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  1. They'll be coerced with the promise that they'll be given a shiny new gun to play with. However, it's a different story when they're shipped abroad and have to kill or be killed. To paraphrase Billy Connolly, 'Walking down the Shankill Road with a gun in your hands is the best laxative known to man!'
  2. Fear not! It will be easy to recruit thousands of new cannon fodder defenders by simply letting them WORK FROM HOME!
  3. Lots of forum posts here - https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/search/&q=sridhar&quick=1
  4. Yes, we too can employ AI Deepfakes to our advantage. If we flood yotube and the rest of the net with Deepfakes then NO ONE will know what is true and what isn't and will throw a real spanner in the works of the MSM, WEF and the rest!
  5. AstraZeneca in £80m Covid jab compensation claim set to be one of biggest battles of its kind Lawyers lodge 35 High Court claims with up to 40 more expected to follow. Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter 20 January 2024 • 5:03pm. The claims of 35 alleged victims of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine have been lodged against the pharmaceutical giant in what threatens to be one of the biggest legal cases of its kind. Lawyers have issued the claims amounting to tens of millions of pounds in the High Court over complications they say were caused by the vaccine, months after launching two test cases. The cases highlight what is claimed to be a very rare side effect that has been linked to the deaths of at least 81 people and caused serious harm to hundreds more. The claims allege the vaccine, developed by AstraZeneca in partnership with the University of Oxford, is “defective”. The vaccine has been linked to a newly identified condition that causes blood clots called Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombocytopenia and Thrombosis (VITT). In about one-in-five cases, patients who contracted VITT died. The Telegraph understands that up to 40 more claims are expected to be lodged. The total compensation bill, should AstraZeneca lose, amounts to about £80m, making it one of the most expensive vaccine litigation cases ever. The Government has underwritten any legal action brought against AstraZeneca as part of its deal in rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine programme, which received regulatory approval at the end of December 2021. Manufacturers of the other Covid vaccines have also received Government indemnification. Sir Jeremy Wright, the former attorney general, is urging Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, to intervene and settle the cases before they reach court. One of his constituents, Jamie Scott, suffered a “significant permanent brain injury”. Payment is wholly inadequate Sir Jeremy told The Telegraph: “The public need the confidence to know they will be looked after if in the tiny, tiny minority of cases where the vaccine has gone wrong. “And that confidence is damaged if the Government does not step in and settle these cases.” Under the Government’s Vaccine Damage Payment scheme, people who suffer adverse reactions that lead to death or a 60 per cent disability are entitled to a one-off payment of £120,000 tax free. But lawyers argue that sum is wholly inadequate in many of the cases where people have died or been forced to give up lucrative careers. The scheme has paid out in about 150 cases, of which all but a handful occurred after receiving the AstraZeneca jab. Sir Jeremy maintained that in cases where the Government had already paid damages, causation had effectively been proven. One of the new cases has been lodged by the widower of Nicola Weideling, an employee of Oxford University, who died aged 45 in May 2021 after having the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. A coroner has already ruled that the cause of death was VITT. Her husband Kurt has urged AsatraZeneca to settle the claim. His wife died after developing blood clots and suffering a “significant brain bleed”. AstraZeneca is fighting the claim. In its defence, it has denied its vaccine was “defective” and has insisted the claims against the company are “confused” and “wrong in law”. The pharmaceutical giant is being sued under the Consumer Protection Act amid claims the vaccine was not as safe as recipients were led to believe. AstraZeneca points out the vaccine is estimated to have saved six million lives in its first year of rollout. The vaccine is no longer used in the UK as part of the booster programme.
  6. That wouldn't go down well in Germany. Apparently, they don't like it up 'em! ...
  7. Speaking as a Geordie, that's a piss-poor Geordie accent!
  8. webtrekker


    Ah, the old X-Ray Spex, I remember them well. My sister bought some in the UK once and the lenses were just 2 pieces of thin plastic trapping a feather, which was supposed to represent a skeleton! Had to love all of those ads in the back pages of American comic books though. They seemed to have so much more than us poor buggers.
  9. Damn! Read the whole bloody book and still no answer to the question: 'Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?' I'll try the Welsh (sorry, Cymru) version and see if I have more luck there ...
  10. webtrekker


    I remember, many years ago, an ad appearing in Exchange & Mart for '50 cigarette lighters for a fiver.' The greedy, gullible idiots who fell for it were sent a box of matches! Hahaha! PS. Anyone here interested in buying an old box of matches? ........................................
  11. UK aircraft carriers can’t be sent to Red Sea because of Navy staffing crisis Calls to send the £3bn HMS Queen Elizabeth to the region set to be spurned because crew shortages mean only support ship cannot sail https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/01/12/aircraft-carriers-not-ready-red-sea-navy-recruitment-crisis/ Maybe this could be the answer:
  12. Yes, I've been watching the snooker (as rubbish as it's been!) and saw the disruptions caused by the 'emergencies.' In all the years I've watched the game, I've never heard of it being held up for spectators 'fainting.'
  13. It's amazing what you'll find when you go down the RABBI hole!
  14. Although I've not knowingly experienced any deaths so far amongst family or friends that could be pinned on the jabs, I am, nevertheless, with you 100% on this, and I too will never forget the blatant lies, greed, and sheer evilness surrounding these abhorrent 'medical interventions.' The Day of Reckoning will come, and heads will roll for this. Meantime, keep trusting your instincts and stay as healthy as possible for the big day.
  15. Be careful with tethering from your mobile. We had to move house for a few weeks due to ours being refurbished and the house we were put into had no broadband. No worries, I thought, I can tether my PC to my phone. Worked great ................. until Windows decided to download an update on the bloody PC! Just about wiped out my monthly data allowance!
  16. Yes, home education seems the sensible way to go, but think of all the bullying, vaping and sexting they'll miss out on! I meant that as a serious reply, too. Kids need to learn to deal with life, the good and the bad, and to me that means being in the thick of it every day. Yes, it's hard on the parents, having to keep them on the right track, but it leads to a better life for the kids once they've experienced all of this and understood the consequences of their actions.
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