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  1. Just watched all of that. Wonderful! Thanks Moonlight.
  2. By far the best version of 'Why Worry.' The album version misses out those slides from 3:22 to 3:25 that, IMHO, make the song.
  3. OpenAI Says It's Fine to Sell Images Made With DALL-E 2 Customers are apparently already using it for movie storyboards and illustrated children's books. https://futurism.com/openai-sell-images-dall-e That's great news! I have a couple of dye sublimation printers and a heat press and used to sell printed stuff on ebay: mugs, clocks, coasters, keyrings, tote bags, ... all kinds of stuff. Now I'm retired but still have all of my printing and pressing equipment and the ability to create these unique images has spurred me on to maybe give it another go. Here's a couple of product renderings I made in Keyshot using Midjourney images and 3d models of products that I could easily produce, just to give an idea ... KERCHIIING!
  4. The saddest part for me was in that first video, where the dog was being forced to wear a mask. F@!#ng arseholes! As you can probably gather, I care more about dogs than I do of most people.
  5. I see Eleanor McBean has been referenced in that article. I have two of her books, well worth a read ... https://fudgeys.co.uk/ebooks/vax_fraud.pdf https://fudgeys.co.uk/ebooks/poisoned_needle.pdf Grab em' while you can!
  6. You know, I've had enough of listening to their endless bloody propaganda so I'm going to take a break from it. I'm taking my wife out for a nice meal at a new restaurant that's opened in our town. It should be good as it's been recommended on BBC tv and numerous other channels, as well as full-page ads in the Daily Mail, Guardian, etc.
  7. I'd like to thank everyone who has had a go at this AI stuff. I'd soon run out of 'Thanks' if I thanked every post individually! Whatever your views on AI, it's not going to go away, and the more informed we become the better we'll cope with it.
  8. I've done a poster for the next wave of Covid jabs coming up for the winter kill. Here's a PDF version if anyone feels like distributing this ... https://webtrek.co.uk/reset_roulette.pdf
  9. It depends on the complexity of the Neural Nets used to create the image. I personally think that the most effective results are obtained when the Neural Net transforms the text prompt into a 'thought' first, just as you or I would, and then generates variations based on that 'thought' rather than just pulling out images with bits of the text prompt in their filenames. Some of the best language translators work in this way too. Instead of converting a phrase from French to English word by word (ie. a dictionary lookup) they translate the whole phrase into a 'thought' then translate the 'thought' into English.
  10. Sorry, that last video doesn't seem to want to connect on my pc. Jere's the youtube link ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UUvrj9yVVw
  11. 'The Stage Is Being Set For The United States To Go To War With China And Russia Simultaneously' Really? Oh well, I guess that's bye bye United States then.
  12. Wonderful! Thanks for that. My God, that brought back memories. I had a few different Trackers for my Atari STe. That one looks a lot like Noisetracker. Others I remember having are Protracker and Audio Sculpture. I spent hours/days/weeks/months playing with these and programming them myself. This is my favourite tracker MOD of all time ... ELYSIUM ...
  13. GLOBE EARTH FLAT EARTH And look at this ... No wonder they want to keep us away from the Poles! ... Follow the Science! [PS. I never knew the World was Made In China. You learn something new every day!].
  14. Honestly, where the hell do they find these eejits!
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