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  1. What are you trying to show here? Bombadil has already said that posting images and videos without explanation is not acceptable.
  2. Yeah, not much salad around, but still plenty vegetables I see ...
  3. Your first line Dale, 'They are not going to force you. But it would be impossible to live.' Maybe that should be, 'They are not going to force you. But it would be impossible to live ... within the System.' In other words, to continue an, albeit restricted existence, then you'd have to live your life outside of their system, maybe in a commune of like-minded folk, or as a lone, self-sufficient Prepper.
  4. Exactly. Too hot? Then go at night!
  5. webtrekker


    Aa wey, at least us Geordies aal taak proper like. Aa wuz just thinking aboot this th'other day when aa wuz putting me cap on ti tek the whippet oot for a waak.
  6. Want an offline copy? Here's a direct link to the mp4 video from BitChute ... https://zggg98sgwbg1gh.bitchute.com/T1VaImoB3ogK/ZJJpoF1c6uGs.mp4 You can now download and keep your own copy by simply right-clicking the video and selecting 'Save Video As ...' from the menu.
  7. Yes, it is all a load of Tosh. I never said I believed it though, just as I don't believe the bible, or ANY religious documents for that matter. We're all here for a very short lifetime and you can believe whatever you like. Religion = control of the Masses. That's all it is, or ever was.
  8. Apparently parts of the video have been flagged as questionable ... I wish the directors had researched their stuff more thoroughly. Mistakes like this just give the Vax Trolls more ammunition.
  9. What did you say to him, 'Fuck off you mentally retarded muppet?'
  10. Of course not! He married Maggers, sired the kids, then THEY went forth and multiplied in France! Please re-read your pseudohistory books.
  11. webtrekker


    Would that be Tim who stole a set of broken scales hoping he'd get a-weigh with them?
  12. webtrekker


    Damn! You were let of lightly! Many years ago I was caught counterfeiting Green Shield Stamps (remember those anyone?). I got 6 months and an electric kettle!
  13. And neither is the Tooth Fairy! In fact, in my early life, Santa and the Tooth Fairy were the only ones who ever ANSWERED my prayers!
  14. Haha! A little bit off-topic I know, but the mention of the Madonna and Jesus brought this little ditty to mind from Cool Hand Luke ... Plastic Jesus I don't care if it rains or freezes Long as I've got my plastic Jesus Sitting on the dashboard of my car Comes in colors pink and pleasant Glows in the dark cause it's iridescent Take it with you ... when you travel far. Get yourself a sweet Madonna Dressed in rhinestones sitting on a Pedestal of abalone shell Going ninety I ain't scary Cause I've got the Virgin Mary Assuring me that I won't go to hell.
  15. I'm afraid you are preaching to the converted in here. All of us have known this stuff for a long time, it's not new information. What other information do you possess that would have 'them' following you in planes and using DEW tech on you? If these fuckers were really after you then you would have disppeared long ago, believe you me.
  16. I've been parascending from the back of a speedboat in sunny Corfu. Never cut loose though as we were taking off and landing on a floating pontoon. Great fun! Also, being in the ATC eons ago, we used to fly often in these old crates ... Cadet MKIII DH Chipmunk Life was for living back in those days!
  17. Hi Peter. Like yourself, I too am afraid of heights yet think nothing of flying. It's not the height, as such, but the impression of it that is multiplied by, for instance, the vertical walls when looking over the edge of multistorey car parks or high monuments. I used to, and will still happiily fly in an open cockpit glider doing spins loops and stall turns without a care yet now steer clear of fairground rides!
  18. Just to remind everyone, the latest issue of The Light is available to download at https://thelightpaper.co.uk/
  19. Climate change correspondent collapses on air at Sharm El Sheik [UPDATE: Apparently this happened a few days ago and the correspondent is now back to work. Blamed on 'dehydration and low blood sugar.' Hmm ...] https://www.bitchute.com/video/IbJ09NuB0Hm6/
  20. Anything is possible in Photoshop. Who could forget the famous Apollo 11 Earthrise shot? ...
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