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  1. Alex Jones was only allowed to exist until he became to dangerous. He was go at mixing facts and lies without knowing it even. Hep admitted to being psychotic.
  2. If you want anything off it you can use Archive.org's the Way Wayback Machine.
  3. Flashing the sign of the horns while a poor kidnapped Palestinian is looking scared in the background. I just think she's immature as well as cruel and not a Satanist. But, yeah?
  4. Do you know what they call Trump in business school?
  5. Unfortunately my beloved mother when we were discussing Charlie Chaplin and his relationship with a young girl, she tried to defend the guy wit a similar argument. Boomers are completely weird about pedophilia. I would suggest looking up a lot of the films Hollywood came up with before the Hay's Code.
  6. Warning this stuff is Literally Unsettling. Tread lightly. https://allthatsinteresting.com/shirley-temple-baby-burlesks Shirley Temple was sexualized in many of her Child Star roles. But this will sicken you, because she was sexualized when she three. Enter the Baby Burlesks — a series of comedic shorts that featured a cast of toddlers performing satires of major Hollywood films and current events. Though the film appears to be a seemingly innocuous concept upon first discovery, the Baby Burlesks were anything but. They literally dressed her like a prostitute and had her make-out with other toddlers. It gets worse... if Shirley Temple and the others did not do the things the director wanted they were tortured. They were placed in a sound proof box in which they were made sit on a block of ice. When black children were brought in to play African Jungle Cannibals the director decided to make the scene more, "realistic," by having the black toddlers actually trip using a wire on the ground. He later admitted he did this because he thought black toddlers falling on their faces was funny. It was stuff like this which made the Hay's Code necessary.
  7. Queer Jewish Man explains the fact that most of these protest are heavily jewish.
  8. https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/maureen-clare-murphy/palestinians-massacred-rescue-operation-lauded-us Israeli Soldiers go in disguised as Aid Workers, kill hundreds. This is a severe war crime.
  9. Ok. The Archive site is not a piracy website. It's a public domain website.
  10. Romania is similar to what you describe Ukraine. Also be careful, they vilified Ukraine for being competitors for holocaust sympathy before Russia attack. The Russian Media could be picking up old Zionist fairy tales.
  11. https://www.mariowiki.com/Super_Mario_Galaxy it's actually a pretty good story line.
  12. Your good news is we aren't doing it, your bad news is I'm still screwed.
  13. In Florida, the coastal areas are flooding every high tide, especially at king tide. Also May just ended and it is already hotter than what is normal in July. Is Florida sinking and having a weather phenomenon at the same time? Listen if you have a good explanation, that's great. But frankly, I already have had a bunch of broken records on Deviant Art.
  14. Kendrick won the Pulitzer for his Musical Writing! Drake is already fucked in the ass and he ain't in prison yet!
  15. Before their diaspora : a photographic history of the Palestinians, 1876-1948 : Khalidi, Walid : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Karimeh Abbud - 16 artworks - photography (wikiart.org) Khalil Raad - Wikipedia Found this! Could you help me find more?
  16. alex jones' net worth - Search (bing.com) This search turns up some wierdness, apparently alex jones' net worth - Search News (bing.com) There's a recent News Story. Apparently, he may actually be worth quite a lot. He probably shut down the Forum to use it and other things to declare bankruptcy.
  17. I am sorry to tell you this, but people back in the Bush Era exposed Alex Jones as a huge Disinfo Agent. If you can find an archive of Opposing Digits Info on him. Some people claimed that Opposing Digits was a Satanic Site due to its Logo, but it wasn't that different than most Conspiracy sites of the time's logos. They exposed massive amounts of Disinfo he was involved in. Alex Jones is basically a limited hangout disinfo agent.
  18. Could we, by the way, get Jimmy Snow a former Mormon turned Atheist's interview with a former Scientologist turned Atheist calling himself Telltale? They explain some weird similarities between the religions.
  19. The scariest thing is what they do to disabled kids who join, they take away anything that might make the kid's life better (medicine, non-Scientology-based therapy,etc)
  20. Erm, homophobia, but yeah masturbation has been shown to be perfectly healthy and part of normal childhood development. There's a theory that I read about in the Economist that I read. Basically circumcision makes young men less sexually able , so it's a way adult me can hog women to themselves. It's basically the same reason Warren Jeffs kicks massive amounts of young boys out of his cult every year.
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