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  1. I do love how the media always knows what the real Human Rights Situation. Militarily Allied State engaging in Ethnic Cleansing. *Yawn* Food Shortage in Cuba caused by the US being used by Radical Cuban Regime Change Organizations. *HUMAN RIGHTS ARE IN DANGER!*
  2. So back when I was in a mental health crisis (this is normal for people with Autism) I befriended a man who seemed a little too stable and smart to be there (being very aware and stable myself) , I noticed he had a lot of visitors who were in suits and even Military Uniforms. I eventual asked him who he was, he told me he was a member of the NSA. I confirmed this with the staff. So I eventually began to ask him questions about Government Conspiracies. One day, I asked him about was Fluoride. I got an interesting answer. Apparently the Government back in the day hired people to complain about Fluoride due to it was great for distracting people from things like all the conspiracies which were going on at the time mostly involving the Government Experimenting on it's own workers such as making Army Members stand near nuclear explosions and things like that. Apparently he actually had been working with high level figures in the Government and was in position and had simply come to the to the place after a mental breakdown. Fluoride is in fact according to what I was told was distraction and even was planted with other false info on Truth Seekers so that they could be discredited later on. After I left the asylum, my mother actually relayed an interesting story of her own involving Fluoride, apparently some relatives of hers had lived in a small town were the drinking water had to brought in (this happened a long time ago) and someone mistakenly put in to much fluoride into the mix and her relatives all got stained teeth but literally nothing else happened to them. They were still as smart and active as they used to be. The lesson here is, sometimes the Government creates fake conspiracy theories to discredit real ones. I happen to have discovered that old writers on cancer, when talking about cancers which could have been gotten exposure to radiation apparently tell people to do the opposite of what has been shown to work today. The things in some of these books will actually make the cancer worse according to recent science. I have actually done further research and have discovered many veterans who were experimented on by the Government actually were later mislead by agents to discredit their stories and even do things which made the problems worse. Be careful disinfo is everywhere.
  3. Sabbatian Network, oh your into that, I am a little scared due to the theories association with the now deceased Kahanist Sympathizer Barry Chamish.
  4. Welp, I am not going to listened to. But the fact is I have met a number of people as an Aspie Myself who basically are either dumb humpers or on the other genius about certain things. The reality is those labeled with Autism have almost barely any shared symptoms. The only thing they is a an extreme amount of repetitive movements but this also occurs in Neurotypicals. Usually this happens when the person is bored although us autistic people get bored all the damn time. What maybe going is simply the medicalization of traits unnecessary to capitalism and Psychopath Rule. I would say if Autism is a hoax that is why they made it up.
  5. Report: Netanyahu ordered papers shredded before leaving office | The Times of Israel What in heck is going on?
  6. Thanks for all the help I'll try the apple cider vinegar?
  7. Could with get the photos of Epstein with Trump? As well as photos of the Clintons with Trump?
  8. He should have been in Jail a long time ago. Like when he was part of the IDF?
  9. So Popeie Wopeie Now decides Child Molestation is a crime? Pope issues new Church laws making it a crime to groom children, and apparently I am in my Mid-Thirties and they finally and was hearing about it since I was a small child.
  10. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't celebrate. But Netanyahu had a psychologist who committed Suicide and left a note calling Netanyahu an unhinged delusional Psychopathic Narcissist.
  11. It’s Official: Bitter Bibi Gets the Boot as Prime Minister of Israel (msn.com) Oh and guys despite that you may not have or don't believe the Muller Report, Netanyahu was apparently rigging our election with Putin. This of course proves that Bibi sometimes acts a double agent. Oh you so graceful Bibi.... Those are the words of a great man. LOL! Gee you really are a classy man? Now we have to see if the 2 state solution is still salvageable or we have to switch a one state solution. Unfortunately, we may have still not managed to see the see the end of this since anti-peace operatives are still with ours and Israelis Government.
  12. (55) Smile Like You Mean It - YouTube You are simply energy flowing through the Universe. "According to the law of the conservation of energy, not a bit of you is gone. You’re just less orderly. Amen." As true Physics Professors say of the dead. As one person after another... I have seen myself as people before me. I will tell. Reincarnation is the reality. You have been many before you!
  13. (9) Sarah Wilkinson on Twitter: "Israeli occupiers destroy roads connecting more than 17 Palestinian villages in Masafer Yatta, before bulldozing their only water pipelines https://t.co/Cd0cWcFfRW" / Twitter
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