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  1. While I understand the need to shield oneself from the possible radiation effects of a Smart meter, it has to be remembered that some radiation must be allowed to escape the shielding in order for the supplier to obtain meter readings, otherwise before long you'll be getting a knock at the door! So wrapping a Faraday bag or something similar completely around the meter isn't maybe the best solution. Also be aware that if you completely shield your meter then the display ( the IHD - In Home Device) can no longer communicate with the meter, so you will get no energy readings, negating the usefulness of the meter in the first place.
  2. Imagine gun-owning Americans being refused the option to buy weapons via CBDC. All gun, crossbow, and hunting knife shops in the US would be out of business overnight. This is exactly what they want ... to disarm the entire population, along with many of the other 'benefits' (for the government, not us) that CBDC brings.
  3. Bugs go on the menu in Europe By Alex Story February 7, 2023 EATING bugs used to be the preserve of small children who knew no better. However, in our fast-changing world, what would have seemed outlandish only a few years ago is now on the menu. Indeed, only last week, the European Union passed regulation 2023/5. It allows ‘partially defatted’ powder of the house cricket (Acheta domesticus) into the food chain for human consumption. From this month, cricket powder can be added to the following: ‘multigrain bread and rolls, crackers and breadsticks, cereal bars, dry pre-mixes for baked products, biscuits, dry stuffed and non-stuffed pasta-based products, sauces, processed potato products, legume- and vegetable- based dishes, pizza, pasta-based products, whey powder, meat analogues, soups and soup concentrates or powders, maize flour-based snacks, beer-like beverages, chocolate confectionery, nuts and oilseeds, snacks other than chips, and meat preparations, intended for the general population’. The regulation is effective inside the European Union and, unforgivably, Northern Ireland due to the treasonable eponymous protocol. The first thing to note is that at a European Union level regulation can be passed without being ratified by any of the 27 national parliaments remaining in the benighted organisation. Regulations are imposed (not debated) by the European Commission. In this case, the powdered bug was imposed into the food chain of around half a billion people without debate. Of course there would have been some discussions but these would have taken place behind closed doors, between regulators, lobby groups, eco-warriors bent on stripping Man of his meat-eating habit, and bureaucrats ever ready to test the boundaries of their unaccountable power. There was however no open debate in parliaments about whether full-fat or even partially defatted vermin powder is what the peoples of such a varied continent really want to find in their daily consumables. That would have required a Directive, thereby granting every parliament the ability to discuss and pass laws applicable within their national territory on the issue of ‘Bugs on the Menu’. Which elected government would have dared pass such a law? Few with any ambition to re-election. As the European Union and its backers have found out over time: the less democracy, the less time is wasted. Best by-pass the ballot box and impose via regulation what cannot be passed by consent in parliaments or via referendum. The new European Union regulation notes that there are risks to eating cricket powder. It might cause ‘cases of primary sensitisation’ and its scientific paper notes a risk of anaphylactic shock, defined by the National Cancer Institute as ‘a severe and sometimes life-threatening immune system reaction to an antigen‘. But the ‘Commission considers that no specific labelling requirements concerning the potential of Acheta domesticus to cause primary sensitisation should be included in the Union list of authorised novel foods‘. In short, no warning needed for the common European citizens. Graciously, the European Commission does accept that you, as a consumer, ought to be told that you are eating powdered bugs so it recommends that products need to be ‘appropriately labelled’. What does ‘appropriately’ mean in this case? European Union citizens will just have to find out in due course. The European Commission has given a five-year monopoly to Cricket One, a group based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to procure the house cricket powder for the hapless EU consumer. (Investigative journalists, if they still exist, could have a field day looking into what led to such a deal, who invested and when.) For those looking to the upside of our celebrated Brexit, here is one standout example of what it means to be sovereign. Unless the law changes, and this will require parliamentary debates, we in the United Kingdom should be free, for a time, of the terrible suspicion that we are being fed powdered (even if defatted) crickets for the amusement of our elites. That is what ‘taking back control’ means. Let’s have more of it. Source & Comments: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/a-question-of-taste/
  4. Not about Smart meters but a tip for anyone with a Sky-Q box. Connect (if possible) your Sky box to your router via an ethernet cable and switch off the two 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi bands on the Sky box via the secret Settings 'Network' menu accessed by pressing '001' on your remote (instructions for doing this are all over the net). I've done this on my home Sky box after getting this reading from the ElectroSmart app (note: my home broadband is EE, not Sky) ...
  5. Funnily enough, I used to work in a helium balloon factory. It wasn't long before I walked off the job though as I refused to be spoken to in that tone of voice.
  6. Here's proof that the so-called 'Black Sun' would have to be halfway out of the Hole for its rays to be able to intersect the lines from Polaris to the Equator of Flat Earth in the manner described in the video... 1. As depicted in the video. 2. When the Sun and Moon are on the horizon. You can clearly see that your 'Black Sun' has to move up and down according to the positions of the Sun and Moon in the sky, and that the edge of the Hole determines the maximum angle the 'Black Sun's' rays can subtend. It's not me who doesn't understand this, Alexa.
  7. Haha! Obviously destined to be a government 'expert!' Why let real science get in the way of a profitable career?!
  8. Sorry, but whether you're a Flat Eartther or not you should be able to see how stupid that diagram is! Draw me a picture similar to the one in the video with the Sun on the horizon. It's not possible, is it, unless your 'Black Sun' is above, or level with the top of the 'Hole?' Once again, Flat Earth is debunked!
  9. ... making it impossible to project the Sun and Moon on the horizon of your Flat Earth in the manner depicted in the video posted by @sickofallthebollocks The Black Sun would have to be peeping out of the surface of the Hole to make the rays intersect with the lines from Polaris at the horizon. See his diagram below. The more you move the Black Sun towards the top of the Hole, the lower the intersection points will be. This means that the Black Sun rays would have to be horizontal for the Sun/Moon to be on the horizon. Have you ever seen this 'Black Sun' above the Hole?
  10. Have they notified June Raine's or Susan Michie's husbands of this warning?
  11. ... except they 'forgot' to tell you this was over the last 2 years! Wow! Really scary, isn't it? I wonder if there's a vaccination for it? Should I wear 2 or 3 masks and sing Happy Birthday 3 times while scrubbing my hands?
  12. Really? A major flaw right at the beginning is that there is no way his Sun and Moon could ever appear on, or near the horizon unless his 'Black Sun' was on the surface and not in the hole. Simple geometry!
  13. Reminds me of that old Frank Sinatra song ... 'Drive Me To The Moon.'
  14. Yeah. I meant to say it was an old article but lost my internet connection! It just shows though that even back in 2009 they were prepared to give dodgy shots to the public while looking after themselves. This will have happened during Covid too without a doubt.
  15. In Germany, a Better Vaccine for Politicians? By Tristana Moore / Berlin Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009 Andreas Rentz / Getty Critics are calling it a two-tier health system — one for the politically well connected, another for the hoi polloi. As Germany launched its mass-vaccination program against the H1N1 flu virus on Monday, the government found itself fending off accusations of favoritism because it was offering one vaccine believed to have fewer side effects to civil servants, politicians and soldiers, and another, potentially riskier vaccine to everyone else. The government had hoped that Germans would rush to health clinics to receive vaccinations against the rapidly spreading disease, but now rising anger over the different drugs may cause many people to shy away. Amid growing fears of a possible global flu pandemic, the German government prepared for its mass-vaccination campaign earlier this year by ordering 50 million doses of the Pandemrix vaccine, enough for a double dose for 25 million people, about a third of the population. The vaccine, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, contains an immunity-enhancing chemical compound, known as an adjuvant, whose side effects are not yet entirely known. Then, after a report was leaked to the German media last week, the Interior Ministry confirmed that it had ordered a different vaccine, Celvapan, for government officials and the military. Celvapan, which is made by U.S. pharmaceutical giant Baxter, does not contain an adjuvant and is believed to have fewer side effects than Pandemrix. Update: this is a 2009 article - https://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1932366,00.html
  16. Nice one! It came up with this little gem on my second attempt ... Greta Thunberg, a weatherman and a climate change denier walk into a bar ... The bartender says, "You’re both welcome here."
  17. Yeah, sorry, it's the way this bloody forum deals with links. If you edit them it still directs you to the unedited version you started with. Try this ... https://fudgeys.co.uk/AI_Voices/Fishy-Rishi_letter_final.mp3
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