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  1. Okay, this story is complex and involves a Jewish Man known as Arthur A. Goldberg aka Arthur Abba Goldberg aka Abba Dabba Do aka Abba Cadabra. This person is more talked about on Wiki for his financial crimes, wiki talks about this and tries to minimize it, but admits in passing he scammed most of Guam and was given one of the best plea deals I have ever seen for crimes that Madoff looks small-time. The Wiki article on NARTH (An Incredibly Large Ex-Gay Organization) lists Arthur as a former leader, but it's not listed on his own page. (I think someone's done an info deep clean.) The two other leaders mentioned Goerge Alan Rekers ( wiki claims he is a Southern Baptist Minister, but no ethnic info) he went down in flames after one really weird story involving a male prostitute from Rentboy(dot)com (something disconcerting is going on with that website, I put it into my address bar, was rerouted through several gibberish web addresses before ending up a Captcha with a weird red background (going to run a virus scan sometime today)) I have confirmed though a HuffPo article which is unrelated to Rekers that it is prostitution service for those desiring young men. The other is Gereld Scheonewolf who is a straight-up racist (I couldn't get ethnic info on him either.) The Wiki Article also talks about NARTH's connections to (get this) the Mormons which if you don't know is an older Christian version of the Scientology cult. PATH is another Organization he headed, it appears to be an umbrella organization to make his other two organizations NARTH and JONAH seem more legit. (JONAH will be the main focus soon.) This Goldberg guy you may already be noticing "gets around." We are about to talk about Alan Downing. One therapy session looked like this Alan by the way had no degree in psychology by the way, his undergraduate (and maximum education) was in music and theater. (This is not a Jew Joke!) If you are disturbed by this wait till you wait till you hear about more intense therapy sessions (Warning Skim through this stuff if you have an aversion to Homosexual Acts!) This also includes (and no I am not joking) Naked Male/Male Cuddling, weird Psychological Abuse, and a laundry list of other things that basically are obvious attempts to take advantage of vulnerable young men. Let's get back to Goldberg. Not only did he scam the people of Guam, but he referred to what he was doing as, "selling bonds to cannibals," and at one point he sold a fake bond to a city for more than 100 million and other such horrors. He got only 18 months despite the FBI Report. He was though was about, to do his Magnum Opus, JONAH, after joining NARTH to, "help," his son who was, "struggling with Homosexuality,' he hooked up with a useful idiot female ex-gay consoler. Despite that, neither of them had any qualifications they began a massive amount of so-called research and began to compose a Jewish Organization meant to be a new Jewish Version of Exodus (which is a story in itself) JONAH. A joke about JONAH in both the Gay and Jewish Communities is this, "Why is it called JONAH? Because the Whale Swallows," and this joke was around from the beginning suggesting lots of people knew the sexual nature of the scam. JONAH was advertised as, "Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality," and was endorsed by multiple Fundamentalist Jewish Religious Leaders and the Church of Latter Day Saints which sent, "severe cases," to the organization. The men and boys were young, confused, vulnerable and being forced most of the time to be there with threat of being cut off from their community and family. Poster Child Abuse Victims. And hired poster child abusers. Eventually, he was shut down after the Southern Poverty Law Center (I don't like them either) and a Power Legal Firm interested sued JONAH on behalf of a group of clients for fraud. The fraud was so extreme that the Judge Ruled all such Ex-Gay Organizations were fake therapy. It was over for the Ex-Gay Movement for a while. As a Gay Man, I would like to say a lot of people view people like us with suspicion, that's fine, weird people like me are a little off-putting, but just to be clear despite what Henry Makow or other such researchers may say about us (and it's not like Henry and Co. are wrong about everything), I swear, we are not sluts and we are not predators. Yes, there may be some people who use legitimate concerns and human rights to push some bad things, but look at some of the other side and you'll see both homophobes and so-called LGBT+ Activist, (even though yah there are good people involved on both sides) use homosexuality to distract from much bigger problems. I hope I can start some conversations and change some minds. But remember Goldberg and his fellow so-called therapist according to many people in the Gay Jewish Community are operating underground and finding new victims, and Goldberg is still planning his next scam. It's not over.
  2. Alex Jones was only allowed to exist until he became to dangerous. He was go at mixing facts and lies without knowing it even. Hep admitted to being psychotic.
  3. If you want anything off it you can use Archive.org's the Way Wayback Machine.
  4. Flashing the sign of the horns while a poor kidnapped Palestinian is looking scared in the background. I just think she's immature as well as cruel and not a Satanist. But, yeah?
  5. Do you know what they call Trump in business school?
  6. Unfortunately my beloved mother when we were discussing Charlie Chaplin and his relationship with a young girl, she tried to defend the guy wit a similar argument. Boomers are completely weird about pedophilia. I would suggest looking up a lot of the films Hollywood came up with before the Hay's Code.
  7. Warning this stuff is Literally Unsettling. Tread lightly. https://allthatsinteresting.com/shirley-temple-baby-burlesks Shirley Temple was sexualized in many of her Child Star roles. But this will sicken you, because she was sexualized when she three. Enter the Baby Burlesks — a series of comedic shorts that featured a cast of toddlers performing satires of major Hollywood films and current events. Though the film appears to be a seemingly innocuous concept upon first discovery, the Baby Burlesks were anything but. They literally dressed her like a prostitute and had her make-out with other toddlers. It gets worse... if Shirley Temple and the others did not do the things the director wanted they were tortured. They were placed in a sound proof box in which they were made sit on a block of ice. When black children were brought in to play African Jungle Cannibals the director decided to make the scene more, "realistic," by having the black toddlers actually trip using a wire on the ground. He later admitted he did this because he thought black toddlers falling on their faces was funny. It was stuff like this which made the Hay's Code necessary.
  8. Queer Jewish Man explains the fact that most of these protest are heavily jewish.
  9. https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/maureen-clare-murphy/palestinians-massacred-rescue-operation-lauded-us Israeli Soldiers go in disguised as Aid Workers, kill hundreds. This is a severe war crime.
  10. Ok. The Archive site is not a piracy website. It's a public domain website.
  11. Romania is similar to what you describe Ukraine. Also be careful, they vilified Ukraine for being competitors for holocaust sympathy before Russia attack. The Russian Media could be picking up old Zionist fairy tales.
  12. https://www.mariowiki.com/Super_Mario_Galaxy it's actually a pretty good story line.
  13. Your good news is we aren't doing it, your bad news is I'm still screwed.
  14. In Florida, the coastal areas are flooding every high tide, especially at king tide. Also May just ended and it is already hotter than what is normal in July. Is Florida sinking and having a weather phenomenon at the same time? Listen if you have a good explanation, that's great. But frankly, I already have had a bunch of broken records on Deviant Art.
  15. Kendrick won the Pulitzer for his Musical Writing! Drake is already fucked in the ass and he ain't in prison yet!
  16. Before their diaspora : a photographic history of the Palestinians, 1876-1948 : Khalidi, Walid : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Karimeh Abbud - 16 artworks - photography (wikiart.org) Khalil Raad - Wikipedia Found this! Could you help me find more?
  17. alex jones' net worth - Search (bing.com) This search turns up some wierdness, apparently alex jones' net worth - Search News (bing.com) There's a recent News Story. Apparently, he may actually be worth quite a lot. He probably shut down the Forum to use it and other things to declare bankruptcy.
  18. I am sorry to tell you this, but people back in the Bush Era exposed Alex Jones as a huge Disinfo Agent. If you can find an archive of Opposing Digits Info on him. Some people claimed that Opposing Digits was a Satanic Site due to its Logo, but it wasn't that different than most Conspiracy sites of the time's logos. They exposed massive amounts of Disinfo he was involved in. Alex Jones is basically a limited hangout disinfo agent.
  19. Could we, by the way, get Jimmy Snow a former Mormon turned Atheist's interview with a former Scientologist turned Atheist calling himself Telltale? They explain some weird similarities between the religions.
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