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    Not a bad rendition Mr Ed, if a little horse!
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    DOCTOR: I'm afraid you have Turbo Cancer Mr Smith, complicated by blood clots, Myocarditis, and GB Syndrome. It will severely affect your mortality. SMITH: (Panic stricken...) Give it to me straight Doc, How long have I got. DOCTOR: 10, ... SMITH: (Cheering up now ...) What? Years? Months? Weeks? ... DOCTOR: ... 9, ... 8, ... 7, .............................................
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    Haha! Would have been funnier with some Benny Hill 'Yakety Sax' chase music on that video though.
  4. Sense of humour is still alive and well, especially at the BBC, where the poker-faced Marianna Spring is absolutely hilarious!
  5. On second thoughts, we may forgo the free bus transfer and arrange our own transportation ...
  6. After much careful consideration, we've decided to head for Bibby-by-the-Sea this year. I mean, what's not to like? - Warm Southern England climate Unique, floating hotel, with well-equipped rooms Scenic views Top-notch security patrols On-board medical facilities Pool room, gym TV in each room And, the real clincher for us ... FREE FOOD! Can't bloody wait! Just haven't decided yet whether to tackle the busy summer motorways, or to travel there in our inflatable RIB. They reckon a warm welcome and friendly assistance (important to us oldies) is part and parcel of the RIB experience. I believe transfer buses are laid on too, also for FREE.
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    I've just posted this on the TCW forum, where they are discussing shopping being scanned faster than you can pack it and ending up on the floor ... I remember buying a Humpty Dumpty Easter egg from Aldi. They scanned my shopping so fast that the egg rolled onto the floor and smashed to smithereens. ALDI King's horses, and ALDI Kings's men, couldn't put Humpty together again!
  8. Wow! Deep Purple release a new album this year with combined ages of 351 years! Lineup: Ian Gillan (78), Roger Glover (78), Ian Paice (75), Don Airey (75), and the youngster Simon McBride (45)! Nice to see that three members are from the original band and still going strong. Airey and McBride are brilliant replacements for Lord (R.I.P.) and Blackmore.
  9. One of my favourite chill tracks before I'm off to bed ...
  10. Certainly a few instruments there I've never come across before!
  11. I don't have a full-length picture of my guitar to hand, but it is identical to this one, barring the jack socket, which the owner has replaced with a 3-pin socket.
  12. It's a Westone Thunder III that I've owned from new since the early 80's. I sold my Fender Strat and bought an Atari video games console and this guitar. To be honest, I like it better than a Strat, and it has done me well over the years.
  13. Of course, there's a lot of crap out there. For instance, here is ME 13 years ago during a lunch break from my delivery job murdering 'It's Been A Blue Day' by The Shadows! In my defence, it was recorded on an old videocam (the audio too!) from my guitar plugged into a PC running a guitar amp emulator (can't remember whether it was Guitar Rig or Amplitube). This is the only vid I ever made of myself playing the guitar. (Just as well, some say! ).
  14. I don't have a real preference, I just like well-made music, but I still like the crackle of the needle dropping on vinyl and the hiss. I have a Jukebox program for my PC that adds the crackle to the intro of every mp3 file it plays! Wonderful stuff!
  15. I've got LP's by both of them. They were brilliant.
  16. Reminds me a lot of the old 'Animusic' DVD's, where simulated instruments were driven by MIDI files ... Lots more Animusic here.
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