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  1. ... and THAT will be the point at which the kickback will begin. Theere's too much inertia at the moment with even the unjabbed not really facing much pressure, but when it comes to the point of not being able to put food on the table for themselves or their loved ones then all hell will break loose. And don't forget, even the unjabbed run into MILLIONS of people, so expect a bloody fight the likes of which has never been seen in this country for a very long time.
  2. 'I'm happy with it and can find a measure of peace.' Same here NK, and I pity all of these high and mighty "I've been double-jabbed" types who think they're now on the winning team. They've got a rude awakening coming soon and I'm not sure how many will be able to cope with the enormity of it.
  3. Manda-TORY jabs Manda-TORY masks Manda-TORY VaxPasses Manda-TORY lockdowns Manda-TORY social distancing rules ... If I happened to be a 'Conspiracy Theorist' I might believe there was a pattern emerging here!
  4. Rumours That the Government Is Having Second Thoughts About Its Vaccine Passport Plans Are ministers having second thoughts about introducing vaccine passports at nightclubs and other ‘large venues’ – or has the rhetoric always been empty, intended only to scare people into getting ‘jabbed’? A report in the i suggests that at least one of these scenarios could be true, especially following recent criticism of the Government’s proposals by Tory MPs, with one former minister saying that vaccine passports are likely to be ditched because Boris Johnson “hates the idea”. https://dailysceptic.org/
  5. Another telegram post ... Here is how to defeat the passports. Step by step. 1. Go get turned down or kicked out of an establishment, restaurant, school, etc document it. 2. Call the human rights commission: +44 161 829 8100 (Manchester UK) 3. Make a complaint and get a file number. 4. Use that file number and make a statement. 5. The human rights commission will serve them papers. 6. The place that rejected you will think they can win in court. 7. The judge will force them to pay because the human rights commission will remind them no business private or public can discriminate against anyone based on religion, race and yes any health reasons because it is illegal. 8. Everyone will overwhelm the places that they will also fight against the passports by allowing everyone inside and not turning anyone away. They will have to pay for breaking the law, and they will not be able to handle more than 1 case at a time. No protesting needed. No boycotting. There are many systems in place but no education on them. If you truly want to be free and not feel like a victim then do these steps and share this. Let’s give this a try and see if it works.
  6. According to these 'fact checkers' ... The claim is false. An investigation by AFP found the image shows control swabs in the Covid-19 antigen test kits that are in fact used to maintain quality control, not for testing patients. https://factcheck.afp.com/positive-and-negative-control-swabs-covid-19-test-kits-only-used-quality-control-experts-say
  7. It was. But they quoted the meaningless relative efficacy value of around 95% when they should have quoted the absolute efficacy vale which is a factor of 10 lower!
  8. World War Three: the evidence that Big 4 Mag-Jabbers are deliberately killing Mankind is mounting by the hour. It cannot be stated too strongly. The deliberate failure to disclose the ACTUAL ingredients of their vials by each Pharmaceutical company that is producing the death-shots self-evidently destroys any and all ‘deals’ they may have made with the so-called ‘governments’ across the earth to allow its emergency usage and indemnify them from any liability for the harms caused. That fact alone voids any and all agreements and contractual obligations said governments may have made with any or all of the Big 4 Pharmaceutical companies that are producing and pumping out the poison-ladened vials in a deliberate and calculated act of war against Mankind. There can be no excuse. They either immediately Cease and Desist the mass-mag-jabbing or they will be liable for mass murder. https://tapnewswire.com/2021/09/a-world-at-war-big-4-mag-jabbers-are-deliberately-killing-mankind/
  9. Once the kids of the Police, Armed Forces, MP's and MSM presstitutes start croaking then things may take a turn for the better, but the Elites don't really give a toss about them either, so perhaps not.
  10. Geronimo's unwarranted extermination and a question it raises about Covid. Turns out they were WRONG and the poor animal never had bovine TB. However, this was discovered by AUTOPSY. So, how many deaths have been wrongly diagnosed as Covid when no autopsies have been allowed?
  11. Exactly! Bring them out into the open, in the same way that all the protesters show their faces. Hell, even have a BONFIRE at the end of each protest with the placards!
  12. Should have added: 'A picture paints a thousand words.'
  13. Another thought, (bloody hell, that's two I've had in a week!) ... I think most of us agree now that peaceful protests are getting nowhere. No one is taking any notice of the placards being hoisted by the masses. So, short of actually RIOTING, what can we do? Well, how about this for an idea. Instead of carrying placards with fancy slogans, why not istead carry placards showing the FACES of all of those deemed to be AGAINST THE PEOPLE! For instance, ... It would have a far greater effect on the people concerned if their faces were being paraded around the streets as being in collusion with the monstrous 'Elites.' I reckon it would seriously put the wind up more than a few of them and make them seriously think about what will happen to them once We The People win out. You could almost feel their arses twitching!!!
  14. With regard to the Police, this Open Letter was presented earlier this year by 43 branches of the Police Federation and, as far as I can ascertain, no headway has yet been made ...
  15. Australian PM slammed for flying to see kids on Father’s Day while more than half the country’s fathers remained in lockdown Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, has come under fresh scrutiny after flying on a private jet from Canberra to Sydney for a Father’s Day visit whilst the majority of Australians were locked at home. Morrison flew from Australia’s capital, Canberra, to Sydney at the weekend to visit his family for Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of September in Australia. Health authorities had given him an exemption as an “essential worker.” Morrison posted a photo of himself and his kids holding a white dove on Father’s Day, captioning the image as from earlier this year. But the fact the PM did not disclose that he had travelled to Sydney has caused critics to accuse him of dishonesty. Australia has closed its borders during the pandemic – both from international travel and domestically between regions. A Canberra radio host said they were displeased at Morrison’s “perceived lack of honesty.” One Twitter user said, “If the Queen could sit alone at her husband’s funeral in solidarity with others separated from their families, surely Scott Morrison could have FaceTimed his kids on Fathers Day.” Australia’s opposition Labour Party condemned the prime minister for his actions, with Labour MP Bill Shorten saying, “You can't have one rule for Mr Morrison and another rule for everyone else." "It's not that he doesn't deserve to see his kids, but so does every other Australian. And I think when your people are doing it tough, you've got to do it tough too," he added. https://www.rt.com/news/534159-scott-morrison-fathers-day/
  16. Petition now at over 25,000 signatures in 12 days. Note that Gov must respond now it's over 10,000 sigs. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/592632
  17. Just another thought going through my mind ... For around 100 years the whole financial system has been propped up with Fiat currency, ie. money printed and distributed with no backed up gold reserves. Money from 'thin air,' so to speak. However, with so many elderly people living way beyond their 'three score and ten' we're now at the point that there's nothing to back up the huge demand on pensions and the whole house of cards is about to collapse. Hence the need to ....................... KILL OFF ALL THE ELDERLY! This would allow them some breathing space, but eventually the whole system has to collapse anyway.
  18. Long-Term Dangers of Experimental mRNA Shots Excerpt ... https://tapnewswire.com/2021/09/covid-jab-victims-getting-herpes/
  19. At least do yourself and everyone else a favour by signing this Petition -
  20. Petition: Repeal the Coronavirus Act The powers given to the UK Government under the Coronavirus Act have gone on too long and has greatly affected many people’s lives and the economics of this country. The restrictions that have been put in place under these powers should be ended by repealing this Act in its entirety. Come on folks. We may be between a rock and a hard place (sorry for the Americanism) but at the very least we should all sign this Petition. Read more about it and sign it here - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/592632
  21. Defeatist attitudes like that do nothing to help. Maybe we should all just top ourselves now, eh?
  22. Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner 'fund anti-aging start-up aimed at biological reprogramming which could help humans live FOREVER' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9960175/Jeff-Bezos-Yuri-Milner-fund-anti-aging-start-up.html
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