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  1. ... and the barman says, 'Is this a fucking joke?'
  2. That's just Harry reaching for the 'I'm a PAEDO!' sticker he's about to stick on Andrew's back! Oh, these Royal Jesters love their jolly japes!
  3. Haha! His purple and yellow vest weren't quite the Gryffindor colours, however, with a bit of fiddling around ... I see Cowmilla is sporting the latest in 5g protection too.
  4. I've been on the Abbey site and there are 360° virtual tours, so I had a look around (obviously the Coronation staging is not in these images and other modifications made for the day). This is where the Royals would have been sitting/standing ... Panning around to the left to the location they were gawping at ... And finally, going up the steps to get a better look at that location... I still haven't a clue what caught their attention though! Here's a link to the 360° tour - https://www.westminster-abbey.org/learning/virtual-tours/building-westminster-abbey Use the menu in the top-left corner of the 360 image to go to 'The Crossing' as a starting point then move forwards (as you would in Google Street View).
  5. I'm still intrigued with this. They've definitely seen something strange ... I've found a couple of images of where the Royals were sitting in WEFminster Abbey and have been able to roughly place the direction they were looking but fuck knows what startled them so much that their gobs were agape.
  6. ??? Haven't a clue what you're on about. Where did I ever mention Ukraine?
  7. Thanks. I haven't watched the full video yet but I will tonight. I just posted the Dr. Martin section as I was alerted to it by Richard Vorbes on youtube.
  8. I've downloaded the video for posterity in case of deletion by THEMtube. “If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, forced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized... If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance - you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” - Ian Watson
  9. I've just posted this in its own topic and would advise everyone with 20mins to spare to watch it. Absolutely riveting! ,,,
  10. Timestamped video. I'd recommend you watch the whole video, but for those with little spare time this is the ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL part (around 20mins), featuring Dr. David Martin ...
  11. And you've personally witnessed all of this, yes? I can give stories of similar atrocities performed by nearly every other country and race in the world, including your own Russia. нахер их всех, включая Россию!
  12. I'm in the same age bracket as you Mr Crabtree, and I reckon most folk our age were racist back in the 70s, it's just the way it was in those days. Living in the North East, there weren't many ethnic minorities around, unlike in other parts of the country, so we were all a bit naiive as regards racism. However, my views changed dramatically when we went to live in the Birmingham area for a short while. My brother-in-law was on the Edgbaston Unity cricket team and I used to travel with him to all of their matches. Most of the players were from the West Indies or Asian and we all had great times together. One night, walking into a packed pub in Handsworth where there were no white faces, was an experience I'll never forget, and I was lucky to have one of the team by my side, or it may have turned into quite a different night out! We live and learn.
  13. Love the bit about the birds charging! LOL!
  14. This is the actual image of the man ... https://playgroundai.com/post/clhlcmyjh0lpgs601js4jl1wv
  15. Actually, they're not my images. They're from the Community images on the playgroundai.com site. I think they were made using the Stable Diffusion 1.5 engine.
  16. It's great that GBNews are keeping Andrew Bridgen in the public eye, and even greater that they've put him up against this bumbling idiot, Nana Akua, to show just how level-headed and right he is ...
  17. Hey! Don't knock women being given the vote. My Great Gran was a Suffering-get I'll have you know!
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