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  1. What a big-headed, egostistical little rat. Soros, Gates & Fauci. Eliminate them and you save the World.
  2. UPRISING: Australian MP Calls on Citizens to Revolt – Compares Leaders to Hitler and Stalin Mon 11:47 am +00:00, 29 Nov 2021 posted by Weaver “The totalitarian path we are unquestionably on has never ended well.” – MP George Robert Christensen Queensland MP George Robert Christensen has called on citizens to rise up against coronavirus lockdown measures and vaccination mandates. He compared governments promulgating such measures to totalitarian regimes responsible for the most horrific atrocities. On Wednesday, Christensen said in parliament that Australian State Premiers are “drunk on power” and “trying to out tyrant each other”. He also noted that non-vaccinated Australians are increasingly “demonized, ostracized, and socially eradicated.” No Justification The MP explained that totalitarian regimes responsible for the most heinous atrocities of the Twentieth Century: Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, didn’t get there overnight. They used fear to control, excluded the “dirty” people (softly at first), justified the exclusion, moved to harder exclusions, and eventually eliminated people either socially, or physically. Early last year, 94-year-old Auschwitz survivor Marian Turski gave a speech during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation. The Polish Holocaust survivor reminded the audience that the Holocaust didn’t’ start with death camps. Instead, it began with propaganda, scaremongering, scapegoating, and segregation. In Twenty-First Century Australia, State Premiers are racing down that familiar path, setting up their own bio-security police states complete with medical apartheid, Sadly, we have enabled it, refusing to rein them in and, worse, supplying the Australian Immunisation Register data that underpins this medical apartheid. Fear is a justification of choice for coercion and control, with non-vaccinated Australians increasingly demonised, ostracised and socially eradicated. Just recently, the Australian military began forcibly throwing coroanvirus positive citizens and close contacts in quarantine camps. Pandemic of the Unvaccinated Lies The establishment claims that the virus is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but Christensen said there is no justification for such demonization. He referred to a German study showing that 55 percent of symptomatic patients over 60 are fully “vaccinated”. In Gibraltar, where all 34,000 residents have been fully vaccinated, 60 new cases are registered daily. Meanwhile, the Australian government is mandating the experiment mRNA shots, which has caused adverse effects in many people. Furthermore, they are forcing citizens to take a second shot even after they suffered an adverse event from the first. Civil Disobedience We are undoubtedly on the totalitarian path, and that never ends well, said the MP. “The solution is a rediscovery of human dignity, along with, and I don’t say this lightly — civil disobedience.”
  3. https://twitter.com/RON50N/status/1465074177371693062/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1465074177371693062|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fdailysceptic.org%2F
  4. Excellent! Everyone should watch this and pass it on.
  5. My wife was in the kitchen this evening and shouted, 'Can you come in and stop this drip?' So I strolled in and turned off the kitchen tv showing the latest Covid bulletin.
  6. It certainly did. It came from the SPACE between Fauci's ears!
  7. Quick, back of a fag packet calculation .. Official figures state around 11.4 million boosters have been given to date. Vaxxable population approx. equal to 68 million. (since all kids over 5 will soon be included). So, since you are classed as unvaxxed unless you've had ALL THREE jabs then the percentage of the UK that is vaxxed is (11.4/68)*100% = 16.7%. That leaves around 83% unvaxxed! (according to the government's own rules). Even if many start flocking for the boosters, it will still leave a considerable proportion of the UK officially unvaxxed and therefore restricted in their freedoms. Then what happens when the next wave of boosters come, and the next, and the next, ...?
  8. Still hearing the word 'anti-vaxxer' used a lot. Surely it should be common knowledge now that the world is split in two: Vaccinated and Normal.
  9. Very interesting comment from someone on the off-guardian site ... NoThanks Oct 1, 2021 6:20 PM The CDC defines breakthrough cases as the following: It is vital for everyone to understand the ramifications of this as it pertains to reporting deaths of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated. If I take one dose of the Pfizer/Moderna jab and die, I’m considered an unvaccinated death. If I take two doses of the Pfizer/Moderna jab and die within the two week period that follows, I’m still considered an unvaccinated death. As soon as booster becomes “recommended,” this can render (by their own definition) all people who are currently considered to be fully vaccinated as unvaccinated again. It’s beyond absurd to think that someone could put a foreign substance into their body, die immediately, and then be told the reason for death was because they didn’t put that second (or third, etc.) dose of the same foreign substance into their body soon enough. That isn’t science. It’s clear manipulation of statistics.
  10. ... or, as thick as pig shit. A degree doesn't give you common sense, quite the opposite in many cases.
  11. The Austrian Government Is In BIG Trouble…as those tyrants should be! Mon 4:34 pm +00:00, 22 Nov 2021 posted by Weaver http://stateofthenation.co/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/unnamed-3.jpg https://stateofthenation.co/?p=97506 AUSTRIA The Austrian government is in trouble? "The obligation of imposing the control as directed by the minister of the interior is rejected by the police union" "The union of Armed Forces have announced that they will participate in the grand protest in Vienna next Saturday" "The police and the army refuse to make controls for the sanitary pass under the name of 'liberty and human dignity'. They will join a large protest against the mandatory lockdown of the non vaccinated 20 November in Vienna"
  12. Surely you don't think this is all going to end with a handshake and no bloodshed? The cabal are MURDERING people en-masse and will never stop. Their own lives depend on following the orders of the Elites to the letter. They're never going to back down. It's us or them and that's the only outcome.
  13. In light of all of these escalating riots I believe that, if no concessions are given by these governments, then once the first one has been hung from a lamppost there'll be no stopping the tidal wave of revenge that will result in ALL of the cabal being exterminated. It just needs a trigger.
  14. Possibly, but there are far better face coverings to use than the face nappies.
  15. Watching the Austrian riots in Vienna on RT News channel and shocked at how many are rioting yet still wearing the Cloth of Compliance. I'd estimate 60%. Fucking unbelievable! We're all DOOMED!
  16. That is so true. Whenever money is concerned the sentencing is far stiffer. Robbery or fraud can fet h double the sentence that assault or even, in some cases, murder would.
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