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  1. Where is this 'god' you speak so highly of, Alexa? I've seen no sign of this 'god' in my entire lifetime. And what makes this 'god' of yours so different from the myriad of other 'gods' worshipped around the world? Here's what life is about: You're born, you live to the best of your ability, then you die. Who says you are 'judged' after your death? That's a load of baloney devised by weak priests over millenia to exert control over the stronger massed populace. If your soul, or whatever, survives after death, then only you will know. If it doesn't, then there's no need to worry about it as you will not then be in a position to know anything. Just stay as happy as you can and don't stress over things beyond your control or understanding, ... tick, tock, tick, tock, ... until the final tick (or tock). Some people can experince a fuller life in 6 months than others can in 60 years.
  2. A cap I found advertised on Redbubble ...
  3. You can get the PDF version for nowt!
  4. You need to see that book for what it is ... GIBBERISH! Don't live your life in fear because of what some moron declares as true. This book, and all religious books, are just complete hearsay made up in the minds of men. No one, and I mean NO ONE, knows anything about what happens after death. Hears a short clip from the Introduction to that book ... What a load of twaddle! I'm 70 myself and cannot know how much longer I have left. Let's face it, I never knew when I was 20 either. Just live your life and make each day count.
  5. The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck And here's the dance from the Wednesday movie that has brought this track into the limelight once again ... I'm busy teaching this (the guitar, not the dance!) to my granddaughter.
  6. Yes, for the older practitioner, Origami can be the way to go. There are other paths to take though grasshopper, and I myself have a Black Belt, 3rd Dan in Ikebana.
  7. Henry H. Corbett may also have been an occultist. Here he is giving the 'Devil Horns' sign, cleverly disguised as a glove puppet ...
  8. Yeah, I bumped into Lucifer & the Angels at the chippie the other day and you're right Alaexa, they know nothing about it. Elvis gave me a wink though, so maybe he knows something.
  10. No, I think that will be way before 2030, maybe next year even! A lot happens in a year these days.
  11. Apparently they've got to the bottom of his recent health scare and he's now fully fit again ...
  12. I do hope you are right, I really do, but it's taking a long time for the worm to turn. How much longer do you think we have left, this Global Reset is accelerating now and people are just carrying on as normal?
  13. In WW2 and other conflicts the tech wasn't in place to allow unfettered control of the population. It is now though and we are even embracing it with open fucking arms! Unless, or until we get the balls to ditch the tech and stand up for ourselves then we are headed for complete, irreversible, domination, or even annihilation.
  14. No shit, Shylock! Yes, definitely a lot of truth there but I'm still on the fence regarding Musk, he plays his cards close to his chest.
  15. The bottom line here is ... Why did Musk pay $44 BILLION dollars for a social platform that's now only worth an estimated $5 BILLION dollars? I mean, come on, he's not that stupid, quite the reverse in fact. No, there's something else going on here. $44 BILLION is an incredible amount of money, even in Musk's world.
  16. And did God say this directly to Isiah? Or is it just more conjecture?
  17. I would say yes as it is you who carries on being. But surely 'to carry on being' means that I was here previously, for which I have no recollections, so are you saying that my existence just began when I was born in 1952 yet will now carry on forever? Seems a bit odd to me.
  18. Or, to use the old phrase: 'When they're nose to nose his toes is in, when they're toes to toes his nose is in!'
  19. To me, this is one of the most important questions and one that must be answered if the human race is to have any future. Most of the protagonists are in their twilight years and will never want for money or power, yet they are still hell-bent on destroying the world and it's occupants. Why? Is it just that they are pure evil and not even interested in material gains? Or is it something else? I just can't get my head around what they have to gain when they already have everything and why it's so important to them given their age. I don't even think it's to provide their offspring with overwhelming power and wealth as most of them, from what I've read over the past few years, don't give two fucks about their family. I'd love to hear further thoughts on this, no matter how far-fetched you may think they are. There has to be an answer somewhere in all of this mess.
  20. There are good arguments that suggest the Universe, and 'reality' as we perceive it, exists entirely within our own brains. If such is the case, then interstellar travel is not inconceivable seeing as we would only have to travel around 8cm to the edge of the Universe!
  21. This brings to mind a fact about computers (which are at the heart of all robots), namely that cosmic rays can affect miniscule parts of computer chips and can cause random bugs that change or crash the system. This is a known issue and I wouldn't like to be the one under Marvin the Paranoid Android's knife when that happens!
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