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  1. This may be worth a watch tonight - BBC1 10:35pm ... The Panel ...
  2. Insightful article by Julius Reuchel. Well worth a read ... Bystander at the Switch (updated): The Moral Case Against Mandatory Public Health Measures Do you remember the moral riddle taught in grade school called the "Bystander at the Switch" (also known as the Trolley Problem)? It was a story about a runaway train hurtling towards a cluster of people stuck on the tracks ahead. But you have the option to pull the switch and send the train down another track with a smaller number of people on it. You have the option of saving some lives by sacrificing a smaller number of others. Do you pull the switch? In grade school the riddle was posed as a moral dilemma. But it's not. There was only ever one correct choice. We invented universal human rights to make it clear that no person or government has the right to pull the switch to send the train down another track towards a sacrificial group of victims. More here - https://www.juliusruechel.com/2022/02/bystander-at-switch-updated-moral-case.html?m=1
  3. I'm sure it says something, but I cant hear it for the bloody face nappies!
  4. So this is why Hancock, Whitty, and others on the SAGE Team have disappeared from public view ... PCP Update | Judge Assigned To Midazolam Murders Case Posted on 2nd February 2022 by The Bernician PCP Update | Judge Assigned To Midazolam Murders Case When the Peoples Union of Britain [PUB] laid the papers in the Midazolam Murders case on 21/12/2021, we knew that, despite the provincial location of the Magistrates Court concerned, on the basis that we are alleging murder in multiple locations nationwide, the PCP would inevitably be sent back to a judge at the Westminster court, which is responsible for dealing with such PCP’s. Given the miscarriage of justice we were dealt by the Deputy Chief Magistrate at Westminster in the our previous applications to indict Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for a myriad of COVID frauds, it goes without saying that we are simply not prepared to let that transpire again and will remain extra vigilant to make sure the case cannot be sabotaged by proxies acting for our adversaries. Nevertheless, we are concurrently encouraged by the news we received from one of the legal department at Westminster Magistrates informing us that a judge has finally been assigned to administer our urgent applications, as well as being somewhat dismayed that she has also indicated that she won’t get around to administering them until the first week of March. We will therefore respectfully require of her that she deals with the case as her top priority, on the ground that we are applying for the seizure of the entire UK Midazolam supply, to prevent the ongoing euthanasia of targeted demographics in care homes, hospital wards and in their own beds. Senior Crown Prosecutor As I have already alluded to in previous posts, the lead barrister running the advocacy in the case is the most senior crown prosecutor in the entire Commonwealth, who has practiced at the highest level in three countries, specializing in prosecuting corrupt senior police officers for the CPS. His heavyweight written legal assessment of the abundance of prima facie evidence we have amassed is currently being finalized and once he has signed off on it we will forward it to both the judge dealing with the PCP and the team of Met detectives investigating the allegations made by Mark Sexton and his team that the government’s response to COVID-19 was murderously criminal [necessarily including the policy of prescribing Midazolam to alleged sufferers of the ‘virus’]. Within the advice which our vastly experienced advocate has already delivered verbally is the pledge that, in the event the case is not administered as a matter of great urgency, obstruction of justice charges will be laid against those responsible without further notice. Met Investigation Shortly after the Met investigation began, I emailed the detectives concerned to explain that we have amassed incontrovertible prima facie evidence showing that the government policies regarding the over-prescribing of Midazolam to over 65’s, those with chronic illnesses, the mentally ill and anybody diagnosed as having or likely to get the ‘virus’ and die in the future, are tantamount to pre-meditated mass murder. Within just a few hours, I received an email from one of the detectives, who asked me to clarify how the allegations we are making are material to the investigation, so I explained that the two cases are inextricably linked because it was and remains government policy to prescribe Midazolam as one of their pharmaceutical responses to the pandemic [which never actually happened]. The investigation, which has since been escalated into a nationwide inquiry, is currently awaiting the legal opinion of our senior crown prosecutor, which we hope to deliver to them by the end of this week at the latest. Following which we intend to deliver a bundle to truly damning evidence to support what has already been submitted. Mysterious Disappearances It is certainly more than worthy of note, especially in the light of the foregoing, that the presences of Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson on the COVID stage have been conspicuous by their absence. Moreover, the erstwhile seemingly incessant banging of the drum for the flu and COVID vaxxtermination programme by Whitty appears to have been replaced by his somewhat somber recent promotion of antivirals. By which many understandably assume that he means Ivermectin, the antiviral drug he has previously refused to endorse, after a UK safety study he oversaw in February 2020 concluded that the drug was not safe, following fatal adverse events. However, what leaves Whitty up shit creek without a paddle is that he was allegedly responsible for those deaths, having insisted that the test doses exceeded those known to be safe, in order to skew the results for the purposes of maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake. Nevertheless, the soon to be former Chief Medical Officer and his accomplices will taste the vile bitterness of their own medicine, when they are finally forced to accept that there is nowhere to run and hide from the consequences of the murderous crimes. Which also applies to everybody else in the ‘vaccine’ and Midazolam supply chain, irrespective of any purported immunity from prosecution they mistakenly believe will protect them from justice. Read more: https://www.thebernician.net/pcp-update-judge-assigned-to-midazolam-murders-case/
  5. Pharma Liability Shields Could Be at Risk if Fraud is Found, says Former Blackrock Investment Executive BY PATRICIA HARRITY ON JANUARY 31, 2022 If Pfizer and the FDA do not release the data on their clinical trials, former Blackrock & Hedge Fund Guru Edward Dowd says he is assuming fraud, and Fraud Eviscerates all Contracts, that’s case-law. More here - https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/01/31/pharma-liability-shields-could-be-at-risk-if-fraud-is-found-says-former-blackrock-investment-executive/
  6. Wouldn't want Fishi Sunak or Ugli Patel. In fact, kick the fucking lot of the murdering twats out!
  7. From Telegram ... I don’t know if you know but the Human Rights Act Reform Consultation is underway. The deadline for comments is 8 March. This reform must not go through but people are distracted with Boris’ ridiculous partygate scandal that it’s hardly been noticed. If this goes through people like us will have no choice about anything in the next pandemic they’re already planning. Please let people know about it ASAP! https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/human-rights-act-reform-a-modern-bill-of-rights
  8. Apologies @MarcusOmouse I had to delete that post as I hadn't realised it was from 2021. Don't know why it hasn't been mentioned before though.
  9. Comment from TCW Defending Freedom site, and I couldn't agree more ...
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