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  1. It's amazing what you'll find when you go down the RABBI hole!
  2. Although I've not knowingly experienced any deaths so far amongst family or friends that could be pinned on the jabs, I am, nevertheless, with you 100% on this, and I too will never forget the blatant lies, greed, and sheer evilness surrounding these abhorrent 'medical interventions.' The Day of Reckoning will come, and heads will roll for this. Meantime, keep trusting your instincts and stay as healthy as possible for the big day.
  3. Be careful with tethering from your mobile. We had to move house for a few weeks due to ours being refurbished and the house we were put into had no broadband. No worries, I thought, I can tether my PC to my phone. Worked great ................. until Windows decided to download an update on the bloody PC! Just about wiped out my monthly data allowance!
  4. Yes, home education seems the sensible way to go, but think of all the bullying, vaping and sexting they'll miss out on! I meant that as a serious reply, too. Kids need to learn to deal with life, the good and the bad, and to me that means being in the thick of it every day. Yes, it's hard on the parents, having to keep them on the right track, but it leads to a better life for the kids once they've experienced all of this and understood the consequences of their actions.
  5. Being a Geordie, I was always quite happy to stay north of the Roman Wall, but seeing the way Scotland is heading, I'd now prefer it if a second wall was built further north and we Geordies could all live in No Man's Land. Oh, wait a minute ... we already DO live in No Man's Land! I mean, when Manchester is considered NORTH, where does that leave US?
  6. The immigrants will be stunned by the Welsh prostitutes ... Notice how Welsh sheep all have thin back legs, to fit down the front of a pair of wellies!
  7. Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper, 56, dies after lengthy Covid health battle Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway's beloved husband Derek Draper has passed away at the age of 56 following a years-long battle to recover from Covid-19
  8. That quote from Sherlock Holmes pretty much sums up where I stand at the moment regarding the question, 'WHY are they doing all of this to us?' Since 2020 I've racked my brain trying to come up with a satisfactory answer. At first, I thought it was all about Money. Then I thought it could all be about Power. Not happy with either of those reasons, I ventured down the Occult and Secret Societies rabbit hole. All to no avail. They have had money, power, and their secret societies for hundreds of years now, and not until recently have they decided to kill most of us off in the biggest mass murder ever inflicted on the human race. So here is what I'm left with: Just as your local druggie will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING (cheat, lie, steal, kill ...), to get their next fix, I also believe that this is the main driver behind the horrendous actions being taken by these elitist sociopaths. These monsters have no emotions. They don't understand the word empathy. Their minds are fixated 24 hours a day on getting their next 'fix,' which could be anything that progresses their advancement to this sick dystopia they seem hell-bent on creating. It is often said that you need to cut off the head of the snake to kill it, but this snake has many heads, more like a Medusa, and cutting off one will only result in it being replaced by another, younger acolyte (e.g. Trudeau, et al.). No, Instead of a snake, we need to imagine this beast as a tree with many branches. Yes, you can cut off a branch or a limb, but the only way to defeat it is to cut down the whole tree in one go. (Shades of Sycamore Gap, maybe?). In other words, unless we can motivate ourselves to destroy these creatures in one foul swoop, then we are destined to fail, and must suffer everything they have in store for us.
  9. Sadly, that includes most of us in here then! Unless, of course, 'posting' about evildoings is equivalent to 'opposition.' Time has just about run out now and we, collectively, have done very little to protect our future selves and the future of our offspring. The whole world should be in an uproar over what's been going on these last few years.
  10. Yeah ... thousands of years of evolution! Did all of our ancestors die of clogged arteries?
  11. Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn't there! He wasn't there again today, I wish, I wish he'd go away!
  12. ... with a nice, new, shipping canal from the Med to the Red.
  13. The greatest advance in warfare ever ..................... the GREEN SCREEN!
  14. I'm more concerned about the one OUTSIDE the house! ...
  15. We were never well-off and used to ask the butcher for a sheep's head with the eyes left in, so it would see us through the week! He was a bit of a mean old sod though. Many a time when I ordered the sheep's head I asked kindly if he could leave the legs on, but he always ignored me.
  16. Italian Health Minister Under Investigation For Post-vax Deaths Published on December 20, 2023 Rome Public Prosecutor is investigating a former Italian health minister for homicide after damning Covid ‘Vaccine’ emails surface “The investigations are for murder, serious bodily harm, and more, because Speranza and Magrini evidently gave instructions to the local health authorities to conceal the deaths and serious side effects that occurred immediately after the vaccinations began…” Source: https://principia-scientific.com/italian-health-minister-under-investigation-for-post-vax-deaths/
  17. I've tried all ways of cooking chips in an air fryer or oven, but nothing comes close to the chips I cook in my good old chip pan in lard. Perfection!
  18. Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper is 'fighting for his life after a heart attack' as she cancels all work commitments to 'hold a bedside vigil while praying for a miracle' Derek, 56, has been plagued with health woes after contracting Covid in 2020 and is now said to be in critical condition after being taken dangerously ill last Monday. Good Morning Britain presenter Kate, 56, is reportedly holding a 24/7 vigil by his bedside and has cancelled all work commitments while his family 'pray for a miracle'. A source told The Sun: 'It was sudden and a shock as he had been doing so well and was in great spirits, looking forward to Christmas at home with the family. 'This setback has been a huge blow for his family and all the people caring for him. Kate is by his side 24 hours a day and is willing him on to win this latest battle for his life. 'Derek has fought so many times, and always, against all odds, come out the other side.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12872533/Kate-Garraways-husband-Derek-Draper-life-heart-attack.html
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