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  1. I remember asking my granddaughters what made the tide come in and out as we drove by the beach when they were 6 and 7 years old. The answer was that it was pulled in and out with a rope! You know what, Alexa? Their answer was every bit as good as yours!
  2. How irresponsible! Surely he could have waited until the recommended age of 33!
  3. You know fine well that does not answer my post. Show me a FE version of Stellarium that I can download and use to predict the positions of the stars on any specific time, date and location. While you're at it, maybe you could also be so kind as to provide me with a link to a FE Nautical Almanac for the purposes of Stellar Navigation. If you can't do any of those things then you should at least be able to provide me with navigational formulae that doesn't use Spherical Trigonometry, seeing as you profess to being so good at calculating. These are simple requests that you, being a confessed Flat Earther, should be able to supply in an instant. I await your detailed reply. If no accurate reply comes then I'm sure everyone will realise your FE theory is thoroughly debunked.
  4. Neubauer received negative press coverage for her past flights to countries all around the world. She responded that any criticism of her personal consumption distracts from larger structural and political issues. Ah yes, the usual 'do as I say, not as I do' attitude!
  5. That video, and any conclusions based upon it, is pure bunkum. Take the popular, free, astronomy software Stellarium. This software is based upon a Globe Earth and the positions of the stars are exactly where they are in reality. Now, this software can be used to accurately determine the view from anywhere on Earth (from anywhere in the known Universe, actually) and the view is always the exact view seen by simultaneous observers at the same time no matter where they are in the world. So, how is this possible if the Flat Earth model is true? Where is there an equivalent Stellarium-type software for the FE model. (Clue: no such software exists, because FE doesn't exist!). Unless these questions can be satisfactorally answered then any claims of a Flat Earth are just plainly ludicrous.
  6. True, but my money is still on little Toto pulling back that curtain. Things are hotting up now in the Emerald Castle.
  7. If consciousness is timeless then the age of a physical body has no meaning.
  8. Fair enough. Truth is though I couldn't be bothered to look at your diagram. Polaris has just been stuck there to falsely prove your point. Talk about flogging a dead horse! Why don't you draw YOUR diagrams to scale?
  9. Polaris isn't visible south of the Equator. I thought that was common knowledge?
  10. Yeah, they're Kraken jokes, aren't they!
  11. Just posted this in another thread ...
  12. The problem is that word 'choice.' It should read, 'informed choice,' but, as we are well aware, they never gave out any information on which to base an informed choice.
  13. Now that I've answered, please be good enough to consider my question regarding the Nautical Almanac as posted above and elsewhere in this thread. Thanks in advance.
  14. The problem is purely a matter of scale. Taking the diameter of Earth's orbit, 2 Astronomical Units, as the base of the triangle (or cone, to be more exact in 3-dimensions), and the distance to Polaris as 433 lightyears, then the height of the triangle (or cone) is 1.86 x 1017 times the length of the base. That's a humongous 185,606,060,606,060,606 times the length of the base! It is impossible to draw such a triangle to scale.
  15. Covid: Tory councillor suspended after defending Andrew Bridgen Tory Cllr Alex Stevenson has been suspended after he defended Andrew Bridgen’s comments which dubbed the Covid vaccination the “biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust”. On a public Facebook page, Stevenson, who represents Greater Heanor on Derbyshire County Council and Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse on Amber Valley Borough Council, said he “stood with” Bridgen. Cllr Stevenson said his colleague “did not compare the vaccine to the Holocaust” but that it was the worst crime to humanity “since” the Holocaust, claiming this is “totally different”. He said: “Andrew Bridgen MP told the truth regarding the injuries and deaths from these vaccines. I have personally met these people.” Stevenson told The Local Democracy Reporting Service: “Many people are dying and suffering as a result of taking this medical intervention. More here: https://www.gbnews.uk/news/covid-tory-councillor-suspended-after-defending-andrew-bridgen/423933
  16. The Kaufman Institute for Coincidences ...
  17. Yes, I was correct. I knew you couldn't answer it. I asked this question ages ago and I won't take you up on your offer until you or another answer MY question.
  18. I'll tell you what, I will give YOU £50 if you can supply me with a copy (paper or online) of the official Nautical Almanac used to navigate a Flat Earth. The only official Nautical Almanac in existence that I know of is used on a daily basis for navigation of a GLOBE Earth and all of it's very accurate tables are based on SPHERICAL Trigonometry. I'm assuming all will go quiet again now! As usual!
  19. I do apologise. The OP did indeed state that the angles were to be measured in radians and not degrees....
  20. The OP should describe how they arrived at the answer they did from the formula. For instance, they don't state whether the cos and arcos angles are radians or degrees, which makes a big difference to the result! Following their link to the Web 2.0 calculator with their figures plugged in fetches up the calculator in DEG mode. I've got some other concerns about the OP's figures too but I'll need to do some more work on this.
  21. Yeah, and don't even try to discuss it in here. I had posts removed for even posting a meme. I hate this fucking world and the absolute suppression of the truth and free speech.
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