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  1. Just a quick word on the reversing camera I fitted (wife not great at judging distance behind van using side mirrors). I decided to go for a wifi camera as the ceiling and walls were already insulated and finished, so I didn't fancy laying a camera wire from the back to the front of the van. It's worked out really well and gives an excellent, no-lag view, day and night. The camera I used was an Auto-Vox WC7 Pro. It picks up the power for the camera from the reversing light, so switches on immediately when reverse gear is selected. For those new to this, a wifi camera does not require an internet connection. It has a tiny black box attached that produces its own wifi and the monitor detects this as soon as reverse gear is selected. It's supposed to work up to 50m and I've had no issues with it in the van. Here's my setup (needs a bit of tidying up sometime. Might fit a decent radio while I'm on!) ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08KW11THM?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  2. They're very good Velma, and you're very imaginative.
  3. Notice how none of the Woodentops were made of Ebony, or had parts broken or missing. I wonder how they'd be portrayed today?
  4. So true! Mind you, I used to watch The Woodentops, so what exactly are you implying here?
  5. Update: The Happy Campers woke to this sight after a good sleep and a FREE night's camping ... The observant amongst you might recognise Bass Rock on the horizon, or SHIT ROCK as the grandkids have named it, due to its white appearance from the huge gannet colony that live there, and their droppings. A nice, short walk along the beach, in the opposite direction to this photo, takes you straight to the main town, harbour and Scottish Seabird Centre. Photo of Bass Rock (from the net). You can get boat trips from North Berwick to Bass Rock. ... Just putting 2+2 together ... Toyota and others are investigating using ammonia as a vehicle fuel. Those gannets give off 152,000 kg of ammonia annually. Hmm ... now if only there was some way of capturing that ......................
  6. Feel free to bust in on this thread anytime! That's why I put it in General Chat, I like threads with a bit of humour and the occasional wandering off-topic. As long as we're not visited by Sturgeon in the wee hours I'm sure we'll be fine!
  7. Yes, drive-away side awnings, or rear awnings, are a nice feature, but are mainly suited to campsite use. Wild camping spots don't always leave you with much room to put up an awning, unfortunately.
  8. My wife, daughter, and the two granddaughters hired a Bailey motorhome last summer and toured a part of Scotland: The Kelpies, Blair Drummond Safari Park, Glencoe (went up the ski lift), Fort William and across to Perth. They weren't wild camping, but booked into campsites each night, and it worked out quite expensive, which is where the wild camping idea started. They loved it so much though that we decided to buy our own van this year (from some inheritance money) and convert it. Wife and granddaughter No. 1 are at this very moment parked up on North Berwick sea front, giving it it's first trial run! As you say, some overnight parking places make a small charge, usually between £5 to £20 per night, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than using campsites. Some of these even have services such as fresh water, loos, showers, etc. Happy days!
  9. Thanks, Mac. I did look into a pop-top, but the price put me off. Maybe if I had the cash and a bit more up-market van I might consider it.
  10. We haven't gone as far as van life as yet, but I can see the attractions. Who knows, this van may one day be a life-saver. Mind you, I'd prefer a slightly bigger van if we had to live in it 24/7. The reason we bought the SWB model Vivaro (apart from it being made of galvanised steel and not like your usual Transit rust-buckets!), was because a hi-top van would be less useful in car parks with height restrictions. Also, a LWB van would take up more room outside our house, and we wouldn't want to upset the lovely neighbours too much. I haven't got around to joining any forums yet, but I often come across them when looking for info and tips. Never had any experiences with Bigfoot or Scottish wild men yet, but our tent was jumped on by a swan one night in Castle Douglas. We were asleep and didn't know what the hell had hit us, but the muddy footprints on the canvas in the morning revealed the culprit!
  11. For anyone toying with the idea of campervan/motorhome touring and wondering where they can stay, I can recommend having a look at the Free-to-join Search For Sites website ... https://www.searchforsites.co.uk/ I'm not affiliated in any way to this site but have found it very handy and easy to use, with reliable information.
  12. My wife and one of our granddaughters is taking the campervan for a trial run to North Berwick today for the next 3 nights, so we'll see how it goes. We've been tent campers for most of our adult life so we're not afraid to rough it a bit. Having a campervan though means that there's no tent to erect or take down (usually in the worst possible weather!), so that's a plus. I'm particularly interested in how well the leisure battery will perform. We've had a couple of caravans in the past but they were always on electric hookups. Maybe I'll look into solar charging later this year.
  13. Just wondering if any other members have gone down the van conversion route? We've recently bought a 2011 Vauxhall Vivaro diesel van and are busy kitting it out as a campervan (of sorts!). It's a SWB model and doesn't have a hi-top, so space is limited, but adequate. I've made a pull-out double bed that slides back to form a seat. Also fitted a reversing camera, leisure battery on a split-charge system, and various other tweaks and comforts. The plan is to mainly do some wild camping in Scotland. My brother-in-law also owns a Vivaro and he and his wife travel regularly to the Berwick and North Berwick areas, where they park up overnight in pub car parks, or designated lay-bys. This has worked really well for them and is much less expensive (as in mostly FREE!) compared to staying on campsites. I'll not bore you with any more, unless this topic gains a bit of interest.
  14. The thing with debt is ... never admit to owning the debt. Ignore everything received by email, post, or over the phone. Never identify yourself by name to any of these, including people turning up at your door. Never accept a discount on your debt. That's the same as admitting you own the debt. If pressed, ask the company pursuing the debt for a copy, or the original, of the loan contract you took out, SIGNED BY THE COMPANY PROVIDING THE LOAN, AND BY YOURSELF. Most debts are sold to collectors, who eventually sell it off to other collectors. ... ad infinitum, ... and many find it almost impossible to find the original document. After 6 years of occasional hassle (but never admitting the debt) the debt will become STATUTE BARRED, meaning that they no longer have a legal claim on you and cannot pursue you further (even though some will still try!). [Note that this doesn't apply to Mortgage debt, where they will chase you forever].
  15. Love it! Vid is restricted but can be viewed easily in Tor browser.
  16. It's the second-biggest killer to 'Death by Coincidence,' apparently!
  17. Ah, the good old 'Weekend Soldiers,' who fight a million battles and are always home in time for tea! (Credit goes to Billy Connolly for that one). The local church has a clerical member who lives near us and is in the Territorials. His title is Canon Fodder!
  18. I couldn't imagine a more horrific existence, if you can call it an existence at all.
  19. It depends on dosage. I seem to remember that they upped the dose quite a bit for the old folks in the care homes during the covid era.
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