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  1. One of my all-time favourites from Simon & Garfunkel, full of symbolism of a dying relationship ...
  2. So, what are we going to do about this? ... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2024/05/11/russia-uncovers-oil-and-gas-reserves-british-antarctic/
  3. I believe the above theory is used daily in the House of Commons and the Lords ... TWO TWITS FOR A TWAT!
  4. I remember long ago being interested in certain aspects of Game Theory while developing code for some computer board games and came across 'The Prisoner's Dilemma.' Various strategies, including: TIT FOR TAT, TIT FOR TWO TATS and TWO TITS FOR A TAT were put forward as solutions. Here is a short description ... In 1980, Robert Axelrod, professor of political science at the University of Michigan, held a tournament of various strategies for the prisoner's dilemma. He invited a number of well-known game theorists to submit strategies to be run by computers. In the tournament, programs played games against each other and themselves repeatedly. Each strategy specified whether to cooperate or defect based on the previous moves of both the strategy and its opponent. Some of the strategies submitted were: Always defect: This strategy defects on every turn. This is what game theory advocates. It is the safest strategy since it cannot be taken advantage of. However, it misses the chance to gain larger payoffs by cooperating with an opponent who is ready to cooperate. Always cooperate: This strategy does very well when matched against itself. However, if the opponent chooses to defect, then this strategy will do badly. Random: The strategy cooperates 50% of the time. All of these strategies are prescribed in advance. Therefore, they cannot take advantage of knowing the opponent's previous moves and figuring out its strategy. The winner of Axelrod's tournament was the TIT FOR TAT strategy. The strategy cooperates on the first move, and then does whatever its opponent has done on the previous move. Thus, when matched against the all-defect strategy, TIT FOR TAT strategy always defects after the first move. When matched against the all-cooperate strategy, TIT FOR TAT always cooperates. This strategy has the benefit of both cooperating with a friendly opponent, getting the full benefits of cooperation, and of defecting when matched against an opponent who defects. When matched against itself, the TIT FOR TAT strategy always cooperates. Several variations to TIT FOR TAT have been proposed. TIT FOR TWO TATS is a forgiving strategy that defects only when the opponent has defected twice in a row. TWO TITS FOR TAT, on the other hand, is a strategy that punishes every defection with two of its own. TIT FOR TAT relies on the assumption that its opponent is trying to maximize his score. When paired with a mindless strategy like RANDOM, TIT FOR TAT sinks to its opponent's level. For that reason, TIT FOR TAT cannot be called a "best" strategy. It must be realized that there really is no "best" strategy for prisoner's dilemma. Each individual strategy will work best when matched against a "worse" strategy. In order to win, a player must figure out his opponent's strategy and then pick a strategy that is best suited for the situation.
  5. Eric Johnson takes some beating for my money. I particularly like where the main riff comes in at 2:43 ...
  6. This is well worth a read (only 4 short pages) for anyone not familiar with the Rosenau Experiment ... https://www.researchgate.net/publication/376488528_Debunking_Pasteur's_Germ_Theory As @XelNaga says ... interesting! Every day's a school day!
  7. All I'll say is that it's a pity we can't wipe our arses on PDF files!
  8. Ok. You seem to have much better knowledge than myself of how this device provides free energy, so I'll just leave it here, before it turns into another Flat-Earth debate! I will say though, wind, tidal and solar are all free and readily available to anyone in the world who wishes to pursue them, but these magnetic devices always seem to be shrouded in mystery and are never available to the common man. I could produce a video of a hamster in a wheel delivering 230V and 20KW of power and many on u-bend would believe it! So, sorry to say ... I'm out!
  9. Well, for one thing, he hasn't included a voltage regulator anywhere in his device yet gets constant readings of 230V +/- 2V.
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    More cowbell! It needs MORE COWBELL! This is the very best sketch ever on Saturday Night Live! ... https://dn720307.ca.archive.org/0/items/snl-more-cowbell/SNL%3A More Cowbell.mp4
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    Not a bad rendition Mr Ed, if a little horse!
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    DOCTOR: I'm afraid you have Turbo Cancer Mr Smith, complicated by blood clots, Myocarditis, and GB Syndrome. It will severely affect your mortality. SMITH: (Panic stricken...) Give it to me straight Doc, How long have I got. DOCTOR: 10, ... SMITH: (Cheering up now ...) What? Years? Months? Weeks? ... DOCTOR: ... 9, ... 8, ... 7, .............................................
  13. webtrekker


    Haha! Would have been funnier with some Benny Hill 'Yakety Sax' chase music on that video though.
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