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  1. Of course, in general they wont like things like rubbing alcohol sprayed on their eyes (very important actually), and vinegar which can mask your scent or vibration in a way and if you ingest it then its even better. It also raises your vibration, which is essential when your working with this type of intensity. The worst is over, but I described what I have been through as "poltergeist" on the old forum ---- you cant be easy to scare b/c these things FEED OFF FROM FEAR. lol . So, you can't get scared. *Both heat and electricity pass through copper very easily. The high electrical conductivity makes it ideal for many electrical purposes. *An important chemical property of copper is the way it reacts with oxygen. In moist air, it combines with water and carbon dioxide. The product of this reaction is called hydrated copper carbonate *Nine radioactive isotopes of copper are known also. A radioactive isotope is one that breaks apart and gives off some form of radiation. Radioactive isotopes are produced when very small particles are fired at atoms. These particles stick in the atoms and make them radioactive. Compounds A number of copper compounds are used as pesticides, chemicals that kill insects and rodents like rats and mice: Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/elements/C-K/Copper.html#ixzz6UePkg53T Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/elements/C-K/Copper.html#ixzz6UeOziadR
  2. So, I also was desperate to get these creatures away from me trying anything I could. So, on the old forum even, I mentioned this before. Until I used copper, we have to figure out WHY copper reacts on them as shapeshifters, like ACID does to US!!!! Well, it can keep them from resurrecting in a way, as shapeshifting demonic skin walkers. My old school phrase was "its copper, not silver".
  3. Now, I believe it was that Asian scientist that came out with a grading system like such, I dont want to butcher his name, like cockatoo. haha lol jk Spiritual evolution makes you level 3, not anything greater technological wise, although that does help -- we have what we need, what we DONT have is enough spiritual bodies that are seekers of truth esoteric and hidden. Energy and meditation work like Reiki, etc. Instant exorcism not long drawn out ones for days. lol Smudging and singing bowls. ZERO WATE! ESP!!! We have technology similar to Atlantis, not free energy, so its not the same, now we just need the spiritual harmony. This combo makes you a level 3 civilization. So, people are looking for more technology like Michio Kaku. That is a dead end. So, that means --- things will be rather different then before. haha.......turns out, all that you need is a demonstration of a small group of individuals that prove themselves to be level 3. lol So, ummm good luck with uhhh......hiding......b/c it does not seem like the elites will get very far from now on. If you want to hurt billions of level 3 citizens, and then seek to hide in holes in the ground --- you will be found and brought to justice.
  4. So, there is some footage that is said to be from Area 51 out there. It looks fake. and I kind of picked up about this footage, it wont be proven for a long time. Its going to be like "turns out it was real". b/c it looks so darn fake. Ive seen two, maybe 3 types of greys --- if you include those blue hybrids. I am currently researching one more reptilian and grey type. I've not seen anything that looks like this, but the giant-ness of the head might indicate alien-nobility of some sort if it is in fact real. I personally, still have my doubts, but I am yet to see some of the biggest head ones that are said to be the worst, in the Annunaki-demonic hierarchy, which are different from your standard tall or worker grey. the guy who leaked the video never mentioned what the meeting was about. When I used my esp on it, I got "GREED" in capital letters. I never seen letters that vivid for one, and two capitalized for two. Like the if your playing the board game monopoly, and its the person who hogs the board and in general makes the game uncomfortable. Maybe I could of just been picking up what the real meeting was like, if it was indeed a fake crafted around a truth. It's perspective and vibration was like your typical parasite, your looking for new bodies. I dont think the truth will come out until we become a class 2 civilization. Some of us are already 3. The Annunaki nor humanity made the cut, but some of us humans made it to class 3 advancement. It means that both the Annunaki and the elites are screwed. While some of us are now class 3, the elties and the Annunaki never will be. ET's are categorized into 3 technically. Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. the non-evolved and darkside arent included into these classes. So, I hope they havent done anything bad, they could be tried in court, not the type of senates we have. lol That means, the truth will soley come out through our own works!!! Our own pictures, our own videos, our own meetings. They did ask for access to children and women (which they abudcted men and boys too) and for an unvetted amount of eggs, but we also know they were snatching babies, children, and fetuses. So, GREED, in capital letters. In this video, or the real event, they were asking for BODIES to be TRANSPORTED to them, prisoners. Even talking about evil, we already know its evil, but this is chaotic evil. The "give me more I cant have enough" evil. Save that sh!t in crates, I need it liquified and ready, I need more children, I need more in boxes, I need more more more more more more." More then what is required, even for evil. Which explains why we will have to come out with our own disclosure, doesn't it??? Remember in the interview, now to think of it, they say the alien was "impatient" and angry almost??? The humans didnt want to initially give the alien what it wanted, which is an indication of what it was actually asking for, b/c if it was reasonable, the alien may have gotten it easily. Did the person who stole this video know what it was about?? This particular alien had some of the highest demands, but a high demand for more human experimentation and bodies, requires better trade, right? They said, "Okay, but for better technology, better stuff, right? So they expanded their time-travel operations, rumors of stargates and mars. Cloaking devices and better military gear and ufos of their own. They have basically been hiding serial killers from us that over the years have killed millions, and the military wants more tax money??? lol you got to be kidding me.
  5. The Pleiadians were right when they advised for a reduction of the military in the 60s, so the rumors say. How much smaller do you think, even then, the military was?? Why? That wasnt going to save you from an infection of the worst parasites known in the Universe. Your just another sale, another notch on the belt to an Annunaki (reptilian, grey, mantid) alien. They take, and then they want to leave. but if you have no spiritual base, no ability to do energy work, no esp, no meditation practice, ---- the dark side even calls it themselves "the war without weapons". What did you expect to get done?? Kill skin walkers??? They just reanimate. lol They are already undead!!! you gonna lace bullets in something that can just come back???? lol Good idea!!!! Now, since 1997 --- its over 30-50% controlled now in the military. either bloodline, hybrids, or occultist. You think these people care??? They are psycho and want to bring about their own end. They have a system in the military that makes new "Get Out" members and it has infiltrated the ranks of the military now. Like George Carlin said, violence for peace is like screwing for virginity. A large percentage of the problems in the world (USA-UK-EU manipulating other governments, sanctions of innocent people, payout to trouble people, occultist owning shelters and orphanages, corrupt justice system, elites massive pollution, in every area of society that involves where normal humans would make progress (so little of it happens), etc etc) is in fact coming from the FAKE NEWS --- Area 51/letter agency crowd. If we got rid of that problem, we would see things start to look better. Throwing money at the military and expecting things to get better will do the opposite 9 times out of 10, b/c that dosent solve the core of the issues at hand. They just practically sit there and watch, what is the difference in that, and watching everything go up in flames, b/c you are too internally weak to do anything about it --- or bring about positive human progress. That is inner work, not outer work, thats all I am saying --- kudos to those that really are doing it.
  6. Let me guess, Pelosi??? Well, most of them. Lets post that 1997 Area 51 former employee plea -- that Anons are circulating right now. President Trump was signing an executive order to extend unemployment benefits of $600 to Americans that need it until the END OF THE YEAR, and now the democrats are knocking it down. This is going to look very bad for the democrats, people need that money now --- not your politics and extra's that have nothing to do with helping the American people. The democrats were lining the help with things that are NOT related to the economic relief, and now even Biden is doing some "fake news" segment but giving the details that Trump was extending the benefits until the end of the year. People need it now, and these out of touch elite democrats dont care, its bottom line --- they dont care, thats why they didnt come out with a deal. Its an embarrassment really. I thought some of the request of the democrats and even some republicans were suspicious, the military and police always need more money --- for what?? They have a Fort Knox of resources already. This man claims 90%-95% of the government is well invested in Agenda 21 and the NWO!!!! Resistance fighters (light workers and people of high consciousness) can change the course of an apocalypses, the military was sending us there --- they were of little to no help to help humanity survive the last 30 years (they need more money my bum hole, lol. Lets talk about some useless eaters. lol Where were you to prevent the apocalypse??? lol Helping the other side perhaps??? GROW THE FK UP!!!!), but the other details remain speculations many of us around the truthing community have already known --- or speculate and thought about (it adds the fuel to the truth fire there). Its trending amongst Anonymous folks, its not a "new" thing to me, b/c its been out since 1997, but very well should be spread and shared everywhere.
  7. The truth has a way of getting out eventually. No matter what others do to try to cover it up. Again, also in reference to my ancient Mu story as well(original Cain and Able), another story the Jews have saved and written about, but they didnt exist in those times to any degree. You think they have concepts as advanced as "you dont war with those related to you"?? They have no honor!!!! and we know who to blame, the Annunaki. A lot of them fed the demons or were/was involved in the sacrificing of their own in WWII. Thats how they uphold honor and the Higher Power's laws, they go against it. They are victims to, but the degree of the crimes you can't justify any more -- the bodies piling up -- the torture and eating of children. The list goes on. Will they ever step outside of victim mentality, ever??? Or are many of them just hoste like described in Stargate SG1 with the Go'uld???? Hoste for parasites? The modified version that does everything their BIG HEADED daddy wants???? Big headed DADDY, or Lucifer, isnt GOD!!!! They will remember that if we have to drill it in their heads. lol Victim mentality, even for those who have been done wrong by the system like myself, can break you. You have to look at yourself as a survivor, not a victim, which isnt easy to do and takes gradual steps to succeed in. So, to have a falsified FAKE NEWS victim mentality, puts one in a place they can't even evolve or get out of. (consciousness/evolution speaking/the dumps and lowest vibrations on Earth -- thats no hate, thats the reality of a FAKE NEWS victim mentality). My people have been suffered at their hands, we all have, we dont sit there and keep receipts, we forgive a lot, but that dosent mean we FORGET!! That dosent mean kindness is weakness.
  8. I keep on recounting this old memory from an old reincarnation. I have talked about this previous life on the old website. So, it was after Atlantis had fallen is my guess at about 1 million years ago. Thats an estimate, b/c we are not like the Aryan, we arent as smart nor have the capacity. If in Atlantis they could use say 100% of their brain, maybe this was like %30-40. Now, its 10%. So, in the old memory I recount being a geneticist, an Aryan, which is like a Pleiadian related/mixed (is really all that means), and I was studying the DNA of all living things I encountered. (tbc). I would study and log everything. Everything had this genetic blueprint. Well, I was killed by a dark colored grey. Slate colored with big old eyes b/c of what I had discovered. I was trying to piece together what I had found out exactly, b/c the last thing I remember saying is "we were related to the beast" or something like that", but I had no idea if that was in reference to the bones of giants I had discovered washed ashore, or the grey thing that killed me. I was on my way to warn others whatever it was. You can say that I am making it up, but I have been talking about this reincarnation for years. Which may not mean much, but its not a new story. Now, if I was talking about the giants, then this really changes things, b/c we were being used to "go after them", but by who? and why did I call them "beast"? Or was it in reference to the greys, but what would that have to do with them?? I dont think I knew what "greys' were in all honesty, I didnt have them in my log or memory. So, the phasing out of the giants was not so clear cut, and there was interbreeding and such. No matter what can be said, we had technology, genetic technology beyond what we have access to now, but our work, whether we knew it or not, was heavily monitored by greys I guess. B/c this rat bastard was like "no, you dont". lol Like them hiding in the places of humans for instance? In disguise. Or does it explain some things that were already hinted and talked about in regards to the giants? It was war with technology. I was afraid of something in regards what I had found out. My understanding and few thoughts I do remember was that " you dont war with family". Even though they were different, I did not carry a capacity for this type of evil or low thinking. Possibly, thats all I was going to warn people about, and somehow a grey killed me before I could warn others. but I never could figure out if it was the grey or the giants I was talking about, but its looking like the old beefs with the giants here. Why would the greys have wanted to intervene from me warning others not to war with family??? I'd say, this changes the bible a little, lol. The other stuff I have to say aside. lol Who was being "Little" instigator pretending to be a higher power here??? Its who was feeding us the info that the giants were indeed "beast". I guess you dont have to read that much into it then??? lol I would of found out that we were modified smaller versions of the giants. and then I thought "well, you dont war with those related to you". and then the slate colored ugly headed grey didnt like that idea. That idea, a hint, b/c now it seems even then, our brains were hacked pineal wise, and were being downward evolved. I must have had a high place in that society for them to listen to my council (if i had hypothetically gotten there in time), ya know?? Now, no matter the theories on the memory of the findings, we had technology that was heavily monitored by greys. I was documenting everything into a tablet. In fact, this memory I had so many years ago, we didnt have computer "tablets" for me to say it that way some 20ish years ago. lol Yet, we had them all those 10s of thousands of years ago. lol We dont have people this smart walking around any more at least b/c it seems that old model was phased out, or ended up being a combo of breeding between localized Earth, Syrian, Pleiadian, and other ETs DNA. We are just already related to a whole bunch of ETs even to this day. lol
  9. I dont know the figures in the country Emanuel lives, but thanks to Bernie Sanders, we now know in the USA there are ONLY 467 billionaires. HAHA Thats a very small amount of red coats. lol jk Thats all who is protecting the gates, funding the dark King's operations. lol jk We take their anal lube gels, and we throw them into the harbor!!!! lol Actually, its more coffee then tea these days, David's Tea is shutting down all its USA stores. So sad!!!!!!
  10. "Lavish mansions, vintage wine." Now, lavishness is forbidden for whoever is the 5th Element. Emanuel/Cain has all the goodies, billions of dollars, so it really cant be him. I dk why history has put him on a pedestal like they have, for one, he is the moon spirit --- for two he isnt me, the sun spirit. lol He couldn't save a caribou. lol jk jk The 5th Element is the Element of Spirit, the sun aspect. No one said the moon was going to save you, they said "the sun is going to save you". Plus, I have had many Earth-mothers, so lets not focus on one FEMALE Mary, but look at all females as powerful and worthy of only the best. I may be part black, but even Beyonce in the know and all, knows my mom is white. lol (commentary on her recent work of art lol) b/c I COMMENT ON THINGS NOW AND SPEAK MY MIND!!!! Rather then keeping it all locked in!!!! Three, and not to ever so slightly mention, females pass down lineages. lol Referencing the inside jokes/plans that are from that 1997 call from a former Area 51 employee (long story short, has everything to do with WHO the 5th Element is --- whether you believe its Emanuel or Magdalene), and I am going to put an END TO THE SMALL TALK!!!!! The music video above is another example of the small talking and jokes. They do it everyday, many times in a day, and dont stop talking about it. So much so, the hybrid occultist that overran Area 51 were already joking about it when I was 9, when they forced me to make yet another child for them. So, guess who my NEMESIS is in relation to me?? How would you feel???? For a female that will make you depressed for awhile and mess you up a little. They not only do all the joking and hate and harassing my life, they raped me as a child to make their offspring. Death threats from many sources, although the Ori have the most to lose here obviously. If you dont know, now you know. If you expected someone TPTB treat as an equal or with any basic decency, you are mistaken. Very very mistaken. They try to blackmail you (ESP blocked thankfully), hurt you, and put you down every step of your life. Always working pay check to pay check, or not having anything at all. To top the sundae off, you stop wanting to make friends b/c you dont want to see another person ruined by the infectious doctrine of the Luciferians. (b/c they will use any friend to get to you.) Not one, zero, b/c its not worth it seeing people go out like that. Even some people who sign contracts for big money, are said to get sick of it after some time --- its sad. Now, its me we are talking about, so all I have to do is friend someone.
  11. Another Kill 8 - Jupiter - Horus - 5th Element Production. Lucy - Alice Trying to rip the crown from Jupiter's head???? Her head???? There's what, 9 billion of us?? 10 maybe. Only one of us FEMALES has it!!! lol If he is looking for Magdalene's crown, then SHE IS HERE SOMEWHERE AS A FEMALE. You can't expect the reincarnation of Cain/Emanuel, to be able to handle that much responsibility. I think he finally had one life that he maybe did some good. lol Doesn't mean he will be able to redeem himself. lol lol Good luck getting your camel through the the eye of a needle with those billions of dollars. lol He's under some "heat" right now. lol Takes pressure to be good at anything like I do quick enough. Seeing in the dark. Seeing without sight. Its not the first nor last "crown" reference. Halsey whole song called Castle has "angus dei" repeated in the background chorus over and over. Which means "lamb of God". We can both see and hear he is talking about Lucifer with the "served my sentence", plus the funky outfit. Then he says "Dynasty Decapitated" so we know he is talking about where you get the crown from. You can debate whether it is Magdalene or Emanuel, but its one of the two.
  12. You mean like Resident Evil's Alice??? A cure for a virus of undead. Such an original idea!!!! Its not what they are saying (yes its important too BUT), its what Hollywood is hiding. A cure or Nemesis? I didnt go to the UK to make a crop circle on my theories, I dont make that kind of money, the Hollywood payers dont let me. lol These parasites, planet killers (Annunaki) are known simply as a VIRUS!!! Thats it! You dont have the capacity to bring the cure, only the 5th Element can. The next time they want to joke about "bringing the night and all black everything and all black cars", think about what it really means to a higher consciousness?? An infection, a virus. Against UV light but on a higher level. Instead of saying 'Oh, hey thats so cool" --- how about adopting the higher consciousness point of view?? Its an infection and these people are swamped with a virus that is over taking their bodies. Think about why they wouldn't even consider to build something as obnoxious as CERN, if they were working in behalf of some army of undead, an infection. In fact, this world is full of waste and over consumption on the basis of what this infection is doing. Ultra violet. lol
  13. I use the term Annunaki as an umbrella term for greys, reptilians, and mantids when I am too lazy to just write it like that. lol You could call them evil or demons b/c they are said to reside in the lowest and darkest possible vibration. They are parasites, that are not considered living by other ET groups. Parasites always need hoste. Now, from vibrational science, we are learning light evolves in an upward motion, the highest at the top and the lowest at the bottom. The Universe(s) work in this same fashion. I am currently looking into their infamous multi-dimensional qualities. The ability to dimension jump. I believe thats what its called. Its theory in science, how there is many versions of Earth and many Universes. Also, the ability to parasite on multi-dimensions. Other versions of ourselves. They are not just feeding on just planets, but many multi-dimensions at the same time, on top of just doing it to single planets. Its one thing that you are planet hoping parasites, its another entirely when they are abusing the other realities (Doctor Who style) of ourselves. EPIC PARASITES!!!! So, many versions of Earth. Greys had this ability, them being whats left of one of the older races, b/c they knew of the knowledge of how everything was created. (Fall of Lucifer is a portrayal of the fall of greys, know that he ugly -- but its whats on the inside that makes you ugly. lol). The reptilians wouldnt get in bed with just anyone. lol Thats why they cant move past Earth!!!! and thats what judgement is about. A parasite that can multi-dimension hop on other versions of Earth, is deadly and it could get out of hand when your talking about the Universe.
  14. Let me just say, harvesting, like shown in the movie Jupiter (another KILL 8 production), but they show what a harvesting looks like. For flesh. Its shows what their empire at its height was really like, they have been reduced to barely living forms that barely exist. What concerns you the most about the movie Jupiter, "mommy"???? lol Changes the book a little??? Well, its nothing much, but he knew how to use Celestials for life extension. Stealing and eating flesh is one thing entirely, it wont make you last. Lucifer rejected REAL reincarnation after living a life that was almost endless (hundreds of thousands of years), no pain, no poverty, always had things -- and had a good life. The greys represent the fall of Lucifer b/c it is what is left of them. Reptiles were never REAL essence wise in the first place. Believe what you want, but the biggest channelers even refer to them as "planet killers', dont let anyone fool you and tell you they are nice -- thats BS!!!!. They arent cute "little guys", they are vicious predators. My egg versus the chicken conclusion. lol You need a chicken to make eggs. lol They could hypothetically speaking stocked up on raw meat, bodies, adrenals, etc all they want (like that frantic 1997 call from the former Area 51 employee), but they can't live without a Celestials essence between planets. They would of already stocked up on their gorge of meat by now, but what do they really want. The roseta stone of religion, Horus is also Jupiter. More accurately in dark times as Brigid, Baby Ganesh, etc. Always reincarnated female, thanks Hollywood for confirming that for us. They also described the process of being someone who CANNOT -- absolutely CANNOT get married, bc your falling in a trap.
  15. Now, here I will post pyramid scheme tidbits that have crawled their way somehow of a Rosewell basement. lol Now, not everyone has to have killed someone to have the clearance to know certain things. I am brining together different threads, occult, symbolism, aliens/ETs, hidden knowledge, ancient knowledge ---- and looking for evidence of all of this out on the field. ********************************************************************* I am starting this thread with this, a way to piss on small business, right??? Founded/Funded by Pepsi, Henieken, Chase, and Lincoln. You Can Reserve Your Own Mini Backyard At This Rooftop Pop-Up On Pier 17. Fitting on their website, they have PIER17 highlighted half way so it looks like DIED17 or DIED8. Or 8 - DIED. Its already a Holiday. lol So, I guess we dont need a new one??? lol If you get the symbolism. ***NO COMMENT** https://thegreens.pier17ny.com/food-and-drink I thought with all the struggling small business owners, whoever this prick was has all this money and support from BIG BUSINESS. Not to mention, this agenda to go after anti-vax people in general, the ones who read between the lines and research into conspiracy theories. I simply thought of the struggling bar/food-shop owner if BIG BUSINESS makes this type of thing more common, thats all. Chances are with elitist, the whole place will usually always be booked by occultist or people with money before hand, on the menu the first thing you see is 3 kinds of fish. lol If that dosent smell like prick, I dk what else does. They are completely sold out btw. With that said, do you think you can just call up those 4 businesses and get a sponsorship?? lol Well, I do have one more comment, trace that to that 1997 phone call from an Area 51 former employee out on medical leave. Small talk?? Dont believe it? Its everywhere, from small talk you hear in a hospital bed, to names, stores, restaurants, lyrics, and movies. All mocking history itself. HINT: Its already a holiday. 8 DEAD. All that I am saying is that he heard the last part of that conversation, its just a common conversation MOST of them have. Open your mind!!! lol "If I gave you the truth would it keep you alive Though I'm closer to wrong I'm no further from right" 3rd scene. Good song, I have good taste. lol
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