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  1. Wow! Just .............. WOW!!! If you watch nothing else, watch THIS! https://www.bitchute.com/video/50bWpMci12kN/
  2. In times of old the King accompanied, and fought alongside his soldiers. The cowardly scum we have now wouldn't be seen within 1,000 miles of a battle. One of their favourite pastimes is watching drones on a large screen killing children and innocent bystanders.
  3. Anyone impersonating that demonic cretin deserves to be blown up too!
  4. The only way I'll believe Gates has had his come-uppance is if I go over there and blow the fucker up myself.
  5. Here's the article ... https://realrawnews.com/2021/08/military-arrests-bill-gates/
  6. Sorry, out of Likes (again!) but nice call. The resemblance is uncanny!
  7. In the history of virology it has been proven that no variant is ever stronger than the original virus.
  8. Got to admit, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to resist getting jabbed ...
  9. GB News: Jennifer Arcuri slams the PM: 'This imposter parading around Number 10 is not a man I know at all. Entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri says the UK 'has never been more enslaved' than under Boris Johnson's leadership. ' Worth listening to. Very interesting. "Tell (the public) about the meeting that took place ten days before lockdown with the Bank of England, and I want to know how that government was refinanced. Tell them about the (financial) crash that's already happened, but no one's giving ear to, because we're going to hide it, as the Fed has been picking up the stock market with Blackrock and other vehicles. Tell them what's really going on. Stop lying to your people....Let's talk about those meetings behind closed doors..."
  10. Official documents that were meant to be kept secret have been released under the Freedom of Information Act, and they reveal that the forced euthanasia of the elderly and vulnerable in response to a pandemic had been years in the planning. As soon as lockdown was declared in the United Kingdom on March 23rd 2020 deaths occurring in care homes in the weeks that followed skyrocketed compared to what had occurred in the previous five years. You were led to believe this was because of Covid-19, but the evidence shows otherwise. https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/07/31/murder-in-the-care-home-pandemic-plan/
  11. No worries, all problems will be sorted when they return from their jollies ...
  12. I agree. Treat them as they treat us. And to expand on that a bit ... PROPAGANDA. This has been the biggest weapon in their arsenal. Never underestimate the power of propaganda, as evidenced in many wars. I say, fight back with our own propaganda! They've told countless lies and have been deceitful in all of the information presented to the public, so why not bombard any outlet we can find with our own lies and disinformation that will confuse the public and get them thinking for themselves. For instance: produce our own videos of people dropping dead in the street from the clot-shots, publish our own graphs showing the opposite of theirs, tell people the modelling shows there will be at least 5, 000,000 deaths this Christmas - including those double-jabbed, that there are 100 new variants that the vaccines are useless against, that Boris is screwing the new female NHS boss (or even the old MALE one!), ... whatever! Whatever it takes! Flood the streets and the internet with PROPAGANDA and play them at their own deadly game! FAKE NEWS! The only game in town! [Even couch potatoes and keyboard warriors can get in on this one].
  13. English Translation: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&tl=en&sl=auto&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.blick.ch%2Fschweiz%2Fzentralschweiz%2Fbis-zu-3000-leute-erwartet-kommts-heute-zur-grossen-corona-demo-in-luzern-id16716935.html
  14. Just thinking out loud again ... All of these reports of magnetic phenomena (magnets, spoons, etc sticking to arms, chest head) seem to be a bit erratic: ie. some experience the phenomena while others don't. So, this got me wondering if the areas of greatest magnetism correlate with the areas currently experiencing 5G rollout. In other words, is the Graphene Oxide, known to be in the shots, being somehow activated by 5G?
  15. So have they tested the population for antibodies provided by NATURAL IMMUNITY, which are far better than the so-called'immunity' provided by the cot-shots?
  16. Ministers are no longer considering making it compulsory for university students to be fully vaccinated against Covid to attend lectures in England, the BBC has been told. The foreign secretary previously said students would get "advance warning" if they needed to be double jabbed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58040302
  17. What would this miserable life be without Photoshop, eh?!
  18. St John Ambulance telling folks to get vaccinated. That's the last feckin penny they'll get from me.
  19. They're just pumping up the fear-factor again in the hope it will coerce the young into taling the clot-shot.
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