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  1. Is there like an Herb or something I can use for the burning between my toes?
  2. China and the US are imperialist powers. I have friends from China and Russia who tell me it is not as bad as the US Media tells me, however they admit that the US was not as bad as RT, Pravda, and the Chinese News made it out to be too. The world is bigger and more complex then Us vs Them.
  3. I am going with Grumpy Owl. It is more likely copy right since the original Fox Clip stays up. By the way Fox News actually admitted to being an entertainment outfit masquerading as news.
  4. I am pretty sure AIDs exist and I am pretty sure it's a bio weapon used to exterminate Gays and Blacks.
  5. "Capitalism is where man exploits his fellow man, communism is the opposite." Gala Dali
  6. I can't find the exact Jesus Quote, but as he said, think of me as whatever you want me to be?
  7. There are multiple types of Grooming, Grooming my face is not the same. EVERY MAN JACK. Hair. Body. Deo. Skin. Shave. Beard. That is not a pedophilia ad.
  8. World War 2 was about Hitler kicking out Rothchild's Banking Company. (That by the way is when overnight Hitler became a bad guy, most of the time before they ignored the mass murder of the disabled and other Horrors being forced on Germany!) World War 1 on the other hand no one can agree what it was about. It was kind of an accident.
  9. WWIII is being planned by both Christian and Jewish Zionist. Google, "Bear Ezekiel Russia Israel." See this little whore. Russia, Israel, Russian bear, Gog of the land of Magog, nuclear war, perestroika | Discovery World
  10. According to a study a friend once showed, circumcision can cause children to become psychopaths later in development. Does anyone have that study?
  11. Those Politicians work hard yah know, they gotta have their breaks selling us out to the rich.
  12. Yeah I have had to change my opinion on the Catholics myself after discovering their involvement of the genocide of Canadian Native American Indians.
  13. The Vatican was involved with these "Churches" by the way. Pope Francis voices ‘pain’ but no apology over deaths of 215 children at church-run boarding school (granthshala.com) I guess fucking kids wasn't enough for them to get their jigglies off!
  14. Well I will agree with you. I actually was exposed to porn when I was 4 and turned into an addict when I was a teen and even kind of a creeper (When I was a teen!). And it took me a long time to recover when I became an adult?
  15. My Church is talking about this. In case your wondering we are UUs (Unitarian Universalist).
  16. Frankly, I love how the American Media here were I am is trying to act like Disproportionate Force mean anything other then fricking Carpet Bombing of the Palestine. Oh, by the way to those blaming Jews for what is happening, Jews are just as diverse as Islam and Christianity, not all of them agree with Israel any more then Muslims agree with Saudi Arabia or Christians agree with Homophobia. The only Jews who I hate are the Ultra-Orthodox and Chabad Cults and their creepy child raping ways?
  17. Um, Why would the media which tries to scapegoat the Vatican, so people will think they are the most perverted church, when Fundamentalist Christian, Ultra-Orthodox and Wahabi Muslims, not talk about this.
  18. Okay some of these look like they are a stretch. Also I would like to know what the context is of the WWF/WWM. But yes the fact is that yeah you can go without the whole Illuminati thing with the fact that Government was actually using planes to attack the Russians. In Afghanistan we were basically training the Jihadist to fly planes into Russian Buildings. A professor at my church told me about this. I could get articles about it if you like. Basically we caused multiple 9/11 style events in the Soviet Union. It is possible the Government was basically waiting for a revenge act by the Soviets and it evolved into what you called "Predictive Programing" when they realized that they realized that in order to keep the Cold War going so that the huge military budget that some deals were made with the Israeli, Saudi and Pakistani Governments to use terrorism done by Mercenary Outfits (I believe Osama and Al-Qaeda were Mercs). By the way that would explain why Mohamed Atta was in Florida due to I myself read Mercenary Mag in a Doctors Office about how Miami is a hub for them. Of course let me guess your not interested in my Theories are you?
  19. Welp, I am not into this type of conspiracy, I am more of nuts and bolts type truth seeker, secret mercenaries, Government Black Ops, Corrupt Corporations, that stuff. But if you can prove this is not just another Disinfo Claim or some sort of super secret black ops to cause us to look at it from the wrong angle. However this would be just one more coincidence on the list that day that tug at the heart strings and make you say, "Something was going on?"
  20. I am an Un-Vaxxed Aspie, (Well late vaxxed (I was vaxxed after the Autism showed up)) Ayn Rand is very intriguing to me not because I find her beliefs sane but rather I find her entire work basically a Pro-Psychopath neuro tribe argument. If you don't know what Neuro-tribes are look it up. It is part oft the Neuro Diversity Movement (Which I may or may not be a part of). I think Ayn was a pro-Psychopath advocate. She even based her characters in her Novels on a serial killer she admired who raped and dismembered a twelve year old girl. I am not of the Pizza Gate or QAnon schools but I do have my own independent theory on Elite Child Abuse. And yes I am a follower of the Norse Gods. Any Questions?
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