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  1. I'm no hurricane expert either, but compared to the relatively calm eye I've seen in most hurricane images, Erin's eye looks remarkably disturbed ... As for it being no coincidence you're damn right there! I know you are working your way through the book so I'll simply point you to Chapter 18 where she (Dr Wood) brings up the issue of why this hurricane, almost as large and poweful as Katrina, went unreported all day on 9/11, even though it had been on a direct course for NYC for 4 days previous! Also, the winds in Erin were reported to be around 120mph, ony 20mph less than the 140mph designed wind loading for the WTC towers. How could any news channel not report this? Did they already know the hurricane was going to make a miraculous, unprecedented, 150° turn after 9/11? Good on you for reading the book though. I'm sure you won't be disappointed and will be left with many new things to think about.
  2. It begs the question, doesn't it: 'If they have such powerful technology such as Directed Energy Weapons, surely they'd be wanting to try them out all over the place, and not just on the Twin Towers?' I believe that they do possess this technology and that Hurricane Erin, just off the coast of NYC on 9/11 was no coincidence, but in fact a gigantic natural Tesla coil from where they obtained the energy. Look at the very strange eye of the hurricane.
  3. Things will definitely change from now on. Here's my chess analogy ... Th Queen could move in any direction as many steps as she liked. The King too can move in any direction, but only one square at a time, each move dictated no doubt by his WEF overlords.
  4. Oh, I do hope they play some Led Zep at the funeral today ... Very fitting.
  5. i'm confused ... So, according to almost all news, media, medical and government sources, we have been through a pandemic of global proportions that required, and still does require, experimental vaccinations and severe restrictions, yet tens of thousands have been huddled together in queues miles long in London while the whole of the royal family has offered them bare handshakes countless times every day for over a week.
  6. Then, of course, there was the 'Spire' ...
  7. Family Shares Horror Story on Facebook: Mother DIES In the Bivalent Booster's 15 Minute Wait https://www.bitchute.com/video/smOyU2ZLVr9k/
  8. Let's not forget the 14 firemen who walked unscathed from the effects of a 110-story, half a million tons, tower block 'collapsing' directly on top of them. What the hell do they make those firemen's helmets from?
  9. These buildings did not 'collapse' in their own footprint, they were DUST before they even reached the ground.
  10. I think the work of Dr Judy Wood, R.I.P, is of paramount importance when trying to determine the reasons behind the pulverisation (not collapse!) of the towers. It should be the basis of everyone's reasoning and below I have provided a link to her book 'Where Did The Towers Go?' I make no excuses for posting this link. If you want to buy the book then feel free, but I think it's information that should be available in the public domain and not just to people with £50 to spare. [Click image to download PDF, or use the link below] The book contains many pages (around 550 I think) so is best viewed in Adobe Reader and not through your browser. https://fudgeys.co.uk/WDTTG_towersocr_compressed.pdf If you're stuck for time and want a quick summary then see her website - http://www.drjudywood.com/wp/ Her old website is here and provides much of the information that is used in her book. Well worth a look.
  11. Anyone remember Hurricane Erin? It was hardly reported on the US weather news yet it dominated the Atlantic east of the burning towers. The hurricane had been approaching NY for 4 days! You can see the material from the towers in this satellite photo taken at 14:39 on 11/9/2001 ...
  12. Ah, I really love the banjo but never got around to buying one myself. Some of Winston's stuff from Mumford & Sons sounds great.
  13. 'WE are the Music Makers, and WE are the Dreamers of Dreams.' ~ Willy Wonka Thought I'd start off a thread for anyone making their own music, of any description, whether it involves singing, playing an instrument, using a computer, or a comb and paper! To start off, although I'm primarily a gee-tar player of sorts myself, I also dabble in computers and have some nice software to play with. At the moment Im teaching my granddaughter some guitar basics so have got back into the swing of using my Guitar Pro software to teach her music, tablature and print out copies for her to pratctice at home. Here are 3 songs I've uploaded to show the basics of Guitar Pro. Each song uses a different guitar: distortion, nylon, and 12-string. Guitar Pro, although MIDI, has some nice built-in sounds from its RSE (Real Sound Engine). The abilty to change key or tempo or add a guitar capo within the software is excellent for learners. The songs are - • 0:00 Space Age Love Song - A Flock Of Seagulls • 3:40 Streets Of London - Ralph McTell • 8:00 Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles I'd love to hear from you all. Most folk have music in them.
  14. Yuk! Have you ever tasted slippers? The wife likes her pipe though.
  15. Now I know why the procession never stopped at York Minster!
  16. I haven't been following the state funeral but I heard on Yorkshire radio that 'the coffin is laid on a catafalque, surrounded by fork'andles.' This is how I imagine it then ...
  17. 1 Corinthians 13:11 “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” King James Version (KJV) Note: Some versions say 'put aside' rather than the more modern 'put away.'
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