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  1. I fry my chips in a good old-fashioned chip pan using lard or beef dripping. Have done all my life with no ill effects and better than any other chips I've tasted. I never use olive oil. If I make an omelette I fry it in a small amount of butter.
  2. webtrekker


    The best way to evade most algorithms is to place your text in an image ... Not the quickest way to do things, and not always suitable, but great for bypassing text-scanning algos.
  3. webtrekker


    I think correct punctuation is more important... 'Let's eat, Grandma.' 'Let's eat Grandma.'
  4. Omnipresent Omniscient Omnipotent Get the drift, @alexa?
  5. BREAKING: Matt Hancock has developed a new drug for all MP's, journalists, doctors and celebrities who wish for an easy way out of the current Lockdown revelations ... MATT-dazolam! A 100% Safe & Effective way to deal with the backlash of public opinion.
  6. Dale, do you come with subtitles, 'cos I don't understand a word of this? It's not just Peter that's confused here. What are you talking about (in plain language please)?
  7. Scripture? You mean the Scripture that was manufactured by these very same people to protect their own nefarious interests?
  8. Good idea! Can you get me onto one of your shows, Alexa?
  9. Israel = IS-RA-EL Isis - Egyptian goddess of healing and magic. Ra - Egyptian Sun god. El - Chief deity of the West Semites.
  10. Is there still a war going on? Strange how, day after day, for the past fuck knows how long, we have been bombarded with fake news about the 'conflict,' yet this last week or so there's been hardly a murmur, especially since the Hancock fiasco hit the headlines.
  11. Oops! Didn't mean to leak your punch line Peter. I've been watching too many Isabel Oakeshott newsclips! Never mind though, 'Lessons have been learned,' as they say in government circles!
  12. That's ridiculous, because that's not the ORIGINAL photo. To obtain forensic evidence you must use the original, unedited photo, not one that has been posted and reposted millions of times on god knows how many sites, especially jpegs that are compressed files and lose information each time they are saved.
  13. Legal action, against the GATES-FUNDED TELEGRAPH? Good luck with that Hancock!
  14. 3 words - WHO Pandemic Treaty. Another smoke & mirrors job.
  15. I'd love to know what the Elite bastards are eating and drinking, and how they protect themselves from the same chemtrails and radiation that we are all exposed to?
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