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  1. The thing is, the government, the Elite, whatever you want to call these monsters, will NEVER back down and admit to what they have done as they know they will be hunted down by the masses and hung, drawn and bloody quartered for it. I believe they have begun this and it has got out of control and they are now in headless-chicken mode trying to prolong the charade indefinitely.
  2. If only it were as easy as that! We already live in mixed communities, vaxxed along with unvaxxed, and even close families are split by this. The point is that it's not going to be like most civil wars, ie. based on differing ideologies, or arguments over borders that could eventually be settled. No. For the vaxxed there is now no turning back, no magic antidote (as far as I know) so there will always be this conflict between us.
  3. Add Bev Turner to the list. She's doing her best under immense censorship from the MSM and her brainless peers.
  4. WTF? Obergruppenf├╝hrer Zahawi has just said on the Marr show that NHS doctors and nurses told to isolate by the app DON'T HAVE TO, as long as they have been double-jabbed and wear the necessary PPE!
  5. Yeah, I don't understand these 'variants' either. It's all Greek to me!
  6. My Line in the Sand - For each family member who dies as a result of this fake pandemic I will personally take the lives of those rsponsible. A life for a life. My 'hit-list' is growing daily.
  7. It seems all of you have missed the most important post today.
  8. Believe it or not, this was headlined in The Sun a YEAR ago ... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12100515/care-homes-accused-sedatives-coronavirus-die-quickly/ And still nothing has been done about it.
  9. Religion is just another form of population control. If the world believes in covid-19. experimental gene therapy and climate change then it's no other wonder they believe in religion too. However, saying that, there's no doubt that religious beliefs bring calmness to many in this chaotic world and the prospect of death without an afterlife can be scary to many. So, at the end of the day, it's simply a matter of whatever works for you, and sod the rest of 'em!
  10. I think more and more questions are now being asked of the government, police, NHS and the elite in general and because the questions are being asked by people in an official capacity (doctors, lawyers, etc) then at some point they are going to have to supply answers. It'll be the strength of those answers that determine whether the whole scam will be revealed, or not. They're going to need some really persuasive, fact-backed answers to get out of this.
  11. https://www.covid19assembly.org/2021/07/whistleblowing-gps-letter-to-sir-simon-stevens/ Direct link to the letter [PDF] - https://www.covid19assembly.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Letter-to-Sir-Simon-Stevens.pdf
  12. Michael Gove and Sarah Vine to divorce https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/michawl-gove-to-divorce/
  13. We can always beat the system by committing suicide. Haha! Try and take THAT away from us, you bastards!
  14. Reiner's 'cunning plan' is dragging on almost as long as the lockdowns! I'm beginning to lose faith now that anything will be accomplished by this.
  15. I see Bev Turner has been ganged up on the Jeremy Vine show again by super-thick know-it-all Nina Mys-COW.
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