and never opened them much less used them and wanted to try it out this one time just for "fun." The people receiving the drop off were definitely scared of me. It's a menacing look for sure, even if they try to act friendly. Even though very porous and relatively easy to breathe through I definitely felt a sense of relief taking it off after just a few minutes. It's still not clear to me how people have been wearing these things many hours a day for months on end at school and especially at work. As noted above I suppose they tolerate the hit to their health for the paycheck (or degree).
  8. The bigger names such as Rense, Icke and Jones all correctly understood, as did most everyone with just a little discernment, that severe restrictions in both freedom and overall population were coming. That much was clear. It's interesting however that NO ONE in alternative research correctly predicted that fake pandemics would be the lever to institute the new world order. The big names were focusing on global warming and false flags, with some nationalist jingoist complaints about illegal aliens (alt right) or Chi Comms (mainly from alex to protect the jews). I wonder if any of them knew and covered it up (highly doubtful), or just weren't bright enough to connect the dots with the endless series of minor fake pandemic outbreaks preceding the whopper. All I know is close to 100% of the "alt research" community believes viruses are real and even david is promoting the debunked vaccine shedding nonsense. We are close to a point where every single well known alternative name is promoting one fake narrative or likely several simultaneously. Be careful all.
  9. David is promoting the fake vaccine shedding hysteria AGAIN. The claims in the article he cites are completely laughable and the "scientific" research is so shoddy it's borderline incomprehensible. Basically, there is no legitimate source of news anywhere anymore. https://davidicke.com/2021/05/31/shedding-and-spreading-genetic-vaccines/ https://www.activistpost.com/2021/05/shedding-and-spreading-genetic-vaccines.html
  10. So you think David has more medical knowledge than an MD who he himself has relied on for medical information. That's a laugh.
  11. Check out kaufman's video. He's slightly more qualified than david is to talk about medical research. David is not a god, he's not a guru, he's a researcher, and like many researchers he gets a lot wrong. This forum is not for cult worship, it's to get the facts straight. Apparently you have a problem with that.
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