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  1. In this crazy world we now find ourselves living in, what music do you turn to when you hit rock bottom? I'm sure we all have favourites we listen to when we're feeling helpless, downtrodden or even suicidal. These 'elite' bastards have driven us into a corner with their wars, genocide and depopulation agendas and the sheer futility of it all sometimes takes us 'over the edge.' So let's hear what music brings you back from the abyss and inspires you to carry on, against all odds. Here's some of mine to start wirh ...
  2. "33 year old Mr. Smith says he would have died if it wasn't for his 3 jabs and 2 boosters ..."
  3. Children and babies are being vaccinated for one simple reason. As the vax trials come to an end and the vaccines become 'approved,' then the vax companies lose their immunity to public liability due to the EUA ending and could end up paying more out than they've taken in. So, by vaccinating ever younger people, the EUA stays in force and they can't be held liable for any injuries or deaths.
  4. No one knows what exists outside of their brain. Your brain interprets everything coming in from your sensory organs: sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, ... everything! You only exist in your own mind.
  5. Strange that. I've never been unable to look out of an aircraft window on any journey. Why would passenger aircraft have windows if you weren't allowed to look out of them?
  6. Gee! It must have been really difficult inscribing the letters 'FA' on the head of a pin. Kudos to you, TH.
  7. My apologies. I saw this on Telegram and posted it here. I later found that the 'fact checkers' were saying this quote was fake so I downloaded a copy of the book (in the original French!), translated sections of the quote, and couldn't find any matches to various searches of the text. So, in this case, I reluctantly have to agree with the 'fact checkers.' Sorry about that, but it's important to verify this stuff (as I'm beginning to realise now!).
  8. So, what's the 'big picture' here? What final outcome is expected by these so-called 'elites?' It appears they have no longer lifespans than the average person, and they already have more wealth and power than could ever be imagined. So what's the deal? We all know they are selfish, egotistical bastards, interested only in themselves and I can't for the life of me see why they're so hell-bent on forging a future in which they will eventually take no part (ie. dead). I can only assume that they are all clinically mad. How these mad fuckers ever attained wealth and power in the first place shows how weak-willed the rest of us are. As in a street fight, where your best chance of survival is to take out the gang leader first, we will not survive this predicament we now find ourselves in until we permanently remove the head of the snake (or, more correctly, snakes).
  9. Jacinda returns to NZ on Air Horse One after a successful UK visit ...
  10. Interesting fact... If you place all of the remaining Solar System planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) side by side, they will fit into the distance between the Earth and the Moon.
  11. Ah, don't worry, the upcoming Flupoxvid jabs will deal with all that.
  12. From a Telegram post ... PROGRAMMING... Actually, I see no difference between the above and this ... It's all programming to control the masses in my opinion.
  13. I've just remembered something from my Z80 programming days to do with 'C5.' Here's an explanation I've just dragged off the net ... The C5 - what's in a name? CLive Sinclair (before he became, Sir Clive) was really into the Zilog Z80 processor family - all his little, er, 'computers', were based on it. In Z80 Assembly language, C5 was PUSH BC, which could be construed as 'Push ByCycle' if you take a mental squint at it. However, I prefer to think that it was simply his initials, in that 1980's sort of computer font C5 would have looked almost exactly like CS. The BC registers in the Z80 processor were a register pair, so PUSH BC was an instruction to push the values on top of the stack. PULL BC brought them back again. As the above clip explains, C5 was the z80 Assembler opcode for PUSH BC. See! You could fill a book with what I know (but, as my wife keeps pointing out, you could fill a library with what I don't know!).
  14. Very interesting video about the sham Coronation ... [Plays from 8:35]
  15. In Plain Sight! ... [Click on image to view video] Is this what the celebration was actually about? Modifying our DNA?
  16. WTF? $5 a gallon (£4) when it's £9 a gallon in the UK!
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