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  1. Nice idea! Will that work on my Nokia 3210?
  2. They never wander far from the pig sty without their attack dogs and protective riot gear, do they?
  3. So, let's get this straight ... Parents are up in arms about their kids being given the kill shots without parental consent, ... ... yet ... The parents have literally clamoured for the shots themselves without even considering what the kids were going to do once they (the parents) drop dead within the next 2 years. Am I missing something here? I need to go off and check the dictionary for the meaning of the word 'Logic' again ................................................
  4. More likely they found the vials contained 90% Graphene Oxide and decided to ditch them.
  5. That they can casually coin a snazzy name for this lethal bioweapon that has already killed millions makes my fucking blood boil!
  6. Holocaust Survivors Write to the European Medicines Agency Ahead of Anticipated COVID Vaccine Approval in Europe, Holocaust survivors and their descendants have delivered a letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), demanding a halt to the COVID-19 vaccination program. The survivors charge medical regulators with failing to accurately inform populations of vaccine dangers, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, calling the vaccination program a ‘second holocaust’. Link to downloadable PDF document : https://doctors4covidethics.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Stop-Holocaust_EMA.pdf Video of letter being read and delivered ... https://tube.doctors4covidethics.org/videos/watch/95dbef18-3010-4c48-a7be-06e49ce0d8aa
  7. I think the bottom of that image was cut off ...
  8. Is Pfizer mandating a twice a day Pill as an anticlotting solution? Thu 9:16 am +00:00, 2 Sep 2021 posted by Weaver PFIZER WILL NOW MANDATE TWICE A DAY PILLS AFTER THE THIRD JAB. WHAT FOR?? MY GUESS: ANTI CLOTTING PILLS. I was waiting for this, because they know damn well people are dying from their shots. Pfizer has “invented all new pills” you must take twice daily, FOREVER, after you get jabbed. They are claiming that a combination of shots and pills are now needed to “fight covid” but I’ll tell you what I think it really is, I was waiting for this and can’t believe it happened: As people get jabbed more and more, to accomplish whatever the shot is supposed to accomplish, they will clot more and more and die in greater and greater numbers from clots. to conceal this, pfizer is now stating that after jab 3 you have to take two pills per day to “fight off covid”. ONLY NO. THE SHOTS ARE NOT FOR COVID AND THE PILLS ARE ANTI CLOTTING AGENTS. And if you don’t take them daily, you absolutely WILL die and it will all be blamed on COVID. The shots are so devastating that the only way to have them not kill off everyone while accomplishing their totally un-stated purpose is to give people supplementary medications to offset the havoc the shots unleash. I know I am the only one saying this, but MARK MY WORD: I AM RIGHT. Pfizer claims the pills are anti-viral, but anti-virals are not taken twice daily, they are taken (up to) twice monthly after the starter dose. This clearly proves the pfizer pills are NOT anti viral and if they are not as stated, what are they? CLOT BUSTERS. How much will pfizer rake in? What will the eventual price tag be? ANSWER: How much is your life worth to you? Something like that. They know what is going to happen with the third jab, and supplemental meds are going to be the only way to keep the Covid lie factory churning. Absent them, there will simply be too many people to bury after the third jab for the damage the shots do to ever be hidden. Copied from tapnewswire - https://tapnewswire.com/2021/09/is-pfizer-mandating-a-twice-a-day-pill-as-an-anticlotting-solution/
  9. webtrekker


    My daughter thought she might have Covid. Phoned the Doc and told him she'd had the shits for 6 weeks now and was at the end of her tether. The Doc calmly replied, 'Don't worry, they're back to school next week!'
  10. An easier to read version ... Open Letter to Northumbria Police Winton Keenen – Chief Constable 1 September 2021 We write on behalf of a group of 800+ women who live in the North-East of England. We are the mothers, many of whom you saw at the rally on Sunday in Newcastle, and we need to talk to you about what happened that day. You knew that Sunday’s rally was peaceful and that we would be attending with our children. You know who we are, that we are no threat, you know that we are the mothers, and yet you met us with riot police, batons raised, vicious dogs and utter hatred. You have criminalised us and labelled us for asking questions, for trying to make sense of information which is being circulated. We have tried for over a year to get answers from politicians, doctors, schools, and local government, but no-one replies to us. So, we are left with no recourse other than to gather peacefully, in our hometown, to raise awareness that we are being stone-walled for reasons unknown. And as we understand it, this is our legal right. Yet it would appear from your conduct, that our region has different rules to the rest of the UK and that we, the mothers in the North-East, are not entitled to make our voices heard. When we have travelled to other cities to raise awareness, the police have been collaborative, engaging, talking to our children, sharing with us that they too are confused by the discrepancies in government data. Many of them are parents and they hear us because we, the mothers, are just like them. We are normal people, we go about our business in the same way they do, we just want to be left alone to continue living a happy, law-abiding family life. Yet here we are, in our own community, where you, who we once understood were there to protect and serve us, have by your own determination become our enemies, and it’s hard for us to process because your unilateral decision was both unexpected and unwarranted. The vitriol which we, the mothers, were met with at the weekend was palpable. From the offset, you hated us. You hated our children. You screamed in our faces, pushed us to the ground, beat us and made our children cry. And you enjoyed it; we’ve seen the footage of you laughing as you attacked us. We just don’t understand. We, the mothers, can’t help who we are and make no apologies for it. Our central responsibility is to protect and nurture our children and help them to grow up to become productive human beings. To do so, it is our duty to ask questions, verify information, balance risk versus benefit, and ensure we provide a safe and healthy environment for them. This is an inbuilt mechanism, not a choice. Where this leaves our relationship now, we do not know. If your strategy on Sunday was to frighten us so we didn’t turn out again then you are sadly mistaken. We don’t have the luxury of fear. We are the mothers and when it comes to our children, we must do whatever it takes to defend them. Sadly, we didn’t realise that we would also need to protect them against you.
  11. Police Brutality At Newcastle Mark Sexton (ex-policeman) posted this ... Sorry about the image quality!
  12. Yeah, ingestion vs injection. Ingested substances have to battle their way through the gut and the body's natural defence mechanisms, whereas injected substances are carried directly by the blood to wreak havoc to the major organs unobstructed.
  13. Maybe I should have edited that image to show a BLACK queen. As BLACK as her fucking heart.
  14. Only a NONCE would drive a car like that!!!
  15. And the biggest shill of them all, who surely can't be so blind and deaf ...
  16. https://principia-scientific.com/uk-schoolchildren-to-be-covid-vaxxed-with-or-without-parental-consent/
  17. I wouldn't worry. Comirnaty hasn't even been manufactured or marketed yet and it's doubtful (in my mind anyway) if it ever will. It was purely a ruse to get FDA 'approval' and they'll keep shooting folks up with the original Pfizer poison that's still under EUA and that they have tons of stock left over. You see, any negative reactions from an approved drug like Comirnaty will make the manufacturer (BioNtech, by the way) LIABLE, whereas the old, unapproved stock is EXEMPT FROM LIABILITY! Oh yes, they're sly bastards! Tell everyone you know who's taking the kill-shots and thinks they're approved to CHECK THE LABELS ON THE VIALS!
  18. Probably using a camera on a telescopic selfie-stick. I live 12 miles north of Newcsatle and this was filmed in the Haymarket area, opposite the Civic Centre.
  19. Fucking pisspoor dog handlers. PIGS!
  20. Yes, the manual that exists on the GOV.UK site in front of our very eyes! All 110 pages of it! https://tinyurl.com/525vs7c6
  21. I've just posted this on a popular site (TCW) and am awaiting a few replies ... That's the way I see it, but maybe I'm confused!
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