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  1. As an Autistic Man I like this thread. Yes I have found that when I am around people who are caring and accepting I do way better. The problem is with the system here in America it is mostly for profit. People who are caring are told they by the system, either have a family and get a job were they will care for others with limited resources and little pay and will never have enough money to settle down. I actually have a person in charge of me who I am convinced has Borderline Personality Disorder. She goes from loving me like her own son to hating me like the devil in a course of a week sometimes. All I want is a stable job and in my spare time to socialize with people on my terms (I am a rare Autistic Extrovert), make art, and have a job I actually feel isn't demeaning to me. I would like to have a spose and some adopted children and settle down. But instead I humiliated over and again and Gaslighted about everything.
  2. I actually disagree with you on MJ. But yes the Royals are in fact the ultimate Hedonist many times. I have heard stories that many of the more crazy ones would bath in children's (Sometimes even Babies) blood and stuff like that. Andrew is a sicko and all us people who fallow the Royals know he is the black sheep (not that they seem much better) of the family. The guy just loves them little girls.
  3. I would say the Catholic Church is responsible for a number of myths about the Bible. They have finally admitted they made the idea of Hell. Hell or as we Norse Pagans call it Hel's Hall is just basically a place which is slightly less nice then our Valhalla. Basically you get to play games and drink all day and stuff like that. If the Catholic Church tells you you're going to Hell they are basically saying you are going to the Cosmic Version of your parents basement. (Unless your parents basement wasn't like mine were I got to play computer games all day?)
  4. The explanation I have heard from intellectuals I know is that COVID is so bad because it came from bats. Bats have way better immune systems then humans and there by a virus which just makes them a little wozy and can make a human very sick.
  5. I myself believe the Virus to be real, and I think the Anti-Vaxx Theorist are basically the new version of the Anti-Fluoride Theorists. I have met former CIA officers and such who have admitted the reason everyone was so paranoid about Fluoride is because the Government hired people to talk about that instead of real things the Government was doing. The personal proof for me is how a lot of my family were living in a small town were drinking water had to be delivered (This was back in the day) and one day when they adding the chemicals they added a little too much Fluoride and didn't notice. Everyone of them had stained teeth, but they weren't less smart Intellectually or Socially. As far my family back then could tell they just had bad teeth from it. Fluoride by the way can give you stained teeth by the way if you are allergic or are exposed to too much of it at once. Don't get me wrong, Fluoride can be very harmful, but not as harmful as some people make it out. Trust Government misinformation targeted at Truth Seekers is real.
  6. 1. On "Water Boarding is not Torture" according to the US Government. Water Boarding simulates drowning. Drowning really really really hurts. Water Boarding is in fact torture due to it really really really hurts? 2. On how it's legally ok to torture Captured Enemy Combatants? A soldier is someone who does combat for their country's Government. Enemy Combatants are usually fighting for a country. Captured Enemy Combatants are captured Soldiers thereby POWs wit the right not to be tortured. Redneck Style Debunkings if you don't understand are minimalistic debunking arguments for something. They are meant for red pilling people who are not very bright.
  7. (54) Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal ft. Skrillex and Kill The Noise [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube How to deal with Narcissist in a song.
  8. It's open source so I trust it a little more. However I do take issue with the fact that they aren't naming the secret societies in Germany who also had motivation to start the war?
  9. Secret recordings, leaked letters: Explosive secrets rocking the Southern Baptist Convention (msn.com) So basically the disgusting Baptist who told my mom that she couldn't go up against my father despite his rampant Porn Addiction. I became a porn addict due to he didn't know how to prevent me from seeing his Recently Opened Files Folder, as well as I later discovered the Temporary Internet Files Folder. By the way the first time I saw porn was 4 fricken years old! The stupid idiots at her church told her that she had to stay with him despite that he wasn't even Christian but Atheist. Later on she would discover he would beat us (Me and My Brother) without mercy for every little thing. This I hope is their punishment for every horrible thing they have done. Sexual abuse scandal in Southern Baptist churches - Wikipedia By the way they are as bad as the Catholics with pedophilia.
  10. I have a question? I thought these adorable things were Mantids?
  11. Is there like an Herb or something I can use for the burning between my toes?
  12. China and the US are imperialist powers. I have friends from China and Russia who tell me it is not as bad as the US Media tells me, however they admit that the US was not as bad as RT, Pravda, and the Chinese News made it out to be too. The world is bigger and more complex then Us vs Them.
  13. I am going with Grumpy Owl. It is more likely copy right since the original Fox Clip stays up. By the way Fox News actually admitted to being an entertainment outfit masquerading as news.
  14. I am pretty sure AIDs exist and I am pretty sure it's a bio weapon used to exterminate Gays and Blacks.
  15. "Capitalism is where man exploits his fellow man, communism is the opposite." Gala Dali
  16. I can't find the exact Jesus Quote, but as he said, think of me as whatever you want me to be?
  17. There are multiple types of Grooming, Grooming my face is not the same. EVERY MAN JACK. Hair. Body. Deo. Skin. Shave. Beard. That is not a pedophilia ad.
  18. World War 2 was about Hitler kicking out Rothchild's Banking Company. (That by the way is when overnight Hitler became a bad guy, most of the time before they ignored the mass murder of the disabled and other Horrors being forced on Germany!) World War 1 on the other hand no one can agree what it was about. It was kind of an accident.
  19. WWIII is being planned by both Christian and Jewish Zionist. Google, "Bear Ezekiel Russia Israel." See this little whore. Russia, Israel, Russian bear, Gog of the land of Magog, nuclear war, perestroika | Discovery World
  20. According to a study a friend once showed, circumcision can cause children to become psychopaths later in development. Does anyone have that study?
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