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  1. Often discussed, but nearly always with the same old arguments ... The Simulation Theory proposes that we are living in a 'Simulation' and that our reality is purely information-based and 100% dependent on mathematics. It's an interesting theory and, without going into too much boring detail, explores such things as the 'graininess' of reality and how there is a finite limit to the smallest 'pieces' that make up this reality, and is defined as the Planck Length, after the famous Max Planck. All of this and much more can be found by simple searches on Google and YouTube. What I propose here are purely my own thoughts on why we may be living in a Simulation. To run any simulation you need a computer of sorts to handle all of the information. It then naturally follows that the larger and more detailed the simulation, the processor speed and storage requirements of the computer must increase too. Basic stuff, I'd say. So let's now assume a super-advanced race of 'beings' has the technology available to run such a simulation. My questions would be: What would be the point of running such a simulation? Would the simulation be left to run unattended? Would a 'God' figure be introduced into the simulation? Point 1 My own view is that such a simulation would not be run for fun, but would be used to obtain answers to some serious questions the creators have, whatever those may be. Point 2 In light of my answer to Point 1, I would also assume that the simulation would be given initial conditions and left to run unattended. In other words, I believe no sensible answers can be gleaned from a simulation which is constantly tweaked. Point 3 Now, the CRUNCHER! I can see no point in the creators programming the simulation with a God figure of any kind. This leads me to an answer for the age-old problem of why our own God has never intervened to help any of us in times of great suffering. Where was God during all the wars, famines, floods, fires, and countless other natural disaters and man-made atrocities, eh? It's simple ... there IS no GOD! We are here, stuck in this simulated reality, and will suffer as required, with no gods, white knights, or men dressed in tights ever in sight on the horizon. After 71 years in this simulation this is sadly the conclusion I have come to, based purely on experience. It's also why I find it futile to blame God for anything going wrong in the world. If anyone can shed any light on why I'm wrong I'll gladly listen, as long as your answers don't involve blind faith.
  2. Thanks Mac, that was very interesting indeed.
  3. Yep, just shows you how bright those lights really are ...!
  4. I fail to see any significance at all in those cloud images. View the same clouds at the same time from a mile or two away and they will look completely different.
  5. They're definitely not real. That's why you see them spending so long on electricity wires ..................... recharging!
  6. Apologies, I didn't think the articles were too long to read.
  7. Two brilliant, easy to understand articles, well worth the small amount of time needed to read them ... The hidden reasons behind the war on Gaza (Part I) 'Israel' destroys Gaza to control world’s most important shipping lane (Part II)
  8. Two brilliant, easy to understand articles, well worth the small amount of time needed to read them ... The hidden reasons behind the war on Gaza (Part I) 'Israel' destroys Gaza to control world’s most important shipping lane (Part II)
  9. Agreed. While we're off-track though ... I believe Stephen Hawking hit the nail on the head regarding people who believe in Fate. He said that those who truly believe in Fate should try standing at the edge of a busy road and cross it with their eyes closed. Now THAT would be a true test!
  10. Interesting answer to a common question: Why can't robots check the box that says 'I'm not a robot'?
  11. All of this seems to be bordering on the notion of Fate. Do you believe we control our own lives or are we controlled by Fate?
  12. Well, they do say that Reincarnation is making a comeback.
  13. Could you elaborate a bit more please?
  14. It's cerainly a sobering thought. I think of it in much the same way as doing a Factory Reset on a mobile phone when selling it on. Everything wiped ready to start afresh. What possible meaning could an afterlife have without continuance of memory?
  15. To me, life after death would mean continuing in some other realm without a break in my thoughts or past memories. What would be the point in starting a new life with a blank memory? As such, if I can't remember anything now that happened before my birth (which I don't), then I simply didn't exist before being born.
  16. Actually, the Patent was filed in 2020 ... Source: https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/patent/US-2020279585-A1
  17. This keeps cats off mine ... (Only joking! I wouldn't harm any animal except those that are 'fair game:' politicians, bankers, MSM, doctors, scientists, climatologists, ... far too many to list here!
  18. And here's me thinking it was because he stuck his knob in a dead pig's head.
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