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  1. EXCLUSIVE! ... I disguised myself as a pre-pubescent orphan boy to gain entry and get a close-up picture of the Royals as they viewed the Flypast, and also picture of the Flypast itself ...
  2. Would be nice if true but this image has been Photoshopped many times with different slogans, eg ...
  3. It's Series 1 with 8 episodes, Dale. We've only watched the first 5 so far, so I'm not sure whether it ends on a cliff-hanger or not, prompting another series. It's quite watchable though if you get the chance. There's stuff in there that will go straight over the heads of the Sheeple!
  4. Just watched that on iPlayer. None of them have a feckin' clue. I'm also busy watching the Rabbit/Hole tv series (Paramount+, but I've downloaded via torrents ) and there are some close-to-the-truth snippets in there!
  5. Don't know if this is of any relevance in this thread, but ... Clock the Expiry Date on Neo's passport from the 1999 movie, The Matrix: Ring any bells?
  6. This is worth noting, from the book 180° that I've posted a link to elsewhere ... ... you may wish to reconsider what you are giving your attention to. • Advertisers have your attention for seconds. • The news has your attention for minutes. • The movies have your attention for hours (and you pay for the privilege). • Celebrities have your attention for years. Is this why THEY like to insert the truth into movies and the lies in the mainstream media? What you think is fiction has a large element of truth and what you think is truth has a large element of fiction. You are living in the Age of lnversion.There are plenty of people who think that Stanley Kubrick’s Film Eyes WIde Shut and films such as Cabin in the Woods are not fiction but rather ‘disclosure of evil’ documentaries.
  7. 180° by Feargus O'Connor Greenwood PDF link: https://tinyurl.com/webtrekker [789 pages | approx 27Mb] Really worth reading, no matter where you are on the 'awakening' ladder.
  8. Nice music and nice video, Mac. The old Ken Burns effect ceratinly brings still photos to life.
  9. Looks like one of those 'gourmet' meals where you pay the earth for fuck all just to boost your ego.
  10. One World Government (WEF) One World Currency (CBDC) One World Religion (Luciferianism) All supported by the Clown Ponce and his Hag.
  11. I've heard the chorus line of doctors and nurses will be amazing with their exclusive rendition of 'Jabbing n Swabbing for Grandma,' to the thunderous beat of 666 pots and pans. Can't wait!
  12. Watch it through a proxy or VPN.
  13. “The only winning move is not to play.” - War Games, 1983
  14. Northumberland born and bred and I'll die here. When it comes to the final battle, I want people I trust and have known all of my life around me, and they know they can trust me too.
  15. Not as far as I know Bomb. Even on Amazon I could only find a paperback version (£26.00!).
  16. @pete675 Here's the 180° ebook. I'm not sure how long I'll be keeping it on my hosting site so get it while you can! https://tinyurl.com/webtrekker [789 pages | approx 27Mb]
  17. I've got the PDF. Been reading it over the last couple of days. It's excellent so far. I'll post back here later when I've uploaded it to my webhost.
  18. Don't worry about the future folks (this is hilarious!) ... https://substack.com/redirect/5d4faf5d-a2a2-4654-9764-74f0f01cc198?j=eyJ1IjoiazdoeGQifQ.ZPKn0lDmgoNk0G3hTu8MS6uhssMBCQlVZCbZShAI9ks These dogs cost around $75,000 each!
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