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  1. More name calling and no explanations. So demonstrate how m-rna can be trasmitted from one person to the next jumping out of a person's bloodstream to poison another? How does mrna survive the journey when it is destroyed instantaneously at room temperature. O that's right, "shit happens!" in "dna altered vicinity"! LMAO!
  2. btw, how was she able to function on a day to day basis when she was "bleeding heavily" for at least a full month total on these two separate occasions? Did she stay at home 24/7 or did she just walk around covered in blood? Why didn't she see a doctor for at least a checkup after a day or two? Why did she allow herself to bleed profusely for many weeks? Was she changing out tampons every minute or so? It all sounds like so much bullshit, either on her part or yours, or both.
  3. But yeah, m-rna is destroyed at room temperature. Person to person transmission is impossible. Thanks for playing. https://www.bitchute.com/video/IsLHmiLk8BE4/
  4. But yeah, nothing more than hearsay exactly as I suspected. I didn't want to accuse you of that straightaway, it's best if you confirm it yourself, which you just did. Think about how many "vaxxed" people she comes into contact with, she should be bleeding 24/7, which clearly isn't happening. The possible causes of rashes is endless. Again, the main question is: how does mrna jump out of a "vaxxed" persona's bloodstream and magically enter the body of another person and poison them? O yeah, "dna altered vicinity!" LMAO!!!
  5. Or maybe she's being a drama queen. Or she knows of your political beliefs and enjoys leading you on and playing to your fears. Perhaps she is in poor health in general. Women are known to lie about a gazillion things. Your story reads like a work of a paranoid person in ill health.
  6. How dumb do you have to be to believe these "accounts" of "shedding." "Duh, someone dat I no wuz in duh same room as someone who got duh jab and duh weez got sick, doh!"
  7. Most people are deficient in d3, vitc, they get too little sunshine, don't exercise enough, stay indoors all day, eat shitty food, drink estrogenic beer, fuck their liver with wine, eat too much junk food, fuck their minds with fear porn resulting in cortisol spikes, then they whine... ....the illuminati are shedding spike proteins all over me! boohoohoo!!!
  8. You are the epitome of anti-facts, sir lol Watch out for a dna altered vicinity coming to a town near you!
  9. Ducking, with more commie zionist saul alinsky tactics. Typical left wing fear mongering lol.
  10. Hate to break the news to ya kid but 99%+ of conspiracy and naturopathy research is is compromised, too. Notice he still hasn't answered any of my very simple questions regarding his claims of spike protein shedding. Keep hope alive!
  11. Ridicule: the saul alinsky rules for commies technique. I see who the real "truthers" are and who the phonies are. :-)
  12. So basically no one will answer any questions yet you all insist you are correct. This is reaching sociopathic/psychopathic levels of dishonesty.
  13. You refused to answer a few simple questions which would disprove your fears unequivocally. You are ducking for sure. You wish to hang on to your fears even though they imprison you. No one else is answering any questions either meaning they prefer delusion over truth.
  14. None of your are thinking through the implications of all of your speculative (and likely false) claims: 1. if your suspicions are TRUE, the only logical conclusion is to become a shut-in. At least half of the population in industrialized countries have been "vaxxed" and likely far higher in large metro areas: this means you are facing the prospect of constant illness if you dare ever leave your home. 1a. even if you don't leave your home, all of your packages have been handled likely by several "vaxxed" people en route to your home. You still are not safe in your own home! 2. if your suspicions are FALSE, now you have wasted your time putting all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, ignoring the true causes of all of these illnesses you are observing, meaning you are prone to get sick again without understanding why. Regardless, you all have had your fun trolling and trying to scare people and have moved on to other trollish pursuits. None of you actually care about the truth or at least some of you would have at least attempted to answer some of the very basic questions I asked. Carry on.
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