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  1. Thanks SOATB, I like that one! Saved to my PC.
  2. My wife's Granny used to make loads of the stuff from potatoes, wheat, elderflower, strawberries, blackberries, rhubarb ............ you name it! Had many a good session at Grannie's house, can't remember much about them though! Home-made wine, bread, scones, coconut haystacks, biscuits (stotty cake too, I'm a Geordie!). I do miss those times, they were definitely the Golden Days to me and everything has plummeted downhill since.
  3. So, when they come a'knoccking on your door to take away you or your kids, is that when you are going to put up a fight? Too late my friend, too late.
  4. Fair do's, I get your point. The thing is though, we're not rocking the boat hard enough. Just Stop Oil are protesting about things that may or may not affect us in the future. Our concerns are about despicable events that have already happened, and will continue to happen, until there's not one of us left standing. We know their plan and there's very little time left to oppose it.
  5. I get all of the negative posts about Just Stop Oil protestors, I really do, I'm certainly no supporter of them myself, but at least they are doing something to gain public notice. It's about time we started high-visibilty protests of our own since singing, dancing, walking the dog, and pushing pushchairs around London for a few hours has had little effect so far.
  6. Yes, the Van Allen belts are in the magnetosphere. Think of it as a huge doughnut with the Earth bang in the centre and the N and S poles pointing outside the doughnut. The magnetosphere shields the Earth from powerful solar radiation but is weakest at the poles where the Earth's magnetic lines of force are perpendicular to the Earth, which is why you are most likely to see auroras at, or near, the poles. These points are where radiation can more easily react with the atmosphere, producing visible auroras. Any news yet on my previous question regarding reflection of the Flat Earth @alexa?
  7. Brilliant! I love the way he put her on the spot before giving her the figures.
  8. Out of reactions but you're dead right.
  9. Out of reactions again, but kudos to you KJ.
  10. Got to admit, I have as much respect for Dan Inosanto as I do for Bruce Lee. A true Master.
  11. Haha! I do what I can, but I've given up trying to post links in there as Disqus censors lots of posts, that's why I try to get my message across using images and Memes. Our lives now seem to be centred on ways to beat algorithms and AI. Sad.
  12. They know what they have done. We know what they have done. They know that we know what they have done, yet they keep on doing it and keep on denying they've done anything wrong. They are playing for time, which says to me that something in the near future is planned to make all of this debate insignificant, They seem to think they will never have to provide answers to these questions, ever.
  13. I agree entirely with you. They can play their little games for now but this is mounting, and not just in the UK, and somebody, somewhere, is going to have to come up with answers soon.
  14. New death certificate entry: Cause of Death - PLANKED.
  15. Only the BBC could make a statement like that! It's so RARE that THOUSANDS are suffering from it!
  16. So you're saying the Earth can be encapsulated by a sphere yet can't be a sphere itself? Sounds very illogical to me. Anyway, please explain how this magneto-hemisphere works. And, as per Peter's post above, how can you derive a South magnetic pole from this? In fact, since your Earth is a disc I'd be very interested in knowing how a disc can have a N pole in the centre and a S pole all around the edge.
  17. Opaque glass reflects too. My tv stand is made from opaque glass. Why not just admit you don't have an answer?
  18. Well, all done with now. 'Move over, nothing to see here.' Just another day in WEFminster by all accounts!
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