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  1. So back when I was in a mental health crisis (this is normal for people with Autism) I befriended a man who seemed a little too stable and smart to be there (being very aware and stable myself) , I noticed he had a lot of visitors who were in suits and even Military Uniforms. I eventual asked him who he was, he told me he was a member of the NSA. I confirmed this with the staff. So I eventually began to ask him questions about Government Conspiracies. One day, I asked him about was Fluoride. I got an interesting answer. Apparently the Government back in the day hired people to complain about Fluoride due to it was great for distracting people from things like all the conspiracies which were going on at the time mostly involving the Government Experimenting on it's own workers such as making Army Members stand near nuclear explosions and things like that. Apparently he actually had been working with high level figures in the Government and was in position and had simply come to the to the place after a mental breakdown. Fluoride is in fact according to what I was told was distraction and even was planted with other false info on Truth Seekers so that they could be discredited later on. After I left the asylum, my mother actually relayed an interesting story of her own involving Fluoride, apparently some relatives of hers had lived in a small town were the drinking water had to brought in (this happened a long time ago) and someone mistakenly put in to much fluoride into the mix and her relatives all got stained teeth but literally nothing else happened to them. They were still as smart and active as they used to be. The lesson here is, sometimes the Government creates fake conspiracy theories to discredit real ones. I happen to have discovered that old writers on cancer, when talking about cancers which could have been gotten exposure to radiation apparently tell people to do the opposite of what has been shown to work today. The things in some of these books will actually make the cancer worse according to recent science. I have actually done further research and have discovered many veterans who were experimented on by the Government actually were later mislead by agents to discredit their stories and even do things which made the problems worse. Be careful disinfo is everywhere.
  2. Sabbatian Network, oh your into that, I am a little scared due to the theories association with the now deceased Kahanist Sympathizer Barry Chamish.
  3. Welp, I am not going to listened to. But the fact is I have met a number of people as an Aspie Myself who basically are either dumb humpers or on the other genius about certain things. The reality is those labeled with Autism have almost barely any shared symptoms. The only thing they is a an extreme amount of repetitive movements but this also occurs in Neurotypicals. Usually this happens when the person is bored although us autistic people get bored all the damn time. What maybe going is simply the medicalization of traits unnecessary to capitalism and Psychopath Rule. I would say if Autism is a hoax that is why they made it up.
  4. Thanks for all the help I'll try the apple cider vinegar?
  5. Could with get the photos of Epstein with Trump? As well as photos of the Clintons with Trump?
  6. He should have been in Jail a long time ago. Like when he was part of the IDF?
  7. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't celebrate. But Netanyahu had a psychologist who committed Suicide and left a note calling Netanyahu an unhinged delusional Psychopathic Narcissist.
  8. It’s Official: Bitter Bibi Gets the Boot as Prime Minister of Israel (msn.com) Oh and guys despite that you may not have or don't believe the Muller Report, Netanyahu was apparently rigging our election with Putin. This of course proves that Bibi sometimes acts a double agent. Oh you so graceful Bibi.... Those are the words of a great man. LOL! Gee you really are a classy man? Now we have to see if the 2 state solution is still salvageable or we have to switch a one state solution. Unfortunately, we may have still not managed to see the see the end of this since anti-peace operatives are still with ours and Israelis Government.
  9. (55) Smile Like You Mean It - YouTube You are simply energy flowing through the Universe. "According to the law of the conservation of energy, not a bit of you is gone. You’re just less orderly. Amen." As true Physics Professors say of the dead. As one person after another... I have seen myself as people before me. I will tell. Reincarnation is the reality. You have been many before you!
  10. So what is Queer Blood the book I read on the Virus and How it was made in German and Israeli Labs.
  11. Southern Baptists meet amid controversy over leaked letters (msn.com) Southern Baptists meet amid controversy over leaked letters By TRAVIS LOLLER and PETER SMITH, Associated Press 1 hr ago Like| 191 %7B Police say car reached 132 degrees or higher when 3-year-old was left inside to… %7B George Washington predicted Donald Trump: Why doesn't everyone… NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — As Southern Baptists prepare for their biggest annual meeting in more than a quarter-century, accusations that leaders have shielded churches from claims of sexual abuse and simmering tensions around race threaten to once again mire the nation’s largest Protestant denomination in a conflict that can look more political than theological. %7B© Provided by Associated Press FILE - In this Wednesday, June 12, 2019 file photo, Bill Golden, and thousands of others, hold up copies of a training handbook related to sexual abuse within Southern Baptist churches during a speech by SBC President J. D. Greear on the second day of the SBC's annual meeting in Birmingham, Ala. As Southern Baptists prepare for their biggest annual meeting in more than a quarter-century in June 2021, accusations that leaders have shielded churches from claims of sexual abuse and simmering tensions around race threaten to once again mire the nation’s largest Protestant denomination in a conflict that can look more political than theological. ( Jon Shapley/Houston Chronicle via AP, File)%7B© Provided by Associated Press FILE - In this Wednesday, June 13, 2019 file photo, J.D. Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, is shown on a video screen as he addresses the denomination's annual meeting in Birmingham, Ala. As Southern Baptists prepare for their biggest annual meeting in more than a quarter-century in June 2021, accusations that leaders have shielded churches from claims of sexual abuse and simmering tensions around race threaten to once again mire the nation’s largest Protestant denomination in a conflict that can look more political than theological. (AP Photo/Jay Reeves, File) More than 16,000 voting delegates are pre-registered for the two-day gathering that starts on Tuesday. Southern Baptist Convention members have been a powerful force in conservative Republican politics for a generation. This year’s convention follows weeks of internal controversies stoked by leaked letters, secret recordings and video rebuttals. %7B© Provided by Associated Press FILE - In this Wednesday, June 12, 2019 file photo, from left, Dick Lane, Al Jackson and his wife, Kem Jackson, pray on the second day of the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting in Birmingham, Ala. "The reason we're here is because we trust Jesus," his wife Kem Jackson said. As Southern Baptists prepare for their biggest annual meeting in more than a quarter-century in June 2021, accusations that leaders have shielded churches from claims of sexual abuse and simmering tensions around race threaten to once again mire the nation’s largest Protestant denomination in a conflict that can look more political than theological. ( Jon Shapley/Houston Chronicle via AP, File) Despite claiming 14 million members, the denomination has been in decline for 14 years. Adding to long-term membership losses have been the recent loud departures of its top public policy official, a mega-selling author and several prominent Black clergy over issues that include sexual abuse, racism and the treatment of women. Key votes on who leads the convention and where it stands on these issues will not only set the denomination’s direction but determine whether more people head for the exits, including Black clergy who see the denomination regressing on racial issues. Controversy is not new to SBC meetings, but this year it has reached a fever pitch thanks to leaked letters from Russell Moore, who resigned two weeks ago as head of the denomination’s powerful public policy arm, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Moore was a staunch advocate for abuse victims and an ally of the denomination’s Black pastors. The letters and subsequently released secret recordings purport to show some SBC leaders tried to slow-walk efforts to hold churches accountable for sexual abuse and to intimidate and retaliate against those who advocated on the issue. In the documents, Moore accused certain leaders of caricaturing sexual abuse victims as “at best, mentally disturbed and, at worst, as sexually-promiscuous sinners.” Mike Stone, a Georgia pastor who is running for SBC president this year, is specifically called out as pushing back against Moore’s accountability efforts. In an interview, Stone said Moore’s allegations were outrageous, especially considering that Stone is himself a victim of childhood sexual abuse. However, Stone said the fact that the convention is a loose affiliation of autonomous churches makes it difficult to act on the issue. “The Southern Baptist Convention was not, and to a large degree is still not, set up today to do the kinds of things that Russell Moore wanted to see us doing,” Stone said. Amid calls for a third-party investigation of Moore’s allegations, Executive Committee president Ronnie Floyd announced Friday that the panel had retained a firm to conduct it. But some pastors reacted with calls for an independent task force, saying they don't trust the committee to oversee an investigation of itself. Another burning issue is how, or even whether, to address systemic racism. Stone is among those calling for a repudiation of critical race theory while some Black pastors are exiting the SBC in frustration over what they see as racial insensitivity from overwhelmingly white leadership. Moore, who is white, says in a letter that his work on racial reconciliation led to “constant threats from white nationalists and white supremacists, including within our convention.” The role of women in ministry could also pop up after bestselling Christian author Beth Moore, not related to Russell Moore, left the denomination earlier this year. Women are not allowed to serve as pastors in SBC churches, but some members go further, believing that women should never preach to men or even teach them in Sunday school. Beth Moore accused them of using those beliefs as a litmus test for theological purity. Meanwhile, the SBC’s second largest church, Saddleback, recently ordained three female ministers. How Southern Baptists feel about these issues will likely determine who is elected SBC president. Stone is part of the Conservative Baptist Network, which accuses Russell Moore, current president J.D. Greear and others of contributing to a liberal drift. Another leading candidate, Al Mohler, has been supportive of sex abuse victims but angered some Southern Baptists for endorsing Donald Trump last year and for signing a statement, in his capacity as president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, denouncing critical race theory. Meanwhile, Ed Litton, an Alabama pastor, is supported by Fred Luter, the only Black pastor ever to be denomination president. The two are among the co-signers of a statement by a multiethnic group of Southern Baptists asserting that systemic racial injustice is a reality. For all the Baptists who will be in the room this week, looming large will be the influence of a non-Baptist who’s not present: Trump. The Conservative Baptist Network announced at its formation in February 2020 that members had been concerned over an effort to keep former Vice President Mike Pence from speaking at the 2018 meeting. Strong Southern Baptists support for Trump contributed to the estrangement between the denomination and Beth Moore and Russell Moore, both of whom had criticized the former president. “One of the things that is happening is that many conservative evangelicals want their denomination and church to line up to what they are hearing on cable news,” said Ed Stetzer, executive director of Wheaton College’s Billy Graham Center. “So if they hear that critical race theory is a huge problem in the culture, they want it dealt with in the church, even though it’s not a major issue there.” The meeting is shaping up as the most contentious since the late 20th century, when those championing more conservative views on the Bible, politics and male authority in homes and churches took control of seminaries and denominational offices. The current controversies are driving huge pre-registration numbers. Eric Costanzo, pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said he’s bringing more church members than normally attend. “I’ve also assembled a team of leaders to dig in deeper to the issues facing the SBC,” he said. “They have not enjoyed most of what they’ve seen.” ___ Smith reported from Pittsburgh. ___ Associated Press religion coverage receives support from the Lilly Endowment through The Conversation U.S. The AP is solely responsible for this content.
  12. I really still haven't done really that much research into it. But according to Patrick Buchanan and a few other's I have read, WWI was basically due to the Media in Germany and other countries deciding that Jingoism was a great thing. (Which I can't seem to explain that Nationalism is a different thing Jingoism.) The media in Germany for instance made up a story about an army of spies coming in on Bicycles and doing evil Spy things in different Disguises. There were other very paranoid news stories in News Theaters in other country creating a powder keg which went off with Duke Ferdinand. The second WWII was a Dick comparing contest between Hitler and Churchill which went bad. I do think though that Hitler was a British agent who went rogue though? The current attempt at World War 3 is led by the Christian and Jewish Messianic Zionist who believe they get God to start the Apocalypse Early. The Christian Zionist actually admit in many of their writings that they are doing this. Christian Zionist support blowing up the Dome of the Rock and are trying to help Jewish Zionist. Google: Christian Zionist Breeding for Red Heifer. Numbers 19:1-22 Now the Lord spoke to Moses and to Aaron, saying, “This is the statute of the law that the Lord has commanded: Tell the people of Israel to bring you a red heifer without defect, in which there is no blemish, and on which a yoke has never come. And you shall give it to Eleazar the priest, and it shall be taken outside the camp and slaughtered before him. And Eleazar the priest shall take some of its blood with his finger, and sprinkle some of its blood toward the front of the tent of meeting seven times. And the heifer shall be burned in his sight. Its skin, its flesh, and its blood, with its dung, shall be burned. In the Koran the Cow is Yellow However?
  13. Roger's has stuck his neck out quite a lot, I suspect he is getting closer to having it chopped off.
  14. I am allowed to have different opinions right. Believe it or not, people can come to different conclusions without being liars.
  15. Cybersex trafficking - Wikipedia apparently this is a thing?
  16. Aceophobic Doctor? Here you can sue doctors for that kind of stuff?
  17. As an Autistic Man I like this thread. Yes I have found that when I am around people who are caring and accepting I do way better. The problem is with the system here in America it is mostly for profit. People who are caring are told they by the system, either have a family and get a job were they will care for others with limited resources and little pay and will never have enough money to settle down. I actually have a person in charge of me who I am convinced has Borderline Personality Disorder. She goes from loving me like her own son to hating me like the devil in a course of a week sometimes. All I want is a stable job and in my spare time to socialize with people on my terms (I am a rare Autistic Extrovert), make art, and have a job I actually feel isn't demeaning to me. I would like to have a spose and some adopted children and settle down. But instead I humiliated over and again and Gaslighted about everything.
  18. I actually disagree with you on MJ. But yes the Royals are in fact the ultimate Hedonist many times. I have heard stories that many of the more crazy ones would bath in children's (Sometimes even Babies) blood and stuff like that. Andrew is a sicko and all us people who fallow the Royals know he is the black sheep (not that they seem much better) of the family. The guy just loves them little girls.
  19. I would say the Catholic Church is responsible for a number of myths about the Bible. They have finally admitted they made the idea of Hell. Hell or as we Norse Pagans call it Hel's Hall is just basically a place which is slightly less nice then our Valhalla. Basically you get to play games and drink all day and stuff like that. If the Catholic Church tells you you're going to Hell they are basically saying you are going to the Cosmic Version of your parents basement. (Unless your parents basement wasn't like mine were I got to play computer games all day?)
  20. The explanation I have heard from intellectuals I know is that COVID is so bad because it came from bats. Bats have way better immune systems then humans and there by a virus which just makes them a little wozy and can make a human very sick.
  21. I myself believe the Virus to be real, and I think the Anti-Vaxx Theorist are basically the new version of the Anti-Fluoride Theorists. I have met former CIA officers and such who have admitted the reason everyone was so paranoid about Fluoride is because the Government hired people to talk about that instead of real things the Government was doing. The personal proof for me is how a lot of my family were living in a small town were drinking water had to be delivered (This was back in the day) and one day when they adding the chemicals they added a little too much Fluoride and didn't notice. Everyone of them had stained teeth, but they weren't less smart Intellectually or Socially. As far my family back then could tell they just had bad teeth from it. Fluoride by the way can give you stained teeth by the way if you are allergic or are exposed to too much of it at once. Don't get me wrong, Fluoride can be very harmful, but not as harmful as some people make it out. Trust Government misinformation targeted at Truth Seekers is real.
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