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  1. Exactly! But make the hole small enough that you could probably just pass a matchstick through it. Actually, if you try it you will see that you can finely adjust the hole size to get the sharpest view under the given lighting conditions.
  2. I find that the best method is to just curl the index finger of my right hand against my thumb to leave a tiny hole to see through rather than curling my whole hand. Try it! It's simple and effective.
  3. I've always had great eyesight but when I hit my early 50's I became more dependent on reading glasses to read fine print. This is fine, until you find yourself somewhere without your glasses or have broken them. However, ................ there is a wonderful trick that I have used on countless occasions (usually to read the cooking times on microwavable food when I can't be arsed to find my specs!). Nothing needed except your HAND! Rather than explain it myself, this video does a great job. I hope some of you find it useful ... Believe me, it works!
  4. We often get that Atlas flying over our house as it does circuits around Newcastle airport. It normally flies up from Brize Norton.
  5. It appears Cardigan Bay is an MOD Danger area where live weapons testing and other stuff goes on. I didn't know this. MOD Aberporth Range is situated in Cardigan Bay north of the Milford Haven Waterway beyond Strumble Head. The landward range covers some 550 acres and is the base for the testing of air launched weapons and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The Range has a Sea Danger Area which covers 6,500 square kilometres of Cardigan Bay from sea level to unlimited height. The extent of the Sea Danger Area is shown on the map below. Not to be used for navigation Normal operating hours are from 0900hrs to 1700hrs Monday to Friday, but the Range does occasionally operate outside these hours and at weekends. It is worth noting that the actual area for live firing on any particular day depends on the type of activity taking place so will vary the extent and location of any exclusion to use by recreational vessels. For anyone transiting this part of the coast you should check the latest trials programme notice before going. It is recommended that you contact Aberporth Range Control on +44(0) 1239 813480, or Marine Control on +44(0) 1239 813760 who will advise you of the best days to transit the danger area. Alternatively the Range Control can be contacted on VHF channel 16 and 11f. More information and guidance is available on the MOD Aberporth website. Source: https://www.milfordmarina.com/about/accessing-the-marina/cardigan-bay-danger-area-mod-aberporth#
  6. Just out of curiosity I checked FlightRadar24 on my mobile and there's also a Netherlands registered helicopter circling above the NATO ships ... Possibly just another 'exercise,' but why was it unannounced?
  7. Just been looking at these NATO warships: 2 Netherlands, 2 German, 1 Portuguese and 1 Canadian. Watching the water is much better than watching the Jubilee! (to me, anyway!).
  8. Note also that there are NO SHIPS AT ALL (including NATO) within the exclusion zone.
  9. @TheConsultant Thanks for the link to the map. I have superimposed the exclusion zone map from the press releases onto the current map from your link (at around 13:20hrs today, 3/6/22). Note the ominous presence of the 5 NATO warships to the southwest of the exclusion zone.
  10. Haha! 70 is the new 40! Got to admit though, I am turning into a cynical old git these days. I blame the bloody internet. Anyway, ths MOD thing, it's definitely dodgy. I mean, they gave no prior warnings to local people and businesses yet say it's going to be in operation for up to 3 weeks.
  11. DR.MIKE YEADON SENDS A WARNING TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! https://www.bitchute.com/video/0kE4uzNstv8U/
  12. What’s this all about? Fri 8:54 am +00:00, 3 Jun 2022 posted by Tapestry Huge part of sea off Welsh coast off limits due to safety reasons People are being warned to stay out of a large part of the sea off the Welsh coast for a period of three weeks for safety reasons. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is conducting trials off the west coast of Wales, in the Cardigan Bay area, which will include “one of the biggest weapon safety traces” used by the British Government. The stretch where they are asking people to stay out of the water covers a huge part of the sea off west Wales – from a few miles north of Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, stretching all along Ceredigion and up towards Bardsey Island in north Wales.This includes the sea off popular Welsh tourists spots such as Llangrannog, New Quay and Aberaeron. You can get the latest WalesOnline newsletters e-mailed to you directly for free by signing up here. Read more: Council slam ‘distasteful’ jubilee tribute to Queen sat on a toilet As a result of the trials, which are expected to run between 9am and 4.30pm every weekday for three weeks, sailors, fishing crew, and anyone who would enter the sea in the mapped area seen below is urged not to do so. %7B© MOD Aberporth The yellow circle shows the area that the Ministry of Defence have asked people to avoidA message from MOD Aberporth has been sent to local activity clubs along the stretch in question. A spokesman for the MOD said: “We have a trial activity coming up which starts on June 6, running for three weeks (unless if they complete earlier). Unfortunately this trial has one of the biggest weapon safety traces that we use, which results in us needing to keep most of the bay clear of shipping. “Hopefully the map below gives you an idea of the size of the safety trace (yellow circle – 18NM), and we realise that it is a lot to ask but can you remain clear of this area from 9am through to 4.30pm each weekday (not weekends). We realise that the sailing season is now getting underway and that you have a lot of activities planned, but can we ask that you make your members aware of our Trial activity and ask that they steer around the safety area during this period please.” The MOD spokesman added that they will be making hourly broadcasts on IMM channel 16 and 11 throughout the days in question, and that anyone who wishes more information should contact 01239 813 760.” Robert Harries 21 hrs ago Huge part of sea off Welsh coast off limits due to safety reasons (msn.com) TAP – It looks like a cover story – either to do with Sellafield or possibly to do with an incident involving a nuclear submarine. Why would the government deliberately release a highly toxic substance in concentrated form for a test? They wouldn’t. It would be more consistent with an event which took place in Cardigan Bay than stuff coming down from Sellafield. What kind of event? The sinking of a submarine?
  13. CEO of large Spanish pharma company bought a fake vaccine card Why would someone pay a huge fee and risk a long prison sentence to avoid taking a perfectly safe vaccine that will keep him from dying from COVID? Answer: to avoid dying from the vaccine. Steve Kirsch Jun 2 José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, chief executive of PharmaMar, is among the 2,200 names of the network dismantled by the National Police See this story which is all over the news in Europe, but not in the US. Here it is in Spanish. This is not fake news. Now, here’s what you ask your blue pill friends: Why would the chief executive of a very large pharma company in Spain pay a huge fee (it was set based on ability to pay) and risk a long prison sentence to avoid taking a perfectly safe vaccine that will keep him from dying from COVID? All my readers know the answer: because he didn’t want to die. Please, let us all know how your blue-pilled friends answer this question. Maybe we got it wrong. Subscribe to Steve Kirsch's newsletter Thousands of paid subscribers I write about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments. America is being misled by formerly trusted authorities.
  14. Did any of you watch that embarrassing piece of rubbish yeterday known as Trooping of the Colour? What a shambles! Lined up as straight as a dog's back leg! Compare that cringeworthy mess with the perfection of North Korea ...
  15. Maybe Mama Liz(ard) will announce that Wingnut is to become King. Shudder the thought!
  16. Wow! Just finished reading a great new informative book. Thoroughly recommended! ...
  17. Confucius also says, 'Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day. Man with holes in both pockets feel twice as cocky!'. He also says, 'Woman who cooks potatoes and peas in same pot very unhygienic!.'
  18. Yuk! No fucking way! Even insects don't eat insects ... 'Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.' See!
  19. webtrekker

    New 5g mast

    Time to get out the 5g protective clothing ...
  20. Well, I've decided to bite the bullet and hang up some bunting in the garden ...
  21. Interesting that it is all of the BRICS countries. I believe they are also now wanting S. Africa to join BRICS.
  22. Not really. They just got the direction of the Time axis wrong. Evolution is actually going in REVERSE and here's proof ...
  23. Not me. No way. I worked hard for my living, unlike these entitled parasites. I'd sooner watch fricking Love Island!
  24. My little dog, Bailey, who died beside me on Easter Sunday this year, aged 14. Really brings home the things we treasure most in life and the many things we get uptight about but which, in reality, are irrelevant. This little dog alone was worth more than all the politicians, royals and elitist bastards put together and deserved his time on Earth much more than they do. I'm pleased I still have a wonderful family to take care of otherwise I'd probably just have called it a day after Bailey passed.
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