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    Sorry folks, I can't afford to send you Cristmas Cards this year, but here's a nice Christmas Message I recorded back in Lockdown, hope you enjoy it ...
  2. Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” experiments are now coming true for humanity as self-annihilation, infanticide and gender distortions become commonplace Wed 11:49 am +00:00, 30 Nov 2022 2 posted by Weaver Mike Adams – Natural News Nov 28, 2022 In the 1960’s, a scientist named John Calhoun created a “mouse utopia” where populations of mice would enjoy everything they needed, essentially without effort: Unlimited food, water, living space, population growth without predators and so on. It started with eight mice, who began to reproduce quickly, enjoying their newfound “utopia” with unlimited resources. Within 4 years, however, the population had become extinct through self-annihilation even though all the resources it needed for survival were readily available, including ample space to live. What happened to Calhoun’s mice? He repeated the experiment multiple times using mice and rats. Each time the outcome was the same: Extinction within 1588 days. (Populations began to collapse at around 560 days, for reasons discussed below.) What we are witnessing in the world today, right now, with the self-inflicted annihilation of humankind, almost perfectly reflects observations from Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” experiments. Except now, it’s happening in the world of humans. Filmmaker Mike Freeman has even made a film about these experiments. It’s called Critical Mass, and you can learn about it at CriticalMassFilm.com. A bioethicist named Jan Kuba? has written extensively about this on a site called PhysicsOfLife.pl. There, on a page dedicated to Calhoun’s experiment, he describes the Calhoun experiments as, “one of the most important in human history,” and he delves into the meaning of all this for humankind. On this page, he describes the phases of live and annihilation through which the “mouse utopia” passed. Here’s a summary: Phase A – Day 1 – Strive period – Establishing territories and making nests. First children born. Phase B – Day 105 – Exploit period – Rapid population growth. Social hierarchy established. Offspring higher in those with social dominance. Phase C – Day 315 – Stagnation phase – Population growth slows. Males become feminized. Females become aggressive, taking over roles of males. Violence becomes common. Social disorder skyrockets. Male mice begin to assume female roles (mouse transgenderism). Mouse / rat homosexuality begins to emerge. Pedophilia grows rampant as “they begin mounting the young.” Fertility falls in females. Mothers reject their young. Phase D – Day 560 – Death phase – Population collapses. “No young surviving.” No longer any conception. Non-reproducing females resort to eating, grooming and sleeping. No interest in socialization. No social skills learned by remaining survivors. No ability to be aggressive, which means no ability to defend their young or their nests. Avoidance of all stressful activities, including anything resembling competition. Preoccupation with grooming and physical attractiveness. Inability to navigate challenges of the real world. Only the outer appearance of being superior, but lacking cognitive and social skills. Totally unable to reproduce, raise young or compete for anything. Utopia leads to extinction As Kuban writes: John Calhoun’s collaborator’s conclusions: – The larger the population, the less care a mother gives to her nest and young. Non-academic conclusions drawn by people educated in life: – The principal factor is the lack of social education in the young – Due to the abundance of food and water and lack of predators, there was no need to perform any actions to acquire resources and/or avoid danger. So the young have no opportunity to see such actions, learn (bad pupils often lose their lives) and, later, use them effectively. – Utopia (when one has everything, at any moment, for no expenditure) declines responsibility, effectiveness and awareness of social dependence, and finally, as Dr Calhoun’s study showed, leads to self-extinction. – Contrarily, difficult conditions instigate better coping mechanisms for the population, leading to its growth, strengthening and reinforcement. Lawrence W. Reed, writing for FEE.org, adds the following observation on all this in an article about the rise of the welfare state: The turning point in this mouse utopia, Calhoun observed, occurred on Day 315 when the first signs appeared of a breakdown in social norms and structure. Aberrations included the following: females abandoning their young; males no longer defending their territory; and both sexes becoming more violent and aggressive. Deviant behavior, sexual and social, mounted with each passing day. The last thousand mice to be born tended to avoid stressful activity and focused their attention increasingly on themselves. We are seeing the same thing in today’s human societies Many scientists have dismissed any link between Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” experiments and human society, but in the years since these conclusions were drawn, human society has come to strikingly resemble the self-annihilation tendencies of the mice. For example, in human society today, we note that socialism / progressivism teaches children that competition is bad. “Everyone’s a winner” is the mantra of our time, and this creates an environment where children are not challenged. In fact, it is no longer even socially acceptable to subject children to any challenges at all. Students are selected into colleges merely based on their skin color or sexual orientations, and corporations hire people based on precisely the same traits, regardless of merit. As Kuban writes, the principle conclusion of Calhoun’s experiments is as follows: The lack of challenges gradually spoils the behaviour of subsequent generations of a population. This degeneration is inevitable and leads to eventual self-extinction. Due to the lack of challenges, the extinction of a population is inevitable. It lasts several generations, but is inexorable. This is precisely the path being pursued by left-wing socialism / communism / collectivism. This also highlights the dangers of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) or welfare / stimulus giveaways. When you give resources to populations without any apparent scarcity or competition, those population raise generations of offspring that are incapable of functioning in society. We are seeing all the other signs of the mouse utopia collapse in modern human society as well: – Infanticide and abortion, even the celebration of killing the young – Rampant homosexuality and transgenderism – Pedophilia and exploitation of the young by older members of society – Increased violence – Collapsing socialization skills, exacerbated by masks and lockdowns – Obsession with self-grooming behaviors, as we see demonstrated by today’s youth when it comes to selfies, social media presence, etc. – Collapse in fertility of both males and females; spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, inability to cope with adversity – Bullying of certain individuals in the population, withdrawal from social circles. If these mice had guns, there would have been mass mice shootings. – Complete withdrawal from biological reproduction as transgenderism, pedophilia, violence and lunacy takes over. Does any of that sound familiar? It sounds like every left-wing city in western society. What the mice demonstrated in the 1960s, left-wing humans are living out in the 2020s. The only real difference is that a generation of mice takes about 50 days to play out, while a generation of humans takes about 20 – 25 years. In summary, population itself is not the problem. Collectivism and the welfare state is what will lead to humanity’s self-annihilation. As economist Thomas Sowell stated, “The welfare state shields people from the consequences of their own mistakes, allowing irresponsibility to continue and to flourish among ever wider circles of people.” Food abundance has made humanity weak, privileged and unable to rise to any real challenge Part of the shock here is how easy food availability — and gluttony — has led to the weakening of the human race. Where food and other resources are readily available, children don’t learn about competition, scarcity, skills, socialization or achievement. It is scarcity that results in learning and leadership, and without scarcity, there is only gluttony, apathy and collapse. Notably, the mice never ran out of physical space. This wasn’t an “overpopulation” problem per se. It was self-annihilation stemming from the collapse of the culture of the mice. They no longer valued competition, achievement or resources. They became lazy, apathetic, self-obsessed and distorted through what we would now label LGBTQ behaviors or collectivism tendencies, ultimately leading to the total collapse of any viability of offspring. Zero population was the inevitable result. These mice were prisoners in a large physical structure where they were granted unlimited resources. Today, eight billion human beings are living in a prison planet which provides large amounts of food and free money, but where human culture are fertility are rapidly collapsing. Source: https://tapnewswire.com/2022/11/calhouns-mouse-utopia-experiments-are-now-coming-true-for-humanity-as-self-annihilation-infanticide-and-gender-distortions-become-commonplace/
  3. Pet Ownership is Now Under Attack by Unhinged Climate Extremists – Says Dogs and Cats are Part of the Climate Problem By Jim Hoft Published November 26, 2022 at 2:20pm 1037 Comments In an effort to lessen their “carbon pawprint,” unhinged climate activists are now advocating for the death of millions of dogs and cats worldwide. An article published by CNN claims that dogs, cats, and other household pets that regularly consume meat contribute to “global warming.” You can’t make this up. “Our four-legged friends don’t drive gas-guzzling SUVs or use energy-sucking appliances, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a climate impact. In fact, researchers have showed that pets play a significant role in the climate crisis,” according to a recent CNN column. “But what do Barkley and Whiskers have to do with our warming planet? It’s the products we buy for them that need a closer look,” the outlet added. The news outlet added that most of the carbon pawprint comes from their diet, which is extremely high in meat and so requires a lot of resources (including energy, land, and water) to create. The manufacturing of pet food also results in a significant quantity of greenhouse gas emissions. “According to a 2017 study, feeding dogs and cats creates the equivalent of around 64 million tons of carbon dioxide in the US each year. That’s roughly the same impact as 13.6 million cars on the road. And, if our furry friends formed a separate country, it would rank 5th in global meat consumption behind China, the US, Brazil and Russia, according to UCLA professor and author of that study Gregory Okin,” CNN stated. The far-left outlet is now advocating for pet owners to “do an assessment of your pet’s diet, cut out waste, and adopt responsibly.” The Gateway Pundit reported last June that the New Zealand government unveiled plans to charge livestock a ‘burping tax to control climate change.’ From livestock to laughing stock. The country, with more cows and sheep than people combined, released a draft plan to put a tax on belching sheep and cattle in an effort to contain ‘greenhouse gas emissions.’ Yes, you read it right. New Zealand is the first country to have farmers pay for gas emissions from livestock by 2025, the Ministry for Environment announced. The proposed plan also includes “incentives” for farmers who reduce these emissions through feed additives. The new proposal will likely affect food prices including beef, mutton, and dairy. Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/pet-ownership-now-attack-unhinged-climate-extremists-says-dogs-cats-part-climate-problem/
  4. NASA War Plan Document - https://stopthecrime.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/01-nasa-thefutureof-war-2-up.pdf
  5. A section of the article who's link is posted in my previous post ... Unlike naturally occurring citric acid, manufactured citric acid is ubiquitous in the average diet of both adults and children. With the expected continued increase in its production to meet the demand of an expanding global market, it is imperative to ascertain its safety. Due to its GRAS status, manufactured citric acid has escaped proper scrutiny for nearly a century. Since it is not a natural substance but created using Aspergillus niger, a black mold proven to cause allergic reactions and disease in humans, it is difficult to understand how it has been protected under GRAS classification and has not been empirically studied. It only seems prudent that a thorough investigation of the manufactured form of citric acid be undertaken. With an unexplained increase in inflammatory diseases, it is difficult to justify its ubiquitous use without proper investigation. Anyone concerned about this will find it enlightening to read the full article. Here is the link again: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6097542/
  6. And not forgetting that popular ingredient of many sweets and food items - CITRIC ACID. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6097542/ They always show nice pictures of sliced lemons and limes, yummy!, but Citric Acid DOES NOT come from these! Citric Acid is manufactured from a mutant black mould that that has been fed sugars. Even more off-putting is the fact that the said sugars are normally from GMO corn, unless specifically stated otherwise in the list of ingredients on the packaging. Think of that the next time you're at the cinema tucking into a nice bag of Pick & Mix!
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    What's the difference between a pianist and a penis? A pianist tickles the ivories.
  8. To have lost a loved one in this way is beyond tragic, and every time people blank you it's another kick in the teeth. These words from Blowin' In The Wind always spring to mind when this happens ... 'How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see? ...'
  9. Interesting article related to this thread ... 'Died Suddenly' - An Explanation The best explanation of the situation I have come across to date comes from 'A Midwestern Doctor' who writes 'The Forgotten Side Of Medicine' John Dee Nov 27 To date 8,527 views and 28 shares on substack have been made of my short article in knee-jerk response to the documentary 'Died Suddenly'. Over on facebook my post has hit 6.8k views with 127 comments and 46 shares, breaking all previous records. On Twitter the usual antics are going on - my impressions count has dropped from a few thousand to just 163, now with just 4 ‘hearts’. Shadow banning of my account on Twitter is not new news, and right now it sure looks to me that Elon et al don’t want talk of this disturbing documentary circulating any more than is necessary. Twitter aside, that’s a lot of readership for which I don’t have any answers. As a numbers guy I can tell you that excess deaths are significant and climbing, and across the board we are seeing deterioration in health that is not just unusual but unprecedented once we turn the handle and crunch more numbers. But that’s all I can tell you, which is why I keep my eye out for somebody well-qualified that is making a great deal of sense of those numbers. Such a person is ‘A Midwestern Doctor’ (AMD) who writes the mind-blowing The Forgotten Side of Medicine blog. Yes, this can be heavy going technical stuff but it’s well worth persevering or asking somebody to decipher it. This morning I am digesting a thoroughly absorbing piece entitled ‘What is Causing the Blood Clots from "Died Suddenly?"‘, and I highly recommend this for anybody seeking an explanation. Like me, AMD is torn over the production value of the documentary since it contains material enabling it to be easily passed off as conspiracy hype. Then again, hype is what engages people these days. Subsequently, AMD has produced edited versions that have less error, less hype and arguably more impact, links to which are available in their article. Protein Folding According to AMD it sure looks like protein folding irregularities lie at the heart of severe COVID-19, long COVID and vaccine harm (both immediate and delayed), these being driven by the presence of the spike protein. AMD draws upon a solid body of research to reach the following conclusion: In summary, this study demonstrated that there are always slightly irregular or misfolded fibrous blood clots being formed within the body, but at the same time the body has a mechanism for removing them. However, once small amounts of spike protein are added into the mix (at concentrations I believe will be reached through vaccination) those irregular fibrous clots spiral out of control and come to dominate the clotting process. At this point, the body’s mechanisms for removing them are no longer able to outpace this growth function and they instead grow until they are constrained in size by the blood vessels they are within like the large fibrous clots shown in Died Suddenly. Ante Mortem Hypercoagulation My penny worth - as expressed in my initial article - is that these clotting processes likely continue after death, these grotesque results being an example of ante mortem hypercoagulation. I’ve chewed this over with a switched-on GP and we agree that the size and quantity of fibre and clots, along with the level of blood decomposition seen by embalmers, is not plausible in a living person. We presume that the emergence of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) and the rise in excess young death around the globe is due to onset of these processes. It is more than sobering to think that this diabolical mechanism was most likely developed as part of Gain Of Function research. The only way I can summarise all this is by declaring that humanity is in the cross hairs like never before, and in more ways than one. I have no doubt that genius solutions will be found but that is not going to happen until people accept the situation, no matter how dire, and push for change. Until then… Kettle On! UPDATE: The fabulous Dr Pierre Kory also thinks AMD's article is the bees knees... Pierre Kory, MD MPA @PierreKory An easy to understand explanation of the best model I’ve seen on the fibrous clots and an excellent commentary on Died Suddenly. I strongly recommend this article to anyone who saw the movie or is on the fence about it. amidwesterndoctor.substack.comWhat is Causing the Blood Clots from “Died Suddenly?”The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is remarkably effective at disrupting many critical physiologic processes both in the short term and in the long term. 7:06 PM ∙ Nov 26, 2022 2,985Likes1,497Retweets
  10. Hi. From your description maybe a couple of pairs of bent-nosed circlip pliers would help. You may need an extra pair of hands to help out though. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silverline-868868-Multi-Head-Circlip-5-Piece/dp/B000WTJPGY/ref=asc_df_B000WTJPGY/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=226152056294&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10660525807602714662&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046753&hvtargid=pla-420549913622&psc=1
  11. Ok mate, apologies if I came over that way.
  12. I'm answering no more questions until someone answers mine.
  13. A single image downloaded from the internet proves nothing. To me the ship appears to levitate due to atmospheric effects, but you also can't rule out that it may have been Photoshopped. Mind you, if that ship had actually been levitating then you would see the rest of the hull that is usually below the waterline. So, either an atmospheric 'mirage' or a badly Photoshopped image. Take your pick!
  14. I never said either of those things. I said visiting the Moon was preferable at the start because it was nearer. Further to that check out the Parker Solar Probe.
  15. Serious answer: maybe distance plays a large part in the decision. The Sun is much further away, by a factor of approx 372. Also, the Moon seems to me to be a more obvious target to start with.
  16. Waiting for @Nip to add his usual condolences ...
  17. Ok, maybe that was a question more aimed at the mathematically-minded than members with other equally interesting viewpoints, so I'll simplify my question to this ... Can anyone, (supporters of Globe or Flat Earth models) point me to where I can obtain, online or in printed format, a copy of the Nautical Almanac produced for a Flat Earth? I cannot find one anywhwere, even though very accurate Nautical Almanacs based on the Globe Earth model are produced every year worldwide and their accuracy has never been disputed? I believe I have adhered to the posting guidelines in asking this question and would really appreciate a respectful answer. Thank you all.
  18. I know Bomb has asked for physical or mathematical proof instead of assumptions and unverifiable hearsay, so how about Flatters providing some. For example, show the full calculation of the exact position of the Moon in the sky at 12am on Christmas Day, 2022 using Flat Earth as the model? I can provide these calculations with regard to the Globe Earth model with ease and you will find them to be spot-on at the specified time and date. I don't think it's unrealistic to ask such a question as these calculations are used daily by many professions and lives often depend upon their accuracy. [Note: Such calculations, as used by astronmoers and navigators, depend upon Spherical Trigonometry which of course you won't be able to use in a Flat Earth determination and this is why I'm particularly interested in the results, assuming someone can actually provide them, of course].
  19. I wouldn't go as far as that, but I do believe in the possibility that we may live in a simulation and that the Planck length determines the structure of the simulation. As for anything else, there's no way we could possibly work out that we're in a simulation. You'd have to be outside of the simulation to do that.
  20. What are you trying to show here? Bombadil has already said that posting images and videos without explanation is not acceptable.
  21. Yeah, not much salad around, but still plenty vegetables I see ...
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