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  1. I have jacked my job in a care home as i was told it was the jab or job . so got me a new job and told them to stuff it where the sun dont shine .
  2. I work in a care home mate and its one of the safest places to be if you believe in this fake virus . The control measures are unbelievable . most who work there have had the jab and the PPE I have to wear you wouldn't believe it and I very rarely come in contact with any residents . I have to wear a mask, visor, and I wear glasses which constantly steam up so I find it hard to see what I am doing plus PPE is worn which is very hot and sticky. I was thinking if I cut my hand open while working i am going to sue the government as its a health and safety issue . But I know now that they are opening up to family visits that the cleaning staff are disinfecting the rooms they have been in every half an hour and the cleaner is knackered . my particular home has lost 5 staff in one week .
  3. My family have all turned on me for not getting the jab . but i am standing firm .
  4. My employer brought in a team to vaccinate all staff in a care home I work in . My manager sent at least 6 staff members throughout the day to get me to come and get the jab , but I told them that I had arranged to get it done elsewhere and they were really annoyed with me . A couple of weeks later the manager asked if I could produce my vaccine card and I said yes, but I couldn't because I had no intention of getting the vaccine as I am tested 3 time a week with the Lateral flow and wear a visor, mask and glasses and PPE where required . so I could not come up with the document so I received a disciplinary for lying and been told that I have committed gross misconduct and if found to be true they could dismiss me immediately and as I am on probation which the tory government have extended for up to 24 months I am obviously on dodgy ground , but the good news is that I have the backup of my Union and my rep attended my meeting via zoom , so its not all plain sailing for them but making life difficult for me . the funny thing is it was going swimmingly and I was told by her that I was the best that they had had in my particular role only a few weeks before, then it all turned sour . Unbelievable
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