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  1. To be honest, I'm surprised no-one AFAIK has come up with Deepfaking people's nearest and dearest and conversing with the Deepfake using ChatGPT-4. This technology is available now, today. You'd just switch on your phone, tablet, computer, or Amazon Show device and there would be, say, your deceased Grandfather, looking chipper and with the same voice and mannerisms he had when alive. You could then ask him about anything and your voice prompt would be converted to enable ChatgPT-4 to answer you via your Deepfake Grandad! Of course, at the moment, your DF Grandad wouldn't be able to retrieve personal data or family memories, but it would only be a matter of time before such features could be added. Can you imagine how strange that would be? It wouldn't be like flipping through old photographs, or watching old videos. Oh no! It would be like facetiming your Grandad as if he was still alive and well! I'd imagine many people would maybe be a bit spooked by this at first, understandibly, but many may also be comforted by it, as though old Gramps had some how cheated death itself and was always on hand to help them through life. Sales would skyrocket!
  2. Ok. My Dad wasn't running marathons at 90, (he never ran one in his life!), but he did continue going dancing every weekend up to the age of 90, and never had any real ill health until the last year of his life. So you don't necessarily need drugs and invasive medical procedures to keep you alive and fit after 70. There are loads of online articles about keeping mice alive for longer, but nearly all of the articles I've read about combating, or reversing ageing say they will probably be able to do this at some point in the future. I'm certainly not going to hold my breath and I'm just going to enjoy the rest of my days the best I can without unnecessary drugs and crazy diets.
  3. From the Daily Mail 'This is Money' section ... Around 57 per cent of all meters in the UK are now smart, meaning 32.4 million homes currently have the device. So I Googled how many residential homes there were in the UK ... Can anyone explain to me how 57% of 25 milion = 32.4 million?
  4. I think it's all bullshit. My Dad never ate any special diets and lived on bacon, eggs, chips, beef, pork, fish, bread, butter, jam, etc, plus whatever kinds of fruit and vegetables were available. He wasn't a heavy drinker but liked a pint or two. He never smoked, but lived with my Mam who did smoke. His main form of fitness was dancing at the local working men's social club at weekends. My Dad died in January. He would have been 99 years old in February. My daughter's old headmaster used to jog to school every day, ran marathons regularly and ate the recommended nutritious diets advised ny his doctor. He collapsed and died in his 40's. Go figure.
  5. That's a good point. When pushed, people WILL take whatever they need to survive. Crops in the fields will be plundered too, and even farm animals may be taken and slaughtered.The human race are no longer hunter-gatherers, they are thieves and opportunists. Anyone thinking of going down the self-sufficiency route during a global food crisis will first of all need to stock up on weapons and ammunition!
  6. That's what I thought too but apparently it's open Mondays ...
  7. Please hear me out on this, I'll try to keep it short. Quick back-story: Years ago, I remember reading a book by Michael Coney called 'Friends Come In Boxes.' I thought it was rather good at the time and it described a world in which people were euthanised at 40 and their thoughts transferred into the brains of a 6 month old baby so that they could carry on with their lives in a new body and thus become immortal. However ... they did not forsee the birth rate rapidly declining so it came to pass that those who died without a new body donor had there thoughts captured and placed in what they called 'Friendship Boxes' while they waited for a body. These boxes could converse with one another and with normal humans. This led to some wonderful plots in the book! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Friends-Come-Boxes-Michael-Coney/dp/0722124600 Another, related story: When Superman (Kal-El) came to Earth, he built his famous Fortress of Solitude in the frozen wastes. Inside the Fortress were crystals from his home planet, Krypton, and they contained a kind of AI in the form of holograms of his real parents that he could communicate with and ask for advice in times of need. Ok. Thanks for reading that. Now onto my own thoughts... Given the exponential advances in AI: Deepfakes, voice-cloning, mood detection, mind-reading, and the colossal storage of everyone's data, down to the most trivial of things, by governments worldwide, could there not come a time soon when we all become 'immortal' by being stuck in the aforementioned Boxes, so that our living relatives could still converse with us? Far fetched? Maybe, but personally I think not. Far from being repulsed by the idea, our upcoming offspring would probably embrace it, given the way they have already been brainwashed to accept eveything tech as good, beneficial to all, and the only way forward. They'd think it was great to have Mam, Dad, Granny or Grandpa in a box! Then they wouldn't have to confront death, which could spoil their comfy, techy-driven, controlled little lives. Meanwhile, our billionaire bosses would enjoy their own immortality as free as birds, ... in new bodies.
  8. And Italians are never cornered 'cos they're always travelling in reverse!
  9. Jokes about the Irish being thick have always been a bit below the belt I've thought. The Irish aren't thick, but this leaves me wondering ... Fearing ‘climate change,’ Ireland moves to kill the cows Published on June 14, 2023 Written by John Klar Ireland has announced plans to cull hundreds of thousands of cows to comply with European Union climate policy Similar initiatives in Belgium and the Netherlands ensure that beef prices will rise, but these proposals offer little environmental benefit. Indeed, cows are the heroes, not the villains, in rescuing the climate. Ireland’s push to eliminate 200,000 cows demonstrates the persistent folly of climate alarmism, while contrasting the shortcomings of renewable energy products. The fundamental premise of the targeting of benevolent bovines is faulty: that cow burps cause damage to the environment. Interestingly, the alternatives propounded — for humans to obtain protein instead from insects, or soy-based synthetic meat substitutes — will profit industries who are key partners in the globalist effort to eradicate cows. The attacks on cows are premised on data for beef and dairy cows managed in Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs), in which the animals are fed a diet rich in grains. Manure is collected in lagoons or massive piles that must then be spread back onto the fields. It is the fossil fuels and chemicals involved in producing grains and other feed, and moving them (and the resultant manure) mechanically, that creates the lion’s share of cow ‘pollution’. But cows raised on pasture, and rotated regularly, do not depend on GMO grains for their food, nor on diesel-powered equipment to discharge their fecal byproducts. More, their manure then replaces synthetic fertilizers, including urea manufactured from natural gas. That fake meat that Bill Gates wants Americans to eat in place of cows is made from soy and other plant inputs. GMO soy and corn are produced using massive quantities of synthetic fertilizers, Round-Up and other herbicides, fossil fuels for tractors and harvesters, and more fuel to process and transport the food for human consumption. Also, in many areas, these crops are irrigated with precious underground aquifer resources. How is replacing grass-fed cows with fertilizer-fed and glyphosate-saturated soy an improvement to the environment? Cows have been chewing cud to convert grass to steak for humans for thousands of years. In Ireland, the government has for years paid farmers to increase their herds and production, and many of those dairies are grass-fed. Ireland has built a niche market in that very field: Until recently, the government had encouraged dairy farmers to expand to exploit the end of EU milk quotas. Farmers invested in new equipment and the dairy herd grew by almost half in the past decade. Irish butter, cheese and other produce — 90 percent is exported — filled supermarket shelves around the world. In contrast, consider the production of solar panels in China, made from quartz heated with coal, spewing enormous amounts of pollution. Those will be funded, while cows are slaughtered as polluters? How much more toxic chemical pollution is released into the atmosphere when an electric car is manufactured than a cow ever belches? And how much water is saved, and soil rebuilt, in the United States when new windmills are shipped out versus properly stewarded cows? The push to eliminate cows is a scam. One of the clearest proofs is that there is no attack on pigs or chickens. Ireland produces 70 million chickens a year; why aren’t they being culled? Chickens and pigs cannot be raised on grass, but are almost wholly dependent on grain crops. A genuine effort to curtail pollution from tilling and monoculture cropping would favor cows and sheep over pigs and chickens! (Ireland has 1.6 million pigs.) Instead, Ireland follows AOC and the WEF in the bullying of cattle. Reducing dairy and beef production in Ireland will undermine its economy, as these make up about two thirds of the nation’s agriculture output, with 90 percent being exported. It will also drive up food prices and create environmental pressures in other nations that fill the production void, as well as reducing the food supply. With John Kerry saying America needs to drastically reduce farming, reducing the food supply seems to be the end goal.
  10. Yeah. When animals are cornered they fight for survival. When humans are cornered they roll over and submit.
  11. That's a good point @2020member. So obviously these murders were not about Covid or Climate Change!
  12. Bit like Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, stamped on by JP Morgan once he realised he wasn't going to make money on it.
  13. Excellent post by Laura Dodsworth in the Daily Sceptic ... COVID-19 Inquiry Shows its Hand by Requiring Covid Tests by Laura Dodsworth 13 June 2023 11:03 AM Laura Dodsworth is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller A State of Fear: how the U.K. Government weaponised fear during the COVID-19 pandemic. This article first appeared on her excellent Substack page, which is well worth subscribing to. The first COVID-19 inquiry public hearing will be held today, following the preliminary hearings which began in February. The inquiry will call witnesses to give evidence under oath and they will then be questioned by barristers and the chair, Baroness Hallett. There is no deadline for the inquiry’s conclusion. It is an eye-wateringly expensive investigation, currently estimated to cost £114 million, but it will potentially run to more than the Bloody Sunday inquiry which was nearly £200 million. Sixty-three lawyers are working directly for the inquiry and a further 100 are named as representatives. MP Graham Stringer has commented that this is a “very expensive and very bloated” inquiry and it may be used to “kick things into [the] very long grass”. It is important not to pre-judge the outcome of the inquiry, but it has been increasingly difficult to be hopeful for the inquiry’s fairness and value for money. After the imbalance of the modules and core participants, the first serious dark cloud to descend was the lamentable list of 150 questions put by Baroness Hallett to Boris Johnson. Now, they are only questions and we don’t have the answers yet, but to give you an idea, question 45 was particularly chilling: 45. To what extent did the U.K. Government have regard during the period January to March 2020 to the response of other countries to COVID-19? Did you consider taking more stringent measures in response to COVID-19 such as those seen in, for example, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand etc.? What, if any, assumptions were made about how such measures would (or would not) work in the U.K.? Why not Sweden? It did not impose strict lockdowns or close schools for under 16s and currently has the one of the world’s lowest excess mortality figures. This inquiry appears to favour stringency above existing pandemic planning, minimum economic and social disruption and low excess deaths. But there was worse to come. If you thought that the curtain had closed on Covid safety pantomime, think again. Broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer has tweeted that the COVID-19 inquiry policy is for staff and visitors to take weekly lateral flow tests if they attend daily, and test in advance for individual days. The inquiry’s Covid policy goes further than Government recommendations, asking those who test positive to stay away. The largely pointless face masks are welcome. The air will be purified, sanitising stations available and a “disinfectant fogging treatment will be used on the surfaces in the hearing room, viewing room and other rooms each evening”. While some of the attendees who have lost loved ones to Covid may appreciate these gestures, they are nevertheless gestures. The Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry, for instance, does not publish such a “thorough” Covid policy. Psychologists found lockdown in itself was a primary reason why so many people were willing to abide by the rules from the start – believing the threat must be very severe if the Government was willing to impose such drastic measures. In other words, “if the Government is doing this, it must be really bad”. This supposition was reinforced by a concerted behavioural psychology campaign, a blitzkrieg of advertising, Downing Street briefings, unbalanced media coverage, the Covid death data dashboard, the most punitive laws and fines since the Dark Ages and the ongoing restrictions, tiers, rules and isolating lockdowns. And now the people running the inquiry think we need more lateral flow tests and masks. The country has been institutionalised by Covid fearmongering and the inmates are now running the asylum inquiry. After dressing up in masks, taking weekly lateral flow tests for years and processing the answers to biased questions, the inmates at the inquiry will simply deduce that the walls were not built early or high enough. Next time there is a pandemic, people will be able to say “Baroness Hallett’s report stated that the U.K. Government didn’t lock down fast – or hard – enough. We won’t make that mistake again!” There will be no redemption, just a long, hard sentence, swiftly imposed. Once again, lives will be ruined, not saved. It would be better to have no inquiry than this inquiry. These walls are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Nuff time passes, you get so you depend on ’em. That’s institutionalised.’ From The Shawshank Redemption
  14. Notice how it's never the 'A-listers' that are dropping like flies. I'm baffled! I wonder if @Nip can help?
  15. And sudden, unexpected death has always demanded (in the past, anyway) AN AUTOPSY!
  16. We have really good neighbours, both NHS worker in their 50's. Back in 2020 we often talked about the fake plandemic and the upcoming calls for a 'vaccine.' They knew the score and we often had conversations or texted each other about various 'conspiracies,' passing on our latect news. However, they were eventually coerced into taking the jabs on the threat of them both losing their jobs. They never wanted them, and knew there was something 'not right' about them, but were left with little choice. After that, we had very little to say to one another regarding being jabbed but to this day still remain the best of friends. Just a couple of weeks ago they asked if I'd look after their 4 dogs as they were invited to an NHS do and had to stay overnight. I said it would be no problem. As we were running over the feeding instructions the lady said to me, totally out of the blue and with no further explanation, 'I wish we had never taken these vaccinations.' They're in a position to see what's happening to people being brought into hospital on a daily basis and, I can only assume, are running scared because of what they have seen. She quoted one case that had only happened that week where a young, 19 year old girl had been brought in with heart problems 2 days after vaccination and was rushed to Newcastle RVI hospital where she died. Yet they still keep jabbing every arm that comes into view. It's sickening.
  17. The Statkraft Osmotic Power Plant was shelved years ago. Another non-starter in the Green Energy game.
  18. The fact remains though, ANY password can be eventually discovered by brute force methods. The best you can do is change all of your passwords regularly. Most online attacks involve malicious JavaScript code between<script></script> being injected into non-sanitized, or non-validated, Form inputs. The injected code then gives the hacker full access to your server and they can even blacklist YOUR IP so that you can't view web pages from your own server. If this ever happens to you you need to contact your hosting company and get them to whitelist your IP (or IP Range if your ISP issues Dynamic IP's) on the server. I remember being attacked a good while ago where every .js file on 5 websites I own had malicious JS code attached to the end of every single file. Their were THOUSANDS of these to edit so I had to write a PHP script of my own that read in each .js file in turn, removed the malicious code, then replaced the old files with the new ones. Developers are very prone to attacks because it's so easy to skip input sanitization when eagerly waiting to test your code. You will, of course, add sanitization routines later on, but the damage may have been done by then.
  19. Here it is, for anyone interested ... The Cosmic Conspiracy ~ Stan Meyo [Click cover image to open PDF in browser, or right-click to save].
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