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  1. Frankincense and Myrr-Man! Brilliant!
  2. I'm 70 in a coupla months and have much the same attitude as you Ziggy. I may not be able to stop being held down and jabbed by a bunch of the fuckers but I'll take a few eyeballs out while they're trying. I don't care who is doing the jabbing, it's assault with a deadly weapon as far as I'm concerned and will defend myself accordingly.
  3. Copied from Telegram (A J Roberts Show) ... I’ve been talking about it a lot recently on my show about the huge part behavioural science has had on the public in all major countries leading up to this point. The Nudge Group were employed here in the UK to study the population for a few years leading up to March 2020. Everything we do, what motivates us, what makes us sad, how we buy, how we move around, what makes us tick. This data has simply been weaponised against the public and has been used to carry out everything that has been implemented the last 2 years. Now thinking along the lines of behavioural science, why do you think all of a sudden all these videos keep popping up about Boris and his crew from last Christmas, all at the same time? ….. This game of chess we find ourselves in has produced more smoke and mirrors than most times in history. What are they actually trying to distract your from is the real question! Perhaps one of the biggest legal cases in history exposing loads of celebrities, politicians and other sickos for child trafficking might be one thing ( Maxwell Case ) Perhaps it’s to make Boris look the buffoon like they did with Hancock to get him out the way because of ongoing legal action for murdering thousands in the care homes Perhaps it’s to take your mind quickly off the scary transformer variant because their BS approach clearly isn’t working and the lies on GMB and from Dr Hilary on a daily basis are as clear as day. Think carefully about everything the press are trying to show you and question absolutely EVERYTHING!
  4. ... Hang on a minute ... I've watched loads of this Christmas Party shit on TV over the last couple of Earth rotations, but never heard anyone bringing up the REAL ISSUE. If they were laughing at us and blatantly ignoring all the rules, then surely this is irrefutable evidence that there is NO COVID and NO PANDEMIC! If there was truly a deadly pandemic then even these stupid braindead clowns wouldn't be having unprotected gatherings!
  5. Ok, NOW it's time to be very afraid ... A ‘Radical’ UN Climate Style ‘Pandemic Treaty’ For Viruses!? Published on December 8, 2021 Written by climatedepot.com Less than a week after the new omicron variant of the coronavirus was reported to the World Health Organization, global leaders on Wednesday agreed to start negotiations to create an international agreement to prevent and deal with future pandemics — which some have dubbed a “pandemic treaty.” The special session of the World Health Assembly, only the second ever held by the WHO’s governing body, pledged by consensus to begin work on an agreement, amid a round of applause, after three days of talks. The commitment by countries to negotiate a “global accord” would “help to keep future generations safer from the impacts of pandemics,” he added. The assembly’s decision will see the creation of an “intergovernmental negotiating body” to draft and negotiate the final convention, which would then need to be adopted by member states. … Tedros said omicron “demonstrates just why the world needs a new accord on pandemics,” and called for a “legally binding” agreement. Marc Morano’s comment: See more here: climatedepot.com
  6. webtrekker


    Copied to the Humour section as requested by @sickofallthebollocks ...
  7. Forged vaccine passport: Father kills family for fear of prison By Anna C.December 7, 20212 Mins Read The police found five bodies on Saturday in a single-family house in Senzig, Brandenburg, south of Berlin: father, mother, and three daughters. The father of the family, Devid R. (40), is said to have killed his wife, and his three children aged four, eight, and ten. All of them were found with gunshot wounds. According to a suicide letter left behind, the 40-year-old forged a vaccination certificate for his wife. After the employer found out, the couple was afraid of imprisonment and that the children would be taken away from them, the Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon told the German Press Agency on Tuesday. He did not provide any further details. The investigators found the letter in the family home. Königs Wusterhausen is located south-east of Berlin in the Brandenburg district of Dahme-Spreewald and has almost 40,000 inhabitants. Senzig is a district of Königs Wusterhausen and was an independent municipality until a municipal area reform in the early 2000s.
  8. A little more on the German killings ...
  9. From my post, just above yours ... See a connection here?
  10. Something I posted a while ago from TCW website but which I think is even more relevant now after 2 years of conditioning ... Which way will we lab rats jump? By Steve Jamnik July 3, 2021 PSYCHOLOGISTS study learning in a laboratory. This means that many important variables influencing behaviour can be excluded or controlled. Learning is defined as an adaptive change in observable behaviour. If you fall from the top of the Eiffel Tower, your behaviour when you reach the ground will have changed from your behaviour on the viewing platform, but you haven’t learned anything (well, you might have – but too late). Learning also requires that the adaptive change is contingent upon certain stimuli in one’s environment. I won’t go on about defining the term learning, but it’s important to agree on what we are talking about to make sure things can’t slip past unintended. Learning falls into two categories, classical conditioning and operant conditioning. In classical conditioning, as pioneered by Pavlov and his dogs, a stimulus (a bell) is followed by another stimulus (food). Soon, when the bell is rung, saliva begins to flow. The dog has been conditioned to associate the sound of the bell with the presentation of food. It has learned. However, you will notice that the dog has not had to do anything to achieve this learning. The dog’s autonomic nervous system has done the learning for him. This is an important observation. You can learn without wishing to learn. Circumstances can dictate. In operant conditioning, pioneered by B F Skinner, the organism under observation is required to do something: to operate on its environment in some way. The simplest way to achieve this is to get it to press a lever. The lever can be wired to an electric switch, which can deliver a reward – a food pellet, or access to a sexually receptive mate, or a punishment such as an electric shock. This result of the initial behaviour is contingent upon it. It won’t happen unless the behaviour happens first. This is an important distinction from classical conditioning, in which the stimulus happens first, and the behaviour in response occurs afterwards. If the rat is motivated, by being hungry for example, and presses the lever and receives a food pellet, the probability of it pressing the lever increases. After only a short time the rat will eagerly press the lever. Its behaviour has adapted. It has learned. So far so good. We have cracked the laws that govern learning; now what? A series of experiments by Seligman and Maier led to the coining of the term ‘learned helplessness’. In one of my psychology lectures the following experiment was described: A large tank is half filled with water. In the centre of the tank is a raised platform atop a slim pole, which cannot be climbed up or down. At one end of the tank is a broad shelf, divided into two compartments. Each compartment is fronted with a drop-down flap, which can be locked shut. One flap is painted in black and white stripes, the other in black and white dots, to be perceptually distinguishable. A rat which has been previously conditioned to this experimental set-up is positioned on the platform. Food pellets are placed behind the striped flap. The dotted flap is locked. The rat has already been trained to leap. If it leaps at the unlocked flap, the flap drops back and the rat gains food pellets and freedom. If it leaps at the dotted flap, it smacks its nose and falls into the water. This occurrence is called a negative reinforcement. The rat quickly learns to leap only at the striped flap. Then the locks are swapped. The striped flap is now locked and the dotted flap is unlocked. After a few unsuccessful leaps, the rat switches to the dotted flap. For the next run of the experiment, both flaps are locked. The rat leaps at one then the other. The result is always a dunking. Eventually the rat refuses to jump and remains motionless on the platform. In order to force a leap, a blast of cold air is directed at the rat. The experiment is run until behavioural breakdown occurs. Whenever the rat is placed on the platform, it leaps off randomly in all directions, always ending in the water. Now comes the clever part. Both flaps are removed. The food pellets and the path to escape are clearly visible. But the breakdown of the rat’s behaviour is ineradicable. When placed on the platform the rat freezes. Even the jet of air won’t budge it. If it does eventually leap, it will not be to the escape shelf. Only by lifting the rat from the platform and manually placing it on the shelf can the dysfunctional behaviour gradually be extinguished. Conclusion: When faced by a chaotic, unpredictable, random environment, wherein the rules are constantly changing, and whatever the rat does makes no difference, the rat will be ‘broken’ and will cease to be able to behave adaptively. An unkind experiment, but revealing. So, in my humble opinion, since this whole Plandemic is about control and subservience, me must understand the methods being employed by these psychological 'Nudge' teams in order to truly fins a way to fight back.
  11. 3D-printed suicide pods are now legal in Switzerland A 3D-printed capsule is set to “revolutionize” assisted suicide. It may be legally operated in Switzerland. This is according to an expert opinion obtained by Exit International – the organization that developed the “Sarco” machine – and was first reported by Swiss Info. In 2020, around 1300 people died in Switzerland through euthanasia. They were cared for by the two largest euthanasia organizations in the country: Exit (no connection to Exit International) and Dignitas. The current common method is the ingestion of liquid sodium pentobarbital. After taking the drug, the person falls asleep within two to five minutes before slipping into a deep coma and dying soon after. The “Sarco” capsule The capsule called “Sarco” offers a different approach to a peaceful death, without the need for prescription substances. The capsule is mounted on a device that floods the interior with nitrogen and very quickly reduces the oxygen content from 21 to one percent. The person feels a little disoriented and may also feel slightly euphoric before losing consciousness. The whole process takes about 30 seconds. Death occurs from hypoxia and hypocapnia, a lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide, respectively. “There is no panic, no feeling of suffocation,” Nitschke added.
  12. And there it is! Vine says on program 'We must be careful what we say. We must not complain' about adverse effects ... https://fudgeys.co.uk/vine1.mp4
  13. MONSTER: Fauci runs “secret island of monkeys” to conduct cruel animal experiments to enrich Big Pharma Sun 11:17 am +00:00, 5 Dec 2021 posted by Weaver Ethan Huff – News Target Dec 3, 2021 Click to enlarge Government “doctor” Tony Fauci has once again been exposed for torturing and murdering innocent animals as part of his mad scientist experiments. New documents obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request brought to light a “secret island of monkeys” operation being run by Fauci for the purpose of disease research. Morgan Island, S.C., is one of the locales where Fauci sends American taxpayer dollars to scientists who conduct “excruciating experiments” on rhesus monkeys. “The monkeys originating from Morgan Island off the coast of Beaufort in South Carolina are acquired and owned by NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases),” reported Great Game India. It was Justin Goodman, vice president of advocacy and public policy for the White Coat Waste Project (WCWP), who obtained the documents revealing this horror, which is being bankrolled by American taxpayers without their knowledge. According to the documents, Fauci’s NIAID spent some $13.5 million on the experiments at Morgan Island, which involved intentionally injecting rhesus monkeys with all kinds of deadly infectious diseases such as Lassa and Ebola. These disease injections resulted in the monkeys experiencing extreme pain, brain damage, loss of motor control, organ failure, hemorrhaging, and a host of other serious health problems. Fauci also bankrolled other heinous animal experiments at Charles River Laboratories, which is where beagle dogs were intentionally exposed to sandflies that ate them alive. Morgan Island, just to clarify, is owned by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, and was being leased at the time to Charles River Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company. At least 44 beagle dogs were captured and succumbed to this extreme torture, all to fuel whatever projects Fauci had in his mind for creating new bioweapons or “vaccines.” After the beagles were eaten alive, Fauci-funded scientists dissected their bodies before disposing of the remains. “In many of these experiments, Fauci and staff intentionally withhold pain relief, even though these are some of the most excruciating experiments in the federal government,” Goodman revealed. The Federal Budget Database shows that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) “donated” $13.5 million to this operation. Since 2018, the total “donation” amount is said to be as high as $27.5 million. “NIAID paid $8.9 million of that $13.5 million,” reported Great Game India. Fauci has been torturing, murdering innocent animals for at least 40 years Morgan Island first crossed the WCWP’s radar when the team began investigating “fear experiments” being conducted on monkeys at a National Institutes of Health (NIH) laboratory in Bethesda, Md. Upon closer look, it was discovered that the source of these monkeys was Morgan Island. “We started triangulating information about that island with the experiments at the labs, and we found that Fauci’s labs are the single largest supporter of that island,” Goodman revealed. In 2020, there were 3,521 monkeys present on Morgan Island, and 750 more are born and bred there annually. Somewhere between 500 and 600 monkeys were reportedly shipped from Morgan Island to NIH and NIAHD labs. “It’s very unlikely that Fauci didn’t know about this given the amount of money involved and the fact that these experiments are happening in his own laboratories,” Goodman added. “These aren’t being contracted somewhere else. They are happening in his own house. If he’s going to get credit for any good he does, he needs to get blamed for any bad that’s happening on his watch as well. The buck stops with him, and he’s certainly responsible.” The original source of Fauci’s monkeys is said to be the Caribbean Primate Research Center, which started sending them as far back as 1979. According to PubMed.gov, the monkeys reestablished their former social groups after being removed from the Caribbean and transplanted to South Carolina. What this all means, of course, is that Fauci has been abusing animals for at least the past four decades. And his and the government’s justification for doing it is laughably unscientific. The claim is that monkeys are very similar to humans, and thus serve as viable experimental mammals. The problem, however, is that nine out of 10 drugs that supposedly pass the test on these animals end up failing in humans. “Research shows that despite their similarities to us, they are incredibly poor predictors of how vaccines and other drugs are going to act in humans,” Goodman says. So far, the WCWP has exposed six different experiments just on beagles that Fauci has funded over the years. One of them involved a cordectomy, which is when a dog’s vocal cords are sliced and removed to stop him from barking, howling or crying during an experiment. “The reason that the Department of Health and Human Services gives on its website for using beagles is that they are small and docile, meaning they are easy to abuse,” Goodman further explained. More of the latest news about Fauci and his mad scientist experiments on innocent animals can be found at Evil.news. Sources for this article include: GreatGameIndia.com NaturalNews.com Source
  14. At last! A 100% reliable Covid test! https://fudgeys.co.uk/beer_covid.mp4
  15. A glimpse into the warped mind of Fauci ... An excerpt from RFK Jr's new book: The Real Anthony Fauci “AZT was a chemotherapy formulation that was so toxic it killed all the rats when they gave it to them. The inventor of AZT felt that it was unsafe for any human use, so he didn't even patent it,” Kennedy says. “Very early on, the National Cancer Institute had found that when you put AZT in a culture of HIV, that killed the HIV, not surprisingly. It killed anything it touched. And so, Fauci partnered with the manufacturer of AZT ... He guided that formulation through the regulatory process and tried to fast track it. He cheated terribly on the clinical trials. In the clinical trials, it was killing everybody. It literally kills everybody who takes it. But he was able to keep the people in the treatment group alive by giving them huge numbers of blood transfusions. It does keep them alive for the eight weeks, and based upon that eight-week trial, he got approval for AZT. It was unprecedented. As Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the polymerase chain- reaction (PCR) technique, said, with any chemotherapy drug, you're supposed to give it to somebody for two weeks. Chemotherapy is designed to kill every cell in the body, but hopefully it kills tumor cells first and you can take the person off it. The tumor dies, if you time it right, and the person doesn't die. If you put somebody on that for life, like Tony Fauci was doing, every one of them is going to die. And that's what happened. Meanwhile, there were a lot of drugs at that time that were being repurposed. Local, community-based doctors in San Francisco and New York who were treating the AIDS community were finding that these drugs treated the symptoms of AIDS, and they stopped people from dying. Fauci made a deliberate crusade to sabotage those, to make sure they were not available to sick people, in order to make sure that AZT would be the only solution. And AZT was the most expensive drug in history. It was $10,000 for a one-year supply [while costing just $5 per dose to manufacture, plus U.S. taxpayers paid for all of the research and development of the drug] ... Tony Fauci basically created this template that he then used over the next 45 years, to develop toxic drug after toxic drug. He killed early treatment, and killed any protocol that competed with his pharmaceutical enterprise. A lot of people have died [as a result].”
  16. I was wondering why Comirnaty had disappeared from the newsfeeds ... Here’s the real reason Comirnaty is not available Guest Post by Steve Kirsch It’s all about liability. It will magically become available when the vaccine for children is fully approved, not before. The reason Comirnaty isn’t available is because those shots would expose the company to liability since the fully-licensed product doesn’t have the liability waiver of the EUA product. But once the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved in kids, then Pfizer gets liability waiver on all age groups due to a “feature” in federal law for child vaccines (NCVIA). At that time, they are done. They can market the COVID vaccine products under full approval for all age groups and face no liability when it kills or disables you. This is why they are focused on the kids. This is why there is a reformulation at a 1/3 dose and they changed the buffer and the storage conditions (low temperatures not required). All of these will weaken the protection, but result in a safer vaccine (since it is ineffective). But for the clinical trials on the 5-11 year olds, they did not use the formulation they approved in the meeting. This is known as bait and switch. So they used a more effective vaccine to show efficacy (in the trials they completed), then they get the FDA to approve the drug but with a change in formulation, then the product with the new buffer will go out to the public with the lower efficacy, but better safety. This is because they don’t want to jeopardize any adverse events happening until they are fully approved. So they basically use formula 1 for safety, get approval for formula 2 (safer, less effective), then roll out formula 2 under EUA. They also arrange with the FDA and CDC to make sure no early treatment drugs get approved or recommended. This is why there is no movement on fluvoxamine, ivermectin, etc. since that would blow the EUA. Fluvoxamine is the best drug ever for COVID with a mortality reduction of 12X when taken early. It’s the best drug to date for COVID, but the CDC and NIH are deliberately burying it until the vaccines are fully approved. Then they’ll say, “ok, we have all the data.” So at the end, Pfizer gets a fully approved vaccine with full liability protection. At that time, then the NIH can recognize other treatments. This is how it is wired to go. Let’s be honest about it. This is why nobody wants to debate our team about what is going on. https://www.theburningplatform.com/2021/11/05/heres-the-real-reason-comirnaty-is-not-available/
  17. I'll take off my (tin-foil) hat to your missus then. Very astute!
  18. ... and there it is. Right on the money, Mac.
  19. Arseula Fond of Lying is a dangerous, manipulated, twat and let's hope that Nuremburg 20 is the hill (or rope) on which she dies.
  20. This is what a can't, for the life of me, understand. I had alwys thought that once the young kids were threatened that this would somehow be interpreted as Crossing the Rubicon. I'm astounded and sickened by the fact that this is instead seen as a normal progression towards much-touted 'immunity.'
  21. Interesting Telegram post ... From Germany: [21.11.2021 08:15] Dear friends, I think it was a shock for many of us when the news of compulsory vaccination came today from our neighbouring country Austria. Of course, it was clear to everyone that this was the perfect plan for Germany, and as was to be expected, our beloved Södolf also jumped on this bandwagon and demanded mandatory vaccination in our country as well, just minutes after the announcement. But after the first short shock, when the brain can think clearly again, one thing struck me.... Why on earth does this compulsory vaccination only start on 1 February 2022???? If these tyrants are already planning to implement it, there is nothing in the world that can stop them from doing it tomorrow. No one could stop them anyway. But then why wait so long? There is only one logical explanation to this question. The psychological pressure on the population will be massively intensified during these two and a half months. In other words, the masses of hitherto indomitable vaccine opponents will be forced to run "voluntarily" into the syringe. But why is this "voluntarism" so important to you? The answer is very simple. As long as a person does something "voluntarily," he bears the responsibility and liability for it. The second it really happens by official state coercion, the one who issued the order bears the legal responsibility. Legally, this is an incredibly big difference and, in the light of the possible threat of Nuremberg Trials 2.0, possibly life-changing. So whether this compulsory vaccination actually comes to Austria in February or not, God knows. The tyrants, however, are only interested in forcing as many people as possible to be injected without responsibility. We are in the endgame and it is only a matter of holding out until the whole sham collapses. Which will undoubtedly happen because the combination of "vaccine breakthrough" and vaccine damage can no longer be kept secret, and even the lying and corrupt mass media will no longer help. With this knowledge in mind, the criminal elites have no choice but to go full throttle. Hang in there and don't give up is the motto now! It's them who are running out of time, not us... Please share this text everywhere, because ignorance and panic among the population are the elites' most powerful weapons. We have backbone and perseverance. If we stand firm and do not give in, this entire criminal system will fall globally. And it should have been done a long time ago. t.me/Qintohealthandawareness
  22. The Unicorn variant is has now spread to 38 countries, apparently, with NO DEATHS REPORTED so far. So how is this a 'deadly' variant?
  23. 'No jab, no job.' So now we have to attend the Jab Centre before attending the Job Centre.
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