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  1. Our first members are 2 Chains and Kreashawn. "Murder" where they talk about cannibalism and murder and that they killed for fame and they admit it in the music video. Its disgusting. They chop up human remains and then procced to eat it. (23) 2 Chainz Feat Kreayshawn - MURDER (Official Video) - YouTube
  2. So, this thread is devoted to a Comedy Central skit. I see you. I like that new skit you did, classy. Devoted to exposing the most ratchet pieces of so called "art form" that exist. (23) A Rapper's Very Revealing Concept Album - Key & Peele - YouTube Describing here only the most ratchet productions that can't hide behind the wall of excuses called "creative arts".
  3. Russian hackers are at it again everyone!!!! Seems that is the least of their worries right now. lol Any ways...... Russian Hackers Broke Into Federal Agencies, U.S. Officials Suspect (msn.com) But they still cant explain this........ now those new to the truth movement dont know that truthers were on to them and were exposing the fake event BEFORE they went on live TV to boast with the children they used photos FROM 5 years PRIOR to craft fake identities. All for a failed gun grab, and for those NEW THAT werent there, but thats what was going on -- is that they were being called out by people that were paying attention. Kudos if that was you. This is that pre-Q frustration. Q seems to be so new he wasnt even with truthers then. They did it for a gun grab that didnt work b/c they saw no one believed in their antics. You give away your guns, your dead basically. These are no joke oligarchs. 90% of them LOOKED THE SAME!!!! The people Biden is importing from the Obama administration who did this, are going to have to explain why we have forensic evidence that shows that they faked a gun shooting for a gun grab, but they have good American people dying and in poverty right now b/c of a virus that is similar to viruses we HAVE ALWAYS HAD, we just have a new way of detecting or describing it. They shut down the entire economy, so much loss, and all for something WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD!!! There's no running away forever from forensic evidence. What were the names?? Curly WHO, No Chosen people here GAL, Clef Lip, Runt, and Goldie Who. All look the same as they did 5 years prior. They used photos from 5 years prior to the event and crafted FAKE identities off from them. I have told you horror stories of what it is like being CT a native, and it is true, these people are cold and dark, and its harder to find normal/good people here. The gangstalking, harassments, they always go after your finances, they are really pushing themselves against America and it aint nothing but a small grain of salt in the scheme of America. You think your a big guy and that someday people arent going to PUSH BACK at the bully, THINK AGAIN!!! You have segregated yourselves away from America, the NY METRO areas and NJ. Mother Nature/higher powers will continue to take care of the west coast. Mass other then metro areas is country, and so are all states above it. Its country and farm land. So, its NY METRO areas and Suburbs, NJ, and CT!!!! NY state and MASS have metro Areas, the election in PA proves small metro areas. In fact, 10,000 people moved out of New York city into just one small city in CT b/c of the pandemic. Thats just one town, with those statistics, CT population has gone up by at least a million just from people from New York City. Continue to push people away, and you will be the sore thumb in the states. No one wants to hear what type of scheme CT will have next, other then my own reincarnation, but I wont get into that. Sure as hell people will know what CT did in the future tho.
  4. Peter is missing from our group of 4. Indigos are bigger then that though. Probably more important then us for the most part. Me and Edmund were born in the USA. The lacky Edmund this reincarnation. Would make sense there are also two in Russia. Sun Major. Moon Major. Moon minor. AND Sun minor. As above, so below. Indigos are way more talented and way more special in my opinion. The trick of the game is to stay pure away from "selling out" and the dark side. To give up your life means someone else is living it. Hands down, I would rather be a normal Indigo and I'd still have a normal life. lol Modern religion has emphasized "Sun Major", and there are many claiming to be Magdalene. I find it quite entertaining. lol Did you expect me to say Emanuel??? lol I think not. Why?? Emanuel was MOON MAJOR!!!! An easy way to weed out the interesting stories. That I do myself like to read. Who knows, maybe God and his WIFE gave America 3 out of 4. lol As above, so below. Cain be with that extra!!! lol People can change or they can become slaves to weakness. You shouldn't have turned on your sibling the first time, nor should you be targeting innocent children, you will get that karma back, and God tore down the world over your mistakes. So, think about that when you go to mass pretending to TALK TO ME. lol Put on a nice show and all. lol Entertaining at least, am I right, am I wrong? It doesn't mean I am okay, I have to be okay.
  5. Now, he has an interesting story. Born 10 years after me. He has completely disappeared off the map and is under house arrest of some sorts from the Russian government. Its interesting, I remember no lives from mars, and what he has said others have claimed over the decades. He also hasn't said who Putin really is. I have. lol Who is the Russian boy who claims he was born on Mars, how old is Boriska Kipriyanovich now and what has he said? (thesun.co.uk) Doesn't ever change, does he/she? Give him a CANDY CANE (CAIN) for Christmas!!! lol
  6. For educational purposes, I think they communicate in a low grunting like an elephant seal. Well, the closest thing I have heard to that sound is the elephant seal but it is more mute. Any interns ever hear that noise out in space they wont tell you the truth. I kept on hearing that noise when I would wake up, then it would cut out. For years it has been this way. I woke up the other night and I heard the noise and for the first time and it didnt cut out. Its a grunting noise of communication almost. Obviously, they use technology to communicate for the most part, but I think the Zeta race have this old school grunting noise they use. Male ones.
  7. I am sure many of you have heard already. Pentagon blocks visits to military spy agencies by Biden transition team Pentagon blocks visits to military spy agencies by Biden transition team (msn.com) Your not even there yet, sheesh. You dont have the authority. lol Talk about a smooth transition, so wait until its your turn.
  8. Hillary was caught red handed 4 years ago tampering with votes. Why Trump backed off Hillary and didnt throw her in jail is beyond me, but she has sh!t files on everyone. Now, the tampering that went on is the constant slander on Trump and fake news on Russia, I dont condone corrupt politicians but they are humans there to, just like China where they are good honest people and many that live in poverty. The constant slander is what shifted the votes that made it a close call the most. I mean Biden paid felons just to vote for him, its sickening and the whole USA cheered. Now, they can start by telling us why this kids from a fake mass shooting are standing alive and well at this event, b/c it was a botched plan for a gun grab back in the day. As we speak, BIden is bringing back Obama's cabinet, and you know what, we dont stop until we get answers on this FAKE NEWS STORY FOR A GUN GRAB that they did. JFK didnt survive 48 hours and he was going to make fake news punishable by jail time in his last speech. The average modern day journalist has committed a life sentence of fake news. HE was on to big pharma as well and labeling laws, he was shutting down black ops programs, going after the bad and wicked in the military. Since they killed him suspiciously before any new laws could come into effect. For the heck of it, check what foods are banned in the EU but America sells.
  9. Like this?? There is no evidence, right?' Children that were supposed to be dead are standing right there they just used pictures of when they were 4 and 5 years younger and crafted fake identities based off from old photos. But there is no evidence they say. Forensics is so advanced now that they can age an infant to adulthood, but a lot of these kids just look the same. Jennifer Hudson is rumored to have gotten rid of a HUGE chunk of her family for fame. Not just one or two or three, and there she stands with a bunch of kids that are supposed to be dead to gun violence. Call me crazy, but at least I didn't flush democracy, reason, and science down the toilet. lol The most obvious being Curly Who, Semite Of No Chosen People Here Inc., Clef Lip, Runt, and Goldie Locks from a special bred breeding program. *Front Row* Speaking of the "front row", this picture symbolizes George Carlin's statement if you are born American you get "the front row seat" to the freak show. A psychopath who is rumored to have killed a portion of her family standing with the boasting survivors of what they thought would be the end of gun rights. ***BOWS*** The front row seat to the freak show1!! Not survivors, edit, more like some pyramid scheme plot to grab your guns that didnt work in the first place b/c people were already watching and paying attention to their constitutional rights. Concerned citizens. Born and raised in CT myself and for the few that have listened at least know that CT is full of crisis actors and hybrids. Good and real people here are harder to come by. Yet, even here there are concerned citizens. "Asking them questions" that's all I am saying. This is not like 9/11, you have the video and photos of this event everywhere. About 20-30 alive children they reported as dead b/c it was nothing but a faked drill. Now, the truthing community investigation of this event happened BEFORE this Super Bowl event happened. There was already holes and widespread speculation coming from different angles. This just confirmed everything. I am no forensics expert, but that whole front row looks the same, and the top row aged normally which even in itself is sufficient evidence of a scandal and Obama's administration wanting guns and Biden is putting his admin back into power as we speak.
  10. Energetically reptilian hierarchy, so yes, in the spiritual battle, dead figuratively speaking. Thats why they never do anything about her, even though overall she pulls the whole crowd down. Lucifer himself is/was Zeta Reticuli or grey alien, and Area 51/Roswell spiraled into the creation of the CIA THEN connecting the dots back to Hollywood and the occult. Black ops programs, MK ultra programs, secret space programs, the DEATH of JFK/MLK Jr, etc. JFK just used his noggin and figured out the eggs the greys were promised would be used to create an army of hybrids. He was right. Do you think black culture would be like it is now, if MLK Jr would speak out against rap when Lucifer had plans to harden their hearts??? In the way, dead. Who needs a crisis actor on tap?? Anyone?? They started using cocaine and other elements early on in the CIA to control people to the dark side of things. Thats why most NASA crew sniff it, and its them that are constantly editing photos and video of ET life, trying to keep us in the dark ages.
  11. lol To each his own then. Like if Hillary Clinton died, you would play this?? "The witch is dead". lol
  12. I play that when I think of going back to Heaven. Its underplaying the song a bit there hun!!! lol Just a bit. Almost everyday now, enough is enough. lol That mountain top as MLK termed it.
  13. Meanwhile, they are more then likely tainting the food source with poison. I mean covid. Its gotten way out of hand. Its so evil I dont understand how that plays into the scheme of things karmatically. Maybe they might get caught. What else more can they do to people without a civil war or something in America??? Peace is the way to go, but I dont understand where this is going to go other then them getting caught red handed and a Greenland times 2 or 3 in USD basic pay rate for every American, and the path towards DIRECT democracy. Its overloading the system and one of these days karma will deliver.
  14. In addition to my post about the crimes of Hillary, Bush, and Obama that crippled the American economy and put us into a depression. Now, the secret society is pulling string on the creation of covid-19 which may be a combination of poison, electronic weapons in some cases, and a flu level virus that is simple. So, what Hillary when she was paid possibly over 100 million by China and other places combined. She outsourced American intel, jobs that require our information, numbers, account numbers, SSns, addresses, she allowed those essential jobs to be outsourced. So, right now we are in identity theft PR disaster bc companies followed each other in this. She changed outsourcing and tax laws that kept American jobs safe, but that included essential jobs that should have NOT BY THE GRACE OF GOD, been outsourced in the first place. The cable companies, the computer companies, the IT companies, etc To even insurance companies that have all your medical information!!! Thanks Hillary!!! Most people call that treason, and you already know its punishable by death. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and that crosses a line, and your the main face of the outsourcing and identity theft scandal that threw America into a depression. How about the range??? Thats that old school Americana but its still the law mind you, but she is the face of hatred for a movement, and this is just a couple of the scandals she is involved in. Lets not even get into the Hati scandal. Or the Latino scandal and why 2/3rds of Latinos hate her b/c they are one group of people that stick out for one another. Speaking of humans here. lol Or the Uranium scandal she made 100s of millions more on. While we have been living in poverty, and you couldn't even take care of your family. You abused one of your children. The black community should go after you for what you did!!!! Then she trashed the American economy alongside reptile Bush and clone Obama, but economic factors were heavily influenced by Hillary. Hundreds of millions dollars made on the BACKS of the American tax payer. All politics and abusing power, never had to work a real day in her life. That much money, 100s of millions she has made in these scandals.
  15. Let me tell the story why I am no longer democrat. So, Obama had been elected and 1.5-2 years later Obama decides to do military operations that were so ratchet any one would agree. He was throwing drones at people basically without having legit reasons to make the military operations. He ended up killing thousands of children and I decided I could NOT stand behind someone like that again. So, Bidden is picking people that Obama had that were doing all of that. Its sad really. He is brining back Alejandro Mayorkas and Avril Haines who both helped kill thousands of children bc they didnt want to admit their promising drone program had failed them!!! ALEX (lol) was the head of Homeland security when Obama was using this failed drone program that killed thousands of children. Already in a bit of a scandal are we?? The icing on the cake is Jake Sullivan, who had a similar post under Obama (he was the assistant). White boy blowing minorities, isnt that ironic for democrats???? Lets make this even more interesting, lets look at how many LATINOS he blew up!!!! "Inclusive", you can kiss my yellow a$$. lol He is probably sucking up or sucking Kamila, first minority maybe, has nothing to do with gender. lol lol I am doubtful. A way to bring honor to your people laying around with a minority killer. A child killer even worse. It didnt have to take thousands of child deaths to admit and pull the drone program they were using, and they never admitted to anything -- it was just "military operations". If Obama's cabinet is going to be there, I want answers!!!!! Obama promised peace and stability after the war torn years of Bush, and he turned on us. That was my first time voting. The vibes that I was getting off from Biden is that he is copying catting Obama's moves. So, the same with Obama's drone work. He will give us 1..5 to 2 years to show us his true colors. Maybe at the end of the first year. To go from "man of the year" to crazed blood thirsty coke line cold blooded child killer. It takes about a year. I cant wait for the picks on the CIA and military. I will be back to this site to break that down. lol
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