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  1. My current standpoint ... None of these governments want to get involved in a debate about vaccination deaths and immunity from liability. This would bring about their downfall and the prosecution/lynching of all involved from Gates to Schwab to Big Pharma. They need to shut down people like Andrew Bridgen. They also need to push through the WHO's Pandemic Treaty. So, bearing this in mind, they need to sway the populace away from such dangerous ideas, and what better way to achieve this than to arrange another Plandemic, worse than the last, or a critical terrorist event, or even a nuclear war? Enter ... Alarmageddon! A surefire way to achieve maximum distraction through maximum fear.
  2. Again, he provided disinformation regarding the Safety Data Sheet (it was for a totally unrelated company) and has corrected himself in a later video (from 1:43) : https://www.bitchute.com/video/uhTTHM0uKqSc/ This is why I started this thread, it's so easy to take things at face value.
  3. Hi folks. I thought it might be advantageous to list any topics containing blatant misinformation or disinformation in a thread of it own. Feel free to add anything you come across in your reasearch that you can honestly say you believe is untrue. I'll start off with this little gem from the Tap News Wire site that caught my attention, ... At first, I took it at face value, but as it wasn't dated I looked further into it. There are a nunber of mistruths (highlighted in YELLOW below) and a couple of true facts (highlighted in RED) ... TRUE: It was funded by the Bill & Mellinda Gates Wellcome Group. The WEF does endorse it. FALSE: Their website describes exactly what is in Apeel. It doesn't 'make produce last up to 3 times longer. 'It states that produce can last up to 3 days longer. The Safety Data Sheet mentioned is NOT for this product at all. It is for a totally different CLEANING PRODUCT called by the same name! Just shows that they never check the drivel they post! Having made a couple of dodgy posts in the past and been pulled up for them being non-factual or way out of date, I now try to at least verify new information as best I can to my own satisfaction before posting. It's a weird old world out there!
  4. Your area is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world….? Fri 2:01 pm +01:00, 21 Apr 2023 posted by Tapestry You will see “[your area] warms twice (sometimes 4 times) the rate of [some other larger area]” this summer too. It’s all propaganda!
  5. Maybe they'll even stop calling them Dummies and instead refer to them as Intellectually-Challenged Crash testers!
  6. WTAF? ... What next? Trans dummies? Dummies of colour? Disabled dummies? Unvaccinated dummies?
  7. I don't have Android 7 but found this... Modern mobile phones offered by mobile providers starting around 2012 became WEA-capable. WEA means Wireless Emergency Alerts. WEAs are free messages. They are also targeted to certain specific geographic locations - such as weather emergencies and Amber alerts - and are designed to make the relevant mobile users aware of the emergency situation. These alerts cannot be blocked with the same methods as you might block another caller or SMS text originator because these WEAs come in via a different mechanism. However, sometimes the user does not want to be alarmed on certain situations. Such as when you are asleep. So there are ways to manage WEAs. On some Samsung models with Android 7.x or higher, there is a messenger app on Android (this may be labeled as Messages and just to be clear, this has nothing to do with FB messenger). On some other Samsung models, the Emergency Alerts appear as a separate icon (Orange Triangle icon) in the Apps. Either get in the Emergency Apps (if there is one) or look in the MENU (ellipsis) at the upper right of the Messages app. Select MENU on upper right corner. The menu might appear as an ellipsis (3 dots) in vertical fashion. Click this ellipsis menu and then Settings, then select Advanced. Then select Wireless Alerts. Then click on MENU on upper right corner. Then choose Settings. You will then see options to check or uncheck options such as: Show extreme threats Show severe threats Show Amber alerts Vibrate For older versions of Android, Open Settings icon on the Home screen. Tap More Select Wireless & Networks Choose Cell Broadcast settings. Then you will see the options of alerts to enable or disable.
  8. Hmm ... I think Dr. McCullough is missing the bigger picture here ... I mean, fair enough, there seems to be no doubt now that the vaccines are full of all kinds of contaminants, but he's kind of implying that without the contaminants the shots would be ok! That's the message I get anyway from his article. Could this be a way of placing the onus for the vaccine deaths on the manufacturers and not the developers? Read the last couple of paragraphs in the post ... So is he saying the mRNA is ok in itself but that people aren't always getting the correct dose? This article is a bit suspect IMHO.
  9. Rishi Sunak pleads with Britons not to turn off emergency alerts on their mobile phones ahead of Sunday's test... but ex-Cabinet minister Jacob Rees-Mogg reveals he's already disabled the 'unnecessary and intrusive' function https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11985831/Rishi-Sunak-pleads-Britons-not-turn-emergency-phone-alerts.html
  10. Android - depends on the OS version number. Emergency Alerts settings aren't always in the same place and may not even be accessible on older versions.
  11. What version of the Android OS are you running? (Find this in Settings > About phone > Software information).
  12. Brilliant news for anyone seeking an NHS job! ...
  13. I couldn't understand much of what he was talking about but it did trigger a memory and, after a search, I realised (rather amazingly!) that the following has only been skimmed over a couple of times in the forum ... BIORHYTHMS! Ok, looks pretty, dosen't it! But take a closer look at those cycle times: PHYSICAL: 23 days EMOTIONAL: 28 days INTELLECTUAL: 33 days Do those numbers ring any bells? They crop up in many other forum posts.
  14. Some interesting thoughts there, thanks. The Covid swabs, of course, could be used in two ways: to collect DNA, or to deposit something in the sinuses. I've always believed there was no reason to have swabs pushed into the sinus area simply to test the mucus for a supposed virus. As for food, I'd really like to know what 'they' eat and drink. Surely someone has been in a position to research this? We need more data.
  15. Which begs the question: How do the puppeteers protect themselves from such all-encompassing energy field? This is a question that has always puzzled me. With regard to Covid jabs, I can see how they could easily have swerved those, but CERN, 5g, mRNA vaccines in food, chemtrails, etc? I just don't get how they can remain unaffected while the rest of us are fair game.
  16. 'For viewers who have just joined us, the orange ball is behind the orange.'
  17. Love this ... ...and the lyrics version ... Great Shuffledance music too for any of you feeling energetic! ...
  18. Good question. I suppose it's just business as usual. I can't see governments backing off.
  19. Did you read that? ... Government agencies had access to all users PRIVATE Direct Messages! No surprise to us lot but it's amazing how many people still think social network and forum messages cannot be read by Admin and certain nefarious agencies.
  20. Come on you NHS hoofers! You know it makes sense! Let's see you all kitted up and hitting the floor again. We've not missed you! In fact, to make it easier for you, I've kindly asked ChatGPT-4 to compose a little Rap ditty for you. All you need do is add a thumping beat (to which we can bash our pots and pans ), open your smirking mouths, and do that stupid thang that only you lot are capable of. Verse 1: We're the NHS dancers, feeling the heat We need to make a change, get up on our feet The government's trying to take our pay But we're not gonna let them get their way We work hard to keep you alive But now it's time for us to strive Chorus: We gotta go on strike, take a stand We need to make a change, it's in our hands We're fighting for what's right, don't you see We're the NHS dancers, we need to be free Verse 2: We're the backbone of the NHS We're the ones who give it our best But the pay is low, we can't survive It's time to show the world we're alive We need to be heard, we need to be seen We need to fight for what we believe Chorus: We gotta go on strike, take a stand We need to make a change, it's in our hands We're fighting for what's right, don't you see We're the NHS dancers, we need to be free Bridge: We don't want to do this, but we have no choice We need to use our voice, make some noise We're the NHS dancers, we're strong and proud Together we can make a difference, say it loud! Chorus: We gotta go on strike, take a stand We need to make a change, it's in our hands We're fighting for what's right, don't you see We're the NHS dancers, we need to be free Outro: We're the NHS dancers, we'll never back down We'll keep fighting until the truth is found We're the ones who keep you alive It's time to give us what we deserve, it's time to thrive! Go for it! There will be loud applause up and down the country, I'm sure of it, (around 8pm mainly, weather permitting).
  21. Strange, isn't it? Throughout the Plandemic we had NHS doctors and nurses constantly shoving the narrative in our faces with their stupid YouTube and TikTok antics. If they believed this stupidity would bring about public acceptance of Plandemic measures, then where are the dancers now, when public acceptance of their need to strike is sorely needed?
  22. Pray tell us Alexa. On the back of a giant turtle maybe?
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