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  1. Of course it is. You can see where they've made a piss-poor job of removing the Shutterstock logo!
  2. I've had shills on Twitter disputing this data but here's the link to the actual data presented on the ONS site ... https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/covid19deathsandautopsiesfeb2020todec2021 Dispute THAT, motherfuckers!
  3. Oops! Apologies BC, I completely missed your post.
  4. I make that 3,362 MALE + 2,821 FEMALE = 6,183 people that have actually died FROM Covid-19 between Feb 2020 and the end of Dec 2021! Hardly a PANDEMIC!
  5. In a word, PHOTOSHOP! In fact, nowadays, he probably uses AI to insert his ugly mush into thousands of images while he sits around doing fuck-all.
  6. Don't know about satire, but I believe the original was aired in Oct '21 so yes, it is a bit suspect! Saying that though, the agreements made by Pfizer are real and I wouldn't be at all surprised at any future grab of land and assets.
  7. WTAF?!!! ... Pfizer seizes HMAS Stirling Naval Base after Morrison fails to meet vaccination targets Mon 10:46 am +00:00, 17 Jan 2022 posted by Weaver Pfizer has taken control of HMAS Stirling Naval Base in Western Australia, after EZFKA Prime Minister Scott Morrison failed to meet vaccination targets for the third month in a row. Pfizer stated that the deal, signed under the terms of the Trans Pacific Partnership, allowed the pharmaceutical corporation to claim the military base similar to deals signed around the world, including with many South American nations. “It’s specifically stated in the contract that Morrison signed with us that he put up Garden Island and Kapooka as two assets we can seize as collateral,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said. “We wanted the Port of Darwin but that’s already been taken.” PLAN ships are due to arrive in Rockingham next week to complete the seizure. https://www.ezfka.com/2021/09/13/pfizer-seizes-hmas-stirling-naval-base-after-morrison-fails-to-meet-vaccination-targets/?fbclid=IwAR1yfGdj1q6nmluS0WlT_Y2f4lTa_TmQhmdNcOdpx8k4bRiGbeQk7UpV3r I know what was in these agreements, signed by all governments, but never thought they would actually sign over military bases to fucking Pfizer! We're DOOMED! (... if the article is true!).
  8. Great comment from TCW's 'Letters to the Editor' section ... 150,000 dead? I’m not impressed! Dear Editor Don’t get me wrong, every death is a tragedy for someone. But having passed the ‘magic’ figure of 150,000 dead since the ‘pandemic’ surfaced, it has featured once more as a bludgeon in the government’s scare canon. At risk of playing the same old fiddle, ‘impressive’ figures quoted deliberately out of context remains a key government strategy, and needs to be countered with a more realistic context. There are some 10,000 council wards in Great Britain. These are the drawn boundaries for local elections, and are as good as any definition of ‘your local neighbourhood’, certainly for the purpose of this analysis. Divided into a population of around 65million, a council ward averages 6,500 inhabitants. On average, 15 people have died from Covid in each council ward (your neighbourhood) over the past two years. Fewer than eight people per year. Not even one per month. Shock! Horror! Plague! And let us not forget that ‘150,000 dead’ is based on dodgy testing and includes the cancers and the road accidents ‘who died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid’. These figures are so tiny one wonders whether anybody has died from Covid as opposed to with Covid. John Drewry Beckenham
  9. Germ Theory versus Terrain Theory ... Here's something worth remembering ...
  10. Not only Johnson, but Dowden and ALL of these fuckers must GO! ...
  11. Worldwide Heart Attack Deaths among Pro-Footballers in 2021 were 300% higher than the 12-year-average An investigation of available data shows that worldwide professional football / soccer match cardiovascular deaths in 2021 were 300% higher than the 12-year average, with the number of deaths occurring in December 2021 alone equalling the 2009-2020 average. https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/01/15/2021-footballer-deaths-increased-by-300-percent/
  12. I see that cases of the deadly Marburg virus are supposedly now arising in China. Why am I not surprised? First, fuck everyone's immune system with the jabs then release a real deadly infection to finish the job. Clever little fuckers those Chinks!
  13. Excellent post, Mac. It's all bloody ME, ME, ME with these folks isn't it?!
  14. Open Letter To Steve Kirsch, January 10, 2022 Published on January 15, 2022 Written by fluoridefreepeel.ca You’ve published a blog titled “Has the virus been isolated? Yes“. You go on to clarify that you actually have no idea if this is true, and that your title is based on faith in certain individuals: “I rely on expert opinions of people who I trust for certain issues like whether or not the virus has been “isolated.” It’s a reasonable approach if you are careful about which experts you trust. All of the expert friends I’ve asked (including Robert Malone and Li-Meng Yan) tell me that “the virus has been isolated.” So it has been “isolated” according to their belief in what the term means.“ Hmm. Well I personally don’t rely on other people’s beliefs – especially people with a long history involving many millions of dollars with the so-called “vaccine” industry that claims to protect us from alleged “viruses”. Now to your credit, you did disclose that “isolate” means different things to a virologist versus a regular man or woman, or a scientist. But you didn’t explain to your readers what “isolate” actually means to a virologist. I think it’s important for the public to know. Don’t you agree? Here’s an example, from researchers at the CDC: I’ve had to submit a FOIA request to the CDC for details of the vaguely referenced “mock infected cells” used in this study. But the Methods that are available from Harcourt et al. (and all other “SARS-COV-2 isolation” studies) make clear that “isolation” to Robert Malone and anyone else who insists “yes, the virus has been isolated” means combining monkey kidney cells (aka “Vero” cells, or some other cell line) with fetal bovine serum, patient specimens and toxic drugs, and then irrationally, unscientifically attributing any resulting harm to the poisoned monkey cells (which are typically also malnourished by the researchers) to “the virus”. Nothing is isolated as per the meaning of the word to regular humans, not even from the monkey/cow/human mixture. And since no one on the planet has managed to cite or provide any record describing isolation/purification of the alleged “virus” or any “variant” from any patient sample, by anyone, anywhere, ever (which you seem to realize based on your repeated references to the FOIA collection that is publicly available on my website and now contains failures from 156 institutions in roughly 30 countries) it’s quite clear that no science has ever been carried out with the theoretical “virus”. No one, including Sabine Hazan and the CDC researchers, has ever extracted genetic material from a purified sample of the alleged “virus” so that they could sequence “it” and characterize “it” to find out if the alleged RNA genome of 30,000 base pairs with a spiky protein shell actually exists. And no one, including Sabine Hazan and the CDC researchers, has performed fully controlled experiments to see if the alleged “it” actually spreads disease via natural modes of exposure. Because virology is not a science. Since you brought up the curious “science” of Dr. Sabine Hazan, I’ll share with you the bizarre email exchange I had with Sabine that went off the rails as soon as I pointed out the blatant flaws in her same paper that you have cited. Steve, I have a question for you. Regarding the expensive products that you promote and refer to as “virus” to your readers, have you ever read the descriptions of these products to find out what they actually contain? From EVA’s product description: Regarding the ATCC and other products that you’ve promoted, Dr. Saeed A. Qureshi, PhD, who spent 30+ years with Health Canada conducting hands-on and multi-disciplinary laboratory research in pharmaceuticals regulatory assessment and is an internationally recognized expert in pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics, drug dissolution testing, and analytical chemistry, felt the need to publish a warning: Buyer Beware! Steve, last year I tracked down the origin of the so-called “SARS-COV-2 isolate” that is referred to as “MUC-IMB1” aka “BavPat1” and sold by companies like EVA (also for 2 000,00 € per vial). It turned out to be just more of what I call “monkey-business fraud”, in this case courtesy of the infamous team of Corman and Drosten. Never shown to have anything to do with “a virus”. Maybe it’s time you do your own due diligence instead of repeating the wild unsubstantiated claims of your trusted experts, none of whom can prove the existence of any alleged virus in the complete and utter absence of any purified samples of such. Best wishes, Christine Massey, M.Sc. Peterborough, Ontario, Canada See more here: fluoridefreepeel.ca So, no, it hasn't been purified and isolated.
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