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  1. I just don't get this thread. It takes waaaaay too long to load all of the images so I just give up. Anyone else doing the same?
  2. Reminds me of an old Covid meme I once made ...
  3. Well, I'm not convinced and I too have other far more interesting work to do myself than waste time on this. It seems to be a theme throughout youtube that all of these so-called 'free energy' devices are non-reproducible. Scientific proof demands that an experiment conducted under exactly the same conditions should work the same as the original.
  4. I've read the comments by others and no one has been able to get this to work. Have you any photos or videos your own attempts?
  5. Sorry, but that is so fake. He has the LED connected to each nail and the nails have leads (green and red) running to 'earth,' according to him, but he never shows the other ends of these leads. This is where the power is coming from to light the LED. They are not earthed at all.
  6. I don't believe he is. Did you watch the full video?
  7. Time for a break ... Here's everything you need to know about Free Energy from a master engineer - ElectroBOOM!
  8. I reckon it's something we're going to see a lot more of in the near future!
  9. The most proven method ...
  10. Although this thread was intended to be about Time, it's turning into quite a thought-provoking general science thread. I think this is one thread where drifting off-topic is actually more entertaining! I admit to not having answers for many of the posts but it's good to keep the old grey matter in working order!
  11. It is slowing down, due to tidal force caused by the orbiting Moon.
  12. Again, there's nothing special about a magnet. If you lifted the magnet up to a wooden door would it stay there?
  13. Not quite the same. By expending energy holding up a bag of potatoes against gravity the energy is being used up by your muscles. In the case of the fridge magnet there is nowhere for the energy to go, it stays in the system.
  14. Ok. By lifting a magnet and placing it on a fridge you are carrying out work and, because the magnet is then moving against gravity, then it will gain energy. Once placed on the fridge it will no longer be moving ,so will not expend any energy due to it not having any work to do. It will stay there indefinitely. Now, I'm no expert, but maybe after many times of removing and replacing the magnet (as people often do to clean the fridge or just create a new arrangement) the magnet will gradually become demagnetised.
  15. A magnet stays 'stuck' to a surface such as a fridge nearly indefinitely because the force never diminishes, having no work to do. (Work = force x distance moved).
  16. Really, there's nothing special about a magnet. Gravity pulls things down because in needs to minimize potential energy. A magnet will pull things up for the same reason, provided the magnetic force is great enough to overcome gravity.
  17. But isn't that the opposite of Entropy, which states that everything tends towards disorder? To follow that argument you would have to ditch the current laws of physics, which you could do of course, but you'd then have to explain why the current laws don't work in many other circumstances.
  18. The argument here seems to be about things that will happen over aeons. Yes, of course the energy in a magnet will eventually disappear, as will the magnet and everything else. It's called Entropy, and will result in what they call the 'heat-death of the Universe.'
  19. Learned Helplessness (See Seligman's work involving shocked dogs) A large tank is half filled with water. In the centre of the tank is a raised platform atop a slim pole, which cannot be climbed up or down. At one end of the tank is a broad shelf, divided into two compartments. Each compartment is fronted with a drop-down flap, which can be locked shut. One flap is painted in black and white stripes, the other in black and white dots, to be perceptually distinguishable. A rat which has been previously conditioned to this experimental set-up is positioned on the platform. Food pellets are placed behind the striped flap. The dotted flap is locked. The rat has already been trained to leap. If it leaps at the unlocked flap, the flap drops back and the rat gains food pellets and freedom. If it leaps at the dotted flap, it smacks its nose and falls into the water. This occurrence is called a negative reinforcement. The rat quickly learns to leap only at the striped flap. Then the locks are swapped. The striped flap is now locked and the dotted flap is unlocked. After a few unsuccessful leaps, the rat switches to the dotted flap. For the next run of the experiment, both flaps are locked. The rat leaps at one then the other. The result is always a dunking. Eventually the rat refuses to jump and remains motionless on the platform. In order to force a leap, a blast of cold air is directed at the rat. The experiment is run until behavioural breakdown occurs. Whenever the rat is placed on the platform, it leaps off randomly in all directions, always ending in the water. Now comes the clever part. Both flaps are removed. The food pellets and the path to escape are clearly visible. But the breakdown of the rat’s behaviour is ineradicable. When placed on the platform the rat freezes. Even the jet of air won’t budge it. If it does eventually leap, it will not be to the escape shelf. Only by lifting the rat from the platform and manually placing it on the shelf can the dysfunctional behaviour gradually be extinguished. Conclusion: When faced by a chaotic, unpredictable, random environment, wherein the rules are constantly changing, and whatever the rat does makes no difference, the rat will be ‘broken’ and will cease to be able to behave adaptively. An unkind experiment, but revealing. This is much the predicament we find ourselves in today and we need to break out of it or we are doomed. Exactly how we'll do that though eludes me at the present time.
  20. I've jus posted this in the comments section of another site ... I'm 70. The last time I saw my GP was 27 years ago. I believe I no longer exist on their system. In that time I've had the usual illnesses most folk get growing older, but I'm still fighting fit and never take tablets for anything. Previous to that, I have only seen a GP for a handful of times for minor illnesses I've never had a flu jab and never had a Covid jab, and never will. I've never had a swab either. I'm fully aware that death is inevitable for us all and happy to just bide out my time until it arrives. My Dad is 98 now and has lived much the same life as myself. My Mam, unfortunately, smoked and died of lung cancer aged 57. I believe mis-diagnosis and treatment for the wrong things brought about her early demise. Que sera, sera. Interested to know of any others like myself who just take life as it comes, with a spin of the wheel, or a throw of the dice.
  21. MODS - Are we still not allowed to comment on this utter rubbish being posted? It's disinformation and I thought the forum would be against that. Asking for a friend.
  22. It wasn't just the footballer callapsing in that episode, their was loads of other shit about fake Moon landings, chips in the vax, etc. Coronation Street was the only soap I used to watch, only because my wife enjoys it and I have to drag myself away from the computer sometimes! I liked the humour, the accents and the more down to earth storylines, unlike that miserable, suicide-inducing crap they call Eastenders. However, Im not going to watch it any more. I can't believe they've even infiltrated tv soaps in this way. Fuck 'em! Coronation Street Propaganda / Hugo Talks https://www.bitchute.com/video/v0TKmInapQ2J/
  23. Anyone watch the fancy dress procession today?What a feckin' embarrassment! The one on the right looks like they couldn't stop a pig in a corridor. Not a very good look! ...
  24. I can't answer that, but here's the letter of respect Putin sent to the UK ...
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