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  1. That's great and thank you so much for these! It totally describes what I've witnessed myself so far.
  2. Hi SimonTV, Thanks for your reply and you've given me a lot more to research and think about. I also don't feel so crazy in thinking about what I feel right now.
  3. Hi Skitsorat, Thank you for your most insightful reply and it does make me think maybe I'm not going completely insane. I've never in my life wanted to turn to God so much as in this moment. And so I believe that out of such evil, will come a lot of good as more people will choose their side. The ultimate split of consciousness in two!
  4. Hi All, I'm just wondering if anyone has had experiences being around people that are vaccinated and how true is the disconnect from higher self? I have heard several reports now that energy healers are finding vaccinated people are disconnected from their higher self and they are unable to heal the energy. Another lady recently told me of her Mother having a dream the night after getting vaccinated where she dreamt her soul had died and she cried because she knew then she had been disconnected. I haven't and won't be getting vaccinated myself but I have noticed a lack of empathy in the people around me who have been and a lot of their personalities have changed. Any input from someone would be greatly received.
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