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  1. Nice catch there, @Fluke. This guy is another real piece of work! Here he is on youtube ... [Jump to 4:00 for the start of the main topic]
  2. Apparently, the maximum for the accelerator is just over 14 TeV. They are going to start it up with just under that (to be on the safe side!) at 13 TeV on April 8th.
  3. Could it be this one, Maz? I haven't watched it, so not sure if it's the one you're after ... https://davidicke.com/2023/04/09/gareth-icke-the-walk-ep-1-tibshelf-colliery-to-silverhill-colliery/
  4. Fujitsu to win digital ID cards contract despite Horizon scandal Under-fire IT company has pledged not to bid for public tenders James Titcomb 23 March 2024 • 3:00pm The company that built the faulty Post Office Horizon software is in line to run a nationwide digital ID card scheme to be used in pubs and supermarkets. Fujitsu is expected to be granted a contract to handle an incoming system despite a pledge not to bid for new government business. The Telegraph understands that the company was given preferred bidder status in January 2023 – before the Horizon scandal resurfaced at the start of this year. Hundreds of subpostmasters were wrongly convicted as a result of faults with the Fujitsu Horizon system used in Post Offices from 1999 onwards.In January, Fujitsu admitted that staff had known about bugs and errors for years and apologised for its role in the scandal. The company said in January that it would not seek public sector contracts for the next two years as a penance for the Horizon scandal. Fujitsu said the tender process for the digital ID project began before it made the commitment. Fujitsu is expected to be granted a contract to handle an incoming system that would scan digital IDs to check smartphone owners’ ages, meaning they do not need a driving licence or passport. The Government is consulting on legal changes that would allow digital ID cards stored on a smartphone to be used when buying alcohol from shops, pubs and self-service tills. Multiple companies will be able to issue the IDs but a single company is likely to provide the software to verify them through a smartphone app or barcode scanner. The three-year contract is believed to be worth less than £1m in total but providing the technology could be useful when selling hardware such as supermarket tills, which is a significant business for Fujitsu. The contract is being handled by the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS), a Home Office-endorsed body that will handle the digital ID system. PASS is a private company funded by the age verification industry, meaning that taxpayer money is not involved. However, PASS is seen as a de facto regulator and the contract describes the system as “in effect strategically important national infrastructure”. Fujitsu said: “The tender process for this work started in May 2022 and Fujitsu submitted a bid in response to the tender in June 2022. The tender process and being selected as preferred bidder pre-dated the guidelines that Fujitsu has put in place regarding bidding for new work with customers in the public sector.” It is understood that rival companies are considering a potential contingency bid if Fujitsu’s role delivering the technology becomes untenable. The Age Verification Providers’ Association (AVPA), the industry body for age verification which includes Fujitsu among its members, said PASS should consider the findings of the public inquiry into the Post Office scandal when making its decision. The inquiry’s findings are expected later this year. An AVPA spokesman said: “We have worked with the Proof of Age Standards Scheme to reach a consensus across industry for the best technical mechanism to enable digital IDs, certified by PASS, to be universally accepted in any supermarket, pub or casino in the UK. “Using digital methods for age verification, both in person and for self-service tills, will not only be welcomed by a smartphone generation but also dramatically improve compliance rates and reduce the risk of conflict with staff. “Fujitsu emerged in 2022 as the industry’s preferred supplier through an open competition, but any decision to award a contract is for PASS, and we would expect their board to consider the findings of the public inquiry as part of their due diligence.”
  5. Lest we forget ... (Anyone remember this despicable PIG? And I don't mean Piers Morgan!) ...
  6. This idea of a High Street vaccine, available to all, has 'Liability Issues' written all over it!
  7. Worth reading in full. From behind The Times paywall, the rest of this article reads ... Individual Boots stores will release appointment slots this week to start from the beginning of April. The cost of the vaccine is likely to put some patients off. People will have to weigh up whether the money is worth it to avoid getting a virus that is now effectively a mild cold for most people. Boots is using the Pfizer single-dose vaccine, which means patients do not need to return for a second visit. The Covid-19 jab is much more expensive than the flu jab, usually sold for between £15 and £20 at high street pharmacies, which reflects the higher cost set by vaccine manufacturers. Boots said it was working hard to make it as affordable as possible. The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine uses mRNA technology, which is relatively new, meaning the jabs are more expensive to produce than others — including flu jabs which use older technologies and are mass-produced by several different manufacturers. The UK Health Security Agency said last year that it was happy to see Covid jabs for sale privately. It said: “We have spoken to manufacturers we’re in contract with and made it clear we won’t prevent them initiating a private market for Covid-19 vaccines, rather we’d welcome such an innovation in the UK.” The UK’s two key suppliers — Pfizer and Moderna — announced last month that they planned to sell the jabs privately this year at pharmacies and private clinics. Prices will be set by individual pharmacies. Dr Gillian Ellsbury, primary care medical director at Pfizer UK, said: “Covid-19 has not gone away and continues to be a threat. As we move from a pandemic to an endemic state, we need to ensure we remain ready to respond to this constantly evolving and unpredictable virus. “Vaccines remain an important pillar in helping to prevent serious illness or hospitalisation as a result of Covid-19. By enabling the wider availability of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine we are facilitating choice and access for those that are not eligible to receive it through the NHS programme, but want the option of a Covid-19 vaccine.”
  8. Covid Vaccine to be Sold on High Street for First Time to Anyone Over 12 Years Old BY WILL JONES 26 MARCH 2024 5:11 PM COVID-19 jabs will be sold on the high street for £99 from next week, as Boots becomes the first major pharmacy to launch a private vaccination service. The Times has more. Worth reading in full.
  9. I've definitely noticed a distinct lack of flying insects over the last 20 years. They used to be squashed all over my car, windscreen, and motorbike helmet, even on fairly short journeys. Whether this is due to 5g, pesticides, or chemtrails, I couldn't really say, but my guess is that it's all three.
  10. webtrekker


    Confucius say, 'Woman who cooks potatoes and peas in same pot very unhygienic!'
  11. webtrekker


    Confucius say, 'Must be very cold day when Lawyer has hands in own pockets!'
  12. webtrekker


    Confucius also say, 'Man with both hands in pockets feel twice as cocky!'
  13. Like every other creature in this world, I'm here solely for the purposes of reproduction and, ultimately, as a food source.
  14. Unless the rabbit hole is a dead end, and I've come across many of those since joining the forum, believe me!
  15. I blame it on all that Monosodium Glutamate!
  16. There's defo something going on with that left eyebrow. She must be practising with the Liquify Filter in her Photoshop edits!
  17. My old mate was flying out from Australia in a Fokker F27 Friendship. He was a bit late arriving at the airport and ended up on the tarmac, chasing after the aircraft. The Captain noticed him and shouted from the cockpit window, 'Sorry okker, the Fokker's chokker!' Regarding failing parachutes, we were always told to cross our left leg over the right before hitting the ground, as it's easier to screw someone out on a right-hand thread!
  18. I find this a bit far-fetched. Solar eclipses aren't rare events. They happen approximately every 18 months, but are seen from different parts of the Earth. High Priests used to terrorise the plebs because they were able to predict, with reasonable certainty, the next occurrence of a Solar, or Lunar, eclipse. I guess some things never change!
  19. I would, then I'd have the biscuits all to myself!
  20. Odds: 100-30 (Burlington Bertie). Wasn't placed. It was actually disqualified when, after a Stewards Enquiry, it was found the horse took a short-cut to avoid the nearby glue factory.
  21. Marijuana Spring, of BBC Vilify, might be able to help you out there, Mr. H!
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