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  1. In fact, these fetus aliens are and would seem to be from my research the air force of the greys. Very deadly.
  2. So, my encounter with a small grey that I have talked about for nearly 2 decades when I was a kid, I have said its skin was almost white, and its head big and its eyes bigger then most depictions or drawings. Very short!! Very white, very large eyes. So, turns out, the guy who inspired that famous alien movie called the aliens "fetal aliens". So, like a ultra sound light skin, large eyes. All mammals are like this. Even birds and reptiles. So, Hollywood wrote the script as a brown alien to completely omit what FETUS' meant. As if they were trying to cover something up.
  3. Also note, this was taken via apple live, the photos after the flash in the dark. It was in the same group with a tall grey, the most infamous type of grey. So, interestingly enough, I wonder the guys that were camping that were tortured terribly, were seen with a grey that is around tall greys all the time. They have technology that wouldnt require torture, so why did they torture the guys??? All these virus infected people, and who's idea was it (hive mind) to torture me for over a decade??? Their depiction/drawing of
  4. . This looks like the one from one of the drawings of the first account. Below the picture I took. They tortured those men!!
  5. I have been looking around the internet, supposedly Roswell and Area 51 footage and pictures made its way to the internet. I dont know how, they can't be proved per se b/c you know those workers are long eaten. So, the photos of the Roswell aliens they all have 3 toes, but they look more like a human/grey hybrid to be honest b/c the toes are very familiar. A full blooded one will have dinosaur looking feet. I am starting to think those supposed aliens from Roswell were in fact just human hybrids. Them aint no birdie feet. lol lol The rib cage and the 3 hum
  6. So, lots of activity last night. I have some others as well. The first one looks like one of the original alien pictures as it morphs and takes off in a beam. So, at 6am I saw astrally or that state where you are awake and not awake (when you see something right before you wake up), a giant jelly. Massive, 16 feet tall about 4 or 5 feet thick. These happened during the night!!! Like a giant grey barrel jelly fish, no lie!!!! *This one has a small and large one* Just lots of paranormal activity shall I call it last night!!! Ma
  7. Like they dont know anything!!!! Fortnite I believe promoted this song!!! The spiritual war! Not even the ice berg to how bad it is!!!! Whoever this lady is, she is just one person to a whole group of rabies virus infected hordes!!!! How hard has your life been?? Dont beg for scraps!!!!
  8. I am not letting people get away with any thing!! Sorry. The worst of it!!!! NOT GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!!! From the blue window incident, another photo of it.
  9. The system??? lol HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA I am here to prevent extinction, not wipe your bum!!!! lol HAHAHAHA Thanks for the good laugh!!!
  10. Jokes aside, dead as in murdered, they still dont win or get what they want. And theres nothing in this world better then that!!! The point is, they still wont be able to cover it up!! We all know that the Catholic Church, my father is judgement mad at, has an anti-Magdalen crew!!! Just to cover it all up!!! Speaking of their high ranks of Lucierians enough to make babies or anything Heavenly cry.
  11. nah, I am pretty sure they would try to cover it up and its more dangerous for me to come out and list all the abuse I have been to and be honest about it. I am just letting them know that they wont be able to cover it up!!! Nice, its ROYAL HIGHNESS!! To you!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA :) jk jk All these fake royals that know of me. Pitty, isnt it??? So sadddd!!!!
  12. I have backup, do I sense fear??? lol Reiki master here!!! Now I am curious to get to know more about you!! Why would you being in a state of FEAR that I am finally coming out after ALL this abuse??? hmm hmm hmm?
  13. Yup! Both CA, NJ, and CT are becoming joke Luciferian states. Not that they dont exist in other states but its the worse. The fact that they had to hide the level of UFO activity when we had the most in the USA, is another ponzi scheme in itself. While they suspiciously let NM get that top spot and CT was hushed, it was just to hide everything else. You know who gets the good jobs??? Hybrids and sell outs, not your human behind!!! Get with the program. Dont sell out. Dont do it!!!! Why? B/c your soul is what animates your body. Its scheme for more bodies. Pod people
  14. The most violent to ideas such as this, are in fact hybrid greys and reptilians hiding behind religion, when the spiritual war is against them in the first place. They Live characters hiding behind human religion. The same people that would be abusing and slandering me any ways. The most I made in CT, they can view my records themselves, that the Luciferians have allowed me to make. ALLOWED ME TO MAKE. Is about 4,000 to 12,000 A YEAR. A year. I survived 8 months of Fedex and I can do everything else much faster. I left b/c of gangstalking, but for those that dont know
  15. Now, what makes me different then other claims of Magdalene, the baby sun (NOT MOON) spirit? Well, let me put in through honestly. All that these secret societies have done is be in bed with parasite aliens, not technically living so you cant call them ET's. Thats a bracket for the living. Parasite being greys, reptilians, carians, mantids, etc. Now, there are billions of other beings out there. Living ones, and you know who I am to them??? Not a dogma ridden spiritual figure, I am a historical figure like Harriet but bigger. One that has always reincarnat
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