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  1. What would this miserable life be without Photoshop, eh?!
  2. St John Ambulance telling folks to get vaccinated. That's the last feckin penny they'll get from me.
  3. They're just pumping up the fear-factor again in the hope it will coerce the young into taling the clot-shot.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9842817/Nearly-QUARTER-Covid-infected-people-wont-share-details-close-contacts.html
  5. I'm thinking of sending this email to all of my local MP's ... Does anyone have any further suggestions, or better ways of wording it?
  6. 'Lights, camera, ...' https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/the-vaxx-kill-switch-activated/
  7. Yeah, I think the tide is definitely turning. Probably a lot of folk took to wearing masks because they felt the odd ones out, the black sheep of the family, whenever they entered a store. Now though, as more people ditch the muzzles, the muzzled are becoming the black sheep and will eventually change their attitude.
  8. Thank you, B&M! My wife and daughter are the shoppers in our family but today I dragged myself over to the local B&M store for some dog food and treats (much cheaper there) and a few other bits and pieces. I walked in without a mask and withour sanitising my hands. Loads of zombies still in there with their muzzles on BUT not one member of staff, young or old, was wearing one! In fact, I felt as if I and the staff were the only 'normal' folk in there and the rest were just masked apparitions. Well done B&M for restoring my confidence in human nature.
  9. Thinking about this though, it's obvious that our police and military have never had to take action against their own friends and family. What will they do when faced with that situation?
  10. What good is gold or bitcoin in a world where a crust of bread or a bottle of painkillers will be worth more than all the gold and crypto in the world, combined, to the person needing them to survive? When the shit hits the fan, bartering of goods essential to survival will be the only game in town.
  11. If anyone tries that with me I'll treat it as ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON and defend myself accordingly!
  12. * * * MUST WATCH TONIGHT 5PM BST * * * Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium https://doctors4covidethics.org/save-the-date-covid-19-interdisciplinary-symposium/ https://www.ukcolumn.org/live
  13. 'Titter ye not at the afflicted!' - Frankie Howerd, Up Pompeii!
  14. Pfizer Engineered Agreements With Governments Stating They Had to Pay for Covid Vaccines Whether They Worked or Not – NO Recourse for Injuries https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/07/29/pfizer-engineered-agreements-with-governments-stating-they-had-to-pay-for-covid-vaccines-whether-they-worked-or-not-no-recourse-for-injuries/
  15. The fully 'vaccinated' also don't have the right to drive and put everyone else's life at risk knowing they could pass out, or drop dead at the wheel, from any number of well documented 'vaccine' related adverse effects.
  16. Thank you for that. All I asked was for some information and immediately got shot down. At least I've now found 2 or 3 of the forum moles and will avoid their posts in future.
  17. Yeah, fair enough. You've just confirmed to me you're all a bunch of wimpy keyboard warriors. It's going to take people with real bottle to fight for freedom and I've yet to find any. We're well and truly fucked!
  18. Hear, hear! Can anyone point me in the direction of forums that actually have members interested in stopping this apparent genocide rather than just chin-wagging over herbal remedies and mysticism? Sorry if that offends anyone, but time is now very short and I fear we are wasting a lot of it in here waiting for others to save us.
  19. Haha! 'We come in peace. Shoot to kill!'
  20. 'He spoke exclusively to the BBC’s specialist disinformation reporter Marianna Spring.' Says it all, really!
  21. No, that's not what I meant I meant that the so-called 99% you mention are themselves SPLIT between vaxxed and unvaxxed and it will take incredible effort to get these two factions to work together to defeat the 1%. Personally, I don't think this will happen and can foresee major battles between vaxxed and unvaxxed, while the 1% Elites sit in their fucking ivory towers enjoying, and even taking bets on, the spectacle developing below them. The streets of the UK are to become the bloody Coliseum.
  22. Personally, I'm sick and tired of hearing 'We are the 99%' on social media. 'We' will never again be the 99%. Did you get that? NEVER! The country has been permanently, irreversibly split between the questioning unvaxxed and the dumb vaxxed, who thought it was their moral duty to attend jabattoirs and take the death shot on nothing more than a corrupt government's say-so. Believe me, unless we fight with everything we've got, we will never be free.
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