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  1. Fawley Refinery ‘operational incident’ as large flares spotted across the Solent Fawley Refinery ‘operational matter’ (Image: Solent Ships) LARGE flares can be seen across the Solent at Fawley this evening (Tuesday, October 8), following an incident at the refinery. ExxonMobil, who runs the site, says it is dealing with an ‘operational matter onsite’. Teams have responded and are working to address the situation. Residents in East Cowes and Cowes are heading to the coast to see the flares, and the fires can be seen as far inland as Newport. An ExxonMobil spokesperson said: “As our teams continue to address the operational incident, our flares are currently operational and will be visible to the community. “This is part of our normal safety procedures. “Please continue to monitor our account for further updates. We apologise for any disturbance.” https://tapnewswire.com/2022/11/sent-by-aldous-hmmmmm/
  2. webtrekker


    I once lent Quasi a fiver. He said 'I'll pay you back when I get straight.' Still waiting ...
  3. That really would seem to be the only way forward, although I've been considering what may be another way lately ... Obviously, any resistance from the masses will be met with the full force of the Armed Services who are currently defending the WEF narrative, however, the families and friends of these soldiers will soon be (and have already been) affected by these horrific and often genocidal measures, so what will transpire when the soldiers finally see the full picture? Will they turn their hatred and their arms towards the perpeTRAITORS? Will there be a ... MILITARY COUP?
  4. I think the stupid fuck that designed this should be the guinea pig in the initial trials. It's jus th VR version of Hunger Games.
  5. Sorry, but I don't get that. zArk said ... If, as in all the FE models I've seen so far, the firmament is a hemisphere (snowglobe), then it's size is restricted to that of the diameter of the FE disc. Agreed? To say it is much bigger and of negligible chord length implies that the Flat Earth 'floats' inside this massive firmament, (necessarily globular in nature because, as zArk says, you can construct a chord inside of it). Please explain where I am wrong here?
  6. CITIES ( Canterbury and soon Oxford) BAN TRAVEL BETWEEN NEIGHBORHOODS Good video from David Knight ... https://tapnewswire.com/2022/11/cities-canterbury-and-soon-oxford-ban-travel-between-neighborhoods/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/oGpUbPxmSg3V/
  7. A psyop indeed. You know, I myself used to believe the Flat Earth Theory for about 4 years. When I reached the age of 5 though I began to see the world differently!
  8. I just found the video on the net and posted it here for information. My own opinion, in answer to your questions is, 'Who knows?' I don't think any of us can know for sure why that fence was erected, or whether those buildings conatain anything of real importance.
  9. UK PM Rishi Sunak runs off stage and is rushed out of the room by aides at the COP27 summit in Egypt (Video) https://www.bitchute.com/video/q768G16ZpHNe/
  10. How about something for members interested in the TRUTH and not pseudo-scientific hocus pocus! If you and zArk aren't going to answer my question can you at least give me a reason why not?
  11. Remember This: These Groups Were Exempted From Getting COVID Shots in 2020. Never Forget This (Video) https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2022/11/remember-this-these-groups-were-exempted-from-getting-covid-shots-in-2020-never-forget-this-video-3783328.html
  12. 10' Tall WALL put around Federal Reserve Bank in Washington on SUNDAY! Nation Hal Turner 06 November 2022 Hits: 77514 As shown in the photo above, a ten foot tall wall was erected around the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, DC today (Sunday). What do YOU suppose is the knowledge they already have, that makes them feel they will need this type of protection from the General Public? When I received this photo, I stopped what I was doing, went to the bank Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and withdrew the maximum amount of cash I am able to get on any given day. I strongly recommend YOU have cash too. Right now. Sunday night. Then more after midnight when the day resets and you can get more out of an ATM. Whatever they know, it won't be long until everyone else knows, and the Bankers want to be protected from the general public. This doesn't seem good at all.
  13. No, not really. Please bear with me ... The Flat Earthers do actually assume the firmament to be a dome, but their world is FLAT, meaning that all parts of said 'dome' are visible from all parts of the FLAT Earth. Since they regard the stars as being visible on that firmament, then there's no way (in their model) that say, Orion, could be both right-way-up, as viewed from a Northern country, and upside-down, as viewed from a Southern country AT THE SAME TIME! It's just not possible, yet is easily explained in the REAL WORLD GLOBE MODEL. This requires no scientific explanation, its just the way it is and always has been. Constellations (and the Moon too, for that matter,) that can be viewed from Northern and Southern laitudes always appear INVERTED in the night sky when viewed from these Southern latitudes. Good luck with anyone trying to refute that! Actual photo of Orion from Australia. Note that the orange Betelgeuse is in rhe BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the constellation and not the TOP LEFT corner as it would be seen from the UK (and from a Flat Earth! ) ...
  14. Ok, I'll answer one of your question then you can answer thr one I've just asked above. We Helios are nothing but fair afte rall, right zArk? The answer is that you would need an X-RAY telescope to see THROUGH THE EARTH! Refraction doesn't even come into it! Now answer mine please.
  15. Serious question as a member... Why has NO ONE yet answered my question regarding why Orion appears upside-down in the sky when viewed from Australia for MILLIONS of people? It DOESN'T WORK in the FE model therefore the FE model is WRONG! I'll keep asking this question until I get a plausible answer. Until then I'm afraid your FE model is dead in the water and any further discussion of it is pointless.
  16. How does that fit in with your Flat Earth beliefs then Alexa?
  17. Haha! Alexa and zArk ignoring the debunking of their FE model and trying to swerve the conversation again. Admit it, you can't answer simple questions that don't even involve any science.
  18. Be very wary of carrying anything that can be used as a weapon unless you are supremely confident in the use of such a weapon because, unless you are practised and confident, then the weapon may easily be taken from you amd used against YOU! This has often happened with burglaries, where the home owner has been woken up in the middle of the night, is drowsy and afraid, and grabs a baseball bat, kitchen knife, whatever, only to end up having it turned against themselves in the resulting scuffle.
  19. I've now read your original post and thank you for it, however I need to admit that it wasn't me who did the editing for you, I'm not a forum Moderator. I believe it may be @Itsa you need to thank for that and if you contact them they may be able to move the topic for you if that's what you require.
  20. The FE model has been completely debunked without the need for any scientific explanation by the simple fact that it is impossible in that model for the southern constellations to appear inverted in the sky, unlike in the REAL globe model. So, nothing more to be discussed from my standpoint. Anyone care to refute this is and provide solid evidence?
  21. There are many other sites. Some, such as Torrent Galaxy are best visited with an anonymous browser such as Tor, whereas others, such as MagnetDL can be visited in your default browser (Edge, Google, Firefox, etc). Also, non-torrenting sites, such as PDF Drive and The Internet Archive are also worth a look. I often find the torrent link using Tor then open the link in the uTorrent client to download it as Tor usually won't run uTorrent automatically from a magnet link. If you click the above Torrent Galaxy link in your default browser you'll probably find it won't run. Here is Torrent Galaxy running in Tor though ...
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