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  1. An excellent book, particularly for those members who aren't as clued up on this subject as the rest of us ... I love the Wizard Of Oz theme! PDF
  2. Always worth asking first. There's not much that isn't avilable as a torrent now and some of them are better than the newer heavily censored books. Get what you can while the internet still exists for us plebs!
  3. You mean this book? ... PDF EPUB Even if I own the paper book I prefer PDF or EPUB as they are SEARCHABLE and sections can be HIGHLIGHTED or COPIED/PASTED.
  4. The detail on those coins is amazing when you zoom in a bit ...
  5. Paralyzed Canadian actress would do it again!
  6. I don't use the online meme generators, I'd rather make my own in Photoshop. The above program wasn't intended as a meme generator, it was more of a design program my daughter (who's not really Photoshop savvy) could use for her sweets shop to design personalised inserts for sweet boxes but it just happened that it could also be used to design memes. I've since added a few more features and also expanded the program somewhat to allow printing to A5, A4 and A3 sheets for use as flyers, shop signs and posters. As you say though, I sometimes enjoy writing code just for the hell of it!
  7. I wonder how long it will be before the Norway - UK Langeled pipeline develops a 'leak?' Then we'll truly be fucked!
  8. I came across this book a good while ago and am surprised that I can find no reference to it in the forum. Anyway, I think some of you may find it very interesting ... Behold A Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper [Note: Bill Cooper was shot dead on his doorstep by the CIA on November 5, 2001]. https://ia802907.us.archive.org/35/items/beholdapalehorsewilliamcooper_202003_389_A/Behold a Pale Horse William Cooper.pdf
  9. Yep, there's that 33 again! Strange that Christ was crucified aged ................ 33! Wonder if that's also a connection.
  10. Sorry everyone, I keep coming across photos of stuff I made a while ago and just can't help sharing! A couple of canvases I made ... This one is a V-Ray rendering of a 3D model I designed myself in Rhino. Simple enough design which happened to look quite good when textured. Printed direct to canvas and varnished. This was an experiment to see if I could press an HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) design onto a cheap pre-made canvas from Wilko. The design was cut on my Silver Bullet cutter.
  11. By the way, if anyone is interested in any of the following, either as a hobby or a small business, just ask me any questions and I'll help out as much as I can. Knowledge is to be passed on for the benefit of others, not kept secret! Sublimation printing (on many different substrates) including suitable printers, inks and materials Heat Transfer Vinyl - HTV (for t-shirts, bags, cushions, etc) Sign Vinyl (for, well, signs!) Contour cutting and cutters Heat Presses (for sublimation prints, HTV, heat transfers, plastisol transfers etc and mug presses/ovens)
  12. Once you have a sublimation printer and a heat press you can buy blank Christmas tree ornaments in any shape (bauble, star, tree, etc) and print and press them. They can be made of acrylic, ceramic, aluminium or MDF and they have a polymer coating which is needed to accept the sublimation print. I haven't made Christmas ornaments myself but have printed many designs on aluminium sheet, acrylic and ceramics (mugs mainly). I have also printed pre-cut cardboard jigsaws, MDF placemats, and MDF coasters. Polyester material takes well to sublimation too and produces t-shirts etc with prints that never wash out, can be ironed over repeatedly, and have no 'hand' (ie. you cannot feel the print, unlike vinyl or screen printing). Using my cutting machine I have made some Christmas stuff including these crackers for the family, and a papercut standalone design ... The crackers were finished off with a proper snap and filled with a paper hat, novelty toy and joke, then decorated both ends with ribbon. I placed 6 neatly together in a white pizza box. These were just made from glossy paper printed on my Canon inkjet printer. This ornament was again simply white glossy inkjet paper. Finally, a wine bottle cover. These are small polyester t-shirts blanks that can be sublimated.
  13. I used to sell magnetic party invitations and sublimation printed items such as personalised mugs, keyrings and tote bags and tide clocks on ebay. I'm retired now but still have all of my equipment and often use it more as a hobby now.
  14. Badges are dead easy to make. First, you need a badge machine and lots of blanks. This is my machine ... You can buy different sized dies to suit the blanks . This one is the 45mm die and I also have a smaller 25mm die. This shows (left to right): the metal blank, a printed design (just on glossy inkjet paper), a thin Mylar disc covering (supplied with the blanks, and a plastic back with pin (you can get plastic pins for young kids) ... Here's how to use it ... And the smaller 25mm badges with a 'D clip' fastening ... Hope that's of interest!
  15. Regarding DIY as art, a cutting machine opens many possibilities. For instance .. A few years back we own a static caravan. The van was very nice but not new and the plaque on the side was very faded and let it down a bit so I decided to make a new one. The old sign... I bought a custom-cut white acrylic ellipse and some coloured sign vinyl and cut out the shapes I needed along with some registration marks for alignment ... This was the end result ... And this was the finished sign back on the caravan ... Total cost less than £20.
  16. 'Art' to me is simply creating something unique. Even if it has been done before, eg. the same scene in a painting, the same type of floor, the same theme of a poem, it's your 'interpretation' of it that makes it unique and therefore 'Art.' Having done much DIY myself I can appreciate the thought and work that has gone into laying that floor and no two people will have laid it in exactly the same manner, which makes it unique. Being able to step back and admire your finished handiwork means that you know you have achieved a thing of beauty. If that's not Art I don't know what is. I like writing computer code and, even though I can see many places where I have not strictly adhered to common practices, I can still sometimes look at my pages of finished code and see a thing of beauty (to me anyway!). The finished app may resemble many other similar apps but it's still my code, done my way, unique to me, and I feel as though I have achieved something worthwhile at the end of it.
  17. While I've found my old files I might as well bore you with some more! ... I used to cut many personalised party invitations from A4 magnetic sheet (to stick on fridges as reminders) for sale on ebay. I can't show any pics yet as I need to redact the customer's names and addresses first. Here's a butterfly I sublimation printed and cut from Mylar stencil material. My wife has had a few of these placed around the garden for a few years now and they still look good as new ... and here's a couple of 45mm button badges I made for the grandkids sublimation printed direct to the clear mylar overlays so the the metal of the badge shows through. The backing cards with the Euro slots were cut from holographic card with my Silver Bullet cutter ...
  18. Nah, it's not that hard. You just turn your image into a vector outline that can be recognised by the cutting software, put your media (paper, card, plastic sheet, etc) on the cutting mat and set it away! This is the cutter I have - an 18" Silver Bullet ... It can also engrave, after a fashion. This is an engraving on 2mm clear acrylic (Hard to photograph though!) ...
  19. Mate, who needs the old forum?! Those are jaw-droppingly beautiful in their own right! I've tried painting and pastels but was never really any good. I do like 'artistic' stuff though and here's a papercut I made with my contour cutting machine sandwiched between two sheets of glass in a cheap IKEA frame ... Anther one of a miner cut from black card with a blue sky backdrop ... I too just used my old phone camera so the photography is nothing to write home about!
  20. ANyone know the stance of the British Red Cross on this, or UK blood transfusions in general? TRANSFUSION CONFUSION: American Red Cross caught mixing vaxxed blood with unvaxxed blood Tue 10:16 am +00:00, 27 Sep 2022 posted by Weaver If you or someone you know requires a blood transfusion, you might want to avoid tapping into the American Red Cross. That is because the group is indiscriminately mixing vaccinated blood with unvaccinated blood, we now know. The reason this is highly problematic is because vaccinated blood is tainted blood, meaning the recipient will receive all the spike proteins and other toxins produced by the shots in the person who received them. The Red Cross is basically poisoning the bodies of people who are already sick and in desperate need of clean, healthy blood – not blood that contains whatever was pumped in via Operation Warp Speed. “We don’t label blood products as containing vaccinated or unvaccinated blood as the Covid-19 vaccine does not enter the bloodstream and poses no safety risks to the recipient,” the Red Cross claims. “If you have safety concerns about potential blood transfusions, please speak with your medical care team.” Covid jab spike proteins “wander freely through the bloodstream,” expert says The issue came to light in response to inquiries about the Red Cross’s involvement in providing care following Hurricane Fiona, which ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. Some were concerned that the Red Cross might be poisoning people with tainted blood, and it turns out their concerns were warranted. The social media team at Red Cross apparently missed a recently published study showing that Fauci Flu shots do, in fact, enter the bloodstream and cause serious health problems. The randomized clinical trial found that the excess risk of serious adverse events is much higher in people’s whose blood has been tainted with Operation Warp Speed injections. “In the Moderna trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs (15.1 per 10,000 participants) was higher than the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group (6.4 per 10,000 participants),” the study explains. “In the Pfizer trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs (10.1 per 10,000) was higher than the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group (2.3 per 10,000 participants).” We know that the AESIs with risk ratios higher than one, meaning “elevated risk,” include serious conditions like coagulation disorder, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and myocarditis and pericarditis. Back in May 2021, another study published in Science explains in further detail how covid injections ultimately do end up in the bloodstream, contrary to the claims of the Red Cross social media team. “The spike protein is not released to wander freely through the bloodstream by itself, because it has a transmembrane anchor region that (as the name implies) leaves it stuck,” explained Derek Lowe. “That’s how it sits in the virus itself, and it does the same in human cells.” Lowe went on to state that covid jab spike proteins rest on the surface of muscle and lymphatic cells up in the shoulder near the site of injection. “Some of the vaccine dose is going to make it into the bloodstream, of course,” he added. “But keep in mind, when the mRNA or adenovirus particles do hit cells outside of the liver or the site of injection, they’re still causing them to express Spike protein anchored on their surfaces, not dumping it into the circulation.” The takeaway from all this is that the American Red Cross can no longer be trusted. Its social media team is flat-out lying to the public about its tainted blood, and readers would do well to take note of this and avoid ever accepting a blood transfusion from the group. More of the latest news about covid “vaccines” and the damage they cause to the human body can be found at ChemicalViolence.com. Sources for this article include: TrendingPolitics.com NaturalNews.com ScienceDirect.com https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-26-american-red-cross-mixxing-vaxxed-blood-unvaxxed.html
  21. I can see an immediate problem. From the Guardian article... They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from raiders as well as angry mobs. One had already secured a dozen Navy Seals to make their way to his compound if he gave them the right cue. To make that scenario work you'd need a team of Navy Seals PLUS their whole families (extended or otherwise) PLUS their close friends. If I was a Navy Seal there's no way I'd offer protection to one of these billionare knobs knowing my own family and friends were being left outside to die. No fucking way.
  22. Unfortunately no one can be judged until they have shown their true colours. You can only judge politicians retrospectively and by then the damage has been done.
  23. Can anyone explain to me what Fuellmich has actually achieved so far? I think the whole thing and this 'court' he is running is a complete nonsense.
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