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  1. For those thinking Conscription might be a good idea ...
  2. The Cramps, with the wildly named Poison Ivy and Lux Interior fronting the band ... Their song, 'Goo Goo Muck' of course became famous due to the recent airing of 'Wednesday' on Netflix ...
  3. Stevie Nicks - one of the best. Buckingham is a great artist too in his own right ...
  4. webtrekker


    I dabbled a lot in electronics in the 'good old days.' It was so easy to make stuff back then, in the mists of time. I once grabbed 3 wires, set one aside and Bingo! ... I had a wire-less that I could listen to Luxembourg and Caroline on in the early hours with me old crystal lugpiece.
  5. Yeah. I'm too happy up here in the North East, so I need the occasional dose of misery and depression to level me up! Anyway, gotta dash, innit. I've just donned me whistling flute and off now down the apples and pears for a Ruby and two or free pig's ears to wash it dahn wiff.
  6. I've heard of many strange musical instruments (lots in this thread), but I've never heard of a one-legged flute! Gee, every day's a school day!
  7. I liked that, so made a Meme (using AI) ...
  8. Apparently, a couple of the symptoms are dry cough and lack of smell. I wonder how they're progressing with a PCR test for Autism?
  9. webtrekker


    I've been working on a few designs for Musical Christmas Cards to send this year. Hope you like them!
  10. Eastenders (last night's episode) ... Poor old Nish Panesar is dying of ... wait for it ... VIRAL MYOCARDITIS! It'll be interesting to see where the BBC are going with this story!
  11. No power ... No problemo! These would be my weapons of choice, in order of preference ... My trusty old Casio FX-451 Solar Powered calculator. It doesn't even have a battery and has worked for donkeys just on the old 1980's in-built solar cell. Very good, even indoors, in low light. My book of Mathematical Tables (Logarithms, Sin, Cos, Tan etc). We used these extensively at school before electronic calculators became available. My trusty old Slide Rule. I used to love using this once I'd got into it. A Mechanical Desktop calculator. I was taught to use one of these at Tech College, but I'd need to retrain myself now. I don't actually possess one of these. Some images for reference, but not of my own gear ... Talking of Solar Power, I have these 100W portable solar panels that we take with us in our campervan to keep the leisure battery topped up. I'd use them for powering calculators etc when needed if the Grid was down ...
  12. Just a random thought I had while a Conscription item was on the TV ... Could it not be another sneaky way of getting the Bioweapon Jabs into young arms? I mean, they join up for 12 months or whatever, and will be pretty much useless in that short period of time, BUT, it gives the government good reason to jab them up (as they've done with many servicemen and women) during that time. Then it's, 'Bye, bye. Thanks for volunteering for mandatory conscription. Have a short good life, and hope the arm gets better soon!'
  13. This was from January 2021.
  14. Secure the global blood supply Mon 9:44 am +01:00, 27 May 2024 posted by Tapestry Japanese researchers warn of the risks of using blood from mRNA COVID vaccine recipients, highlighting potential deadly effects and the need for urgent action to secure the global blood supply Blood contaminated with prion-like structures from the spike protein raises the risk of inducing fatal neurodegenerative diseases in recipients. The potential transmission of harmful proteins through exosomes (“shedding”) and the risk of autoimmune diseases due to the vaccines’ mechanism and components like lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are other major concerns Proposals for managing blood collection include rigorous donor interviews, deferral periods, and a suite of tests to ensure the safety of blood products The researchers advocate for comprehensive testing of both jabbed and unjabbed individuals to assess the safety of blood products and suggest discarding blood products contaminated with spike proteins or modified mRNA until effective removal methods have been developed They call for suspending all gene-based “vaccines” and conducting a rigorous harm-benefit assessment in light of the serious health injuries reported. They also urge countries and organizations to take concrete steps to address and mitigate the already identified risks In a recent meta-analysis1,2 posted on preprints.org, Japanese researchers warn of potentially deadly risks to patients who receive blood from people who have taken mRNA COVID jabs and call for urgent action to ensure the safety of the global blood supply. Read more + PDF ...
  15. I loved Flight Simulator too. Learned a lot about instrument flying. I also had a weather add-on that added clouds and thermals to the environment, which was great for me as it brought back memories of flying in gliders and sailplanes in the Air Cadets. Now, at the tender age of 72, I've just embarked on a new hobby ................ learning to play an Electronic Keyboard! I've had a Yamaha PSR-320 for many years but never really got into it as any spare time I had for music was spent playing my guitar. However, I've now passed my guitar and keyboard on to my granddaughters and just bought this, a 61-key Yamaha PSR-e473 ... It's a wonderful piece of kit. Superb voices and styles with some super effects, however, I particularly like the addition of a Pitch Bend wheel, which is great when playing many of the songs I'm used to from my guitar playing days.
  16. More or less. It just totally fails to see the human face formed by the image. AI may possess incredible Knowledge, but it posseses near zero Intelligence.
  17. Looks to me like he was auditioning for The Sound Of Music!
  18. This is my most-loved John Barry music of all time ...
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